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August, 2010 Dear Community Leader: Across New Mexico, families and small businesses are being left behind--on the wrong side of the digital divide. Without access to broadband Internet, New Mexicans are excluded from pursuing online educational opportunities, finding health information, and using Internet banking and e-commerce tools. Our small businesses struggle to compete as they miss out on the vast array of management tools available online. The bottom line? Communities lacking broadband connectivity are losing jobs. A recent report by the Kauffman Foundation shows that New Mexico ranks 46th in percentage of Internet users and 36th in broadband telecommunications. We need your help. Over the next two years our program, Fast Forward New Mexico, will reach over 10,000 New Mexican households and 2,000 small businesses with a crucial message: broadband Internet access brings a world of opportunities. FFNM is a partnership of the State Library of New Mexico, the University of New Mexico Continuing Education and Los Alamos campuses, the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, and 1st Mile Institute. Together we have launched a statewide marketing and training campaign aimed at ending the digital divide in New Mexico. FFNM will be providing hands-on computer and Internet trainings in public libraries in 15 communities across New Mexico. FREE. Trainings are available to small business owners, students, senior citizens, parents, Spanish speakers, Navajo speakers -- and you! To take our statewide marketing campaign and trainings to as many New Mexicans as possible we need the support of visionary community leaders who see the world of opportunities at hand for those who have broadband access. We need leaders like you. Please consider sponsoring FFNM through our Sponsorship Opportunities. And, contact us for more information regarding our program and partnership. Sincerely,

Carla Rachkowski

Fast Forward New Mexico - Sponsor Letter