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Why use Asian Handicaps? 1. Value – lower bookmaker margins Traditional football betting, the familiar 1 X 2 variety, typically operates at margins of more than 110%. This means that the bookmaker will make 10% profit on the bet, irrespective of the outcome. Compare this to the percentages on Asian Handicaps, which are much lower. These are usually trading at just 103% – the lowest in the industry by some margin. This means the bookmaker only makes 3% - a huge reduction in the 10% they make with the traditional form of betting. Now, can you see why the bookmakers hate Asian Handicaps? When was the last time you saw a high-street bookmaker advertising Asian Handicap bets in its shop window as you walked past? The above differential in the bookmakers’ profit margins needs explaining further. Why is there such a difference? It is because Asian Handicaps have only two outcomes – a win for either side – so the in-built bookmaker profit margins are lower (the draw takes up a big percentage of the margin in traditional football betting). So whenever you place a bet on an Asian Handicap market, you are always going to get better value than in any other form of betting on football. This is one reason why Asian Handicap bets can be great value bets and is perhaps the best answer to the question “why use Asian Handicaps?” To summarise, Asian Handicaps offer better value than the traditional form of betting. This is because the bookmakers having to pay out more as the mathematics of Asian Handicaps dictate a lower profit margin for them. Talking of value leads onto the second reason why Asian Handicaps should be in the arsenal of any serious sports bettor.

2. Value – better odds Another form of value where Asian Handicaps are worth their weight in gold, is in the odds that you can get. Quite simply, in some cases, you can pick up better odds, if you understood Asian Handicaps. This is a different emphasis on value from that explained in 1) above. I will explain this concept of value with the aid of an example: Let’s take a football match between two closely matched teams, say Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester United are at home, and so are -0.5 of a goal favourites on the Asian Handicap. The price for them to cover the start is 1.90 (10/11). This means that Manchester City, will be receiving a start of +0.5 of a goal, at a similar price. So far, so good.

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Asian Handicaps De-Mystified  

In this e-book on Asian Handicaps, I will try to de-mystify what is viewed as an unconventional form of betting. Whilst this may be the case...