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Issue 3.

3 July 2013

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Tormented Heart


Original Story by Hania Zdunek

Chapter 2. Around her are warships. Soldiers marching ‘left right, left right’ into the people; into their homes. Tubes are being carried towards her. She runs. Shrenas heart is pounding as she dives behind a neighbour’s fence. She peers behind her and looks briefly into their window; they’re dead. She can feel it. She can smell it. Fresh blood, the air is tainted with the smell of iron and wetness. She knows that it isn’t safe to stay here but Shrena can’t move. She’s paralyzed with fear. She notices that she’s clutching to a patch of grass that Mr Pronant never seemed to mow. It must have been too close to the fence for him to notice. But he’s dead now. He'll never get to mow this patch of grass. Legs shaking, knees buckling, Shrena sprints to the garage; forgetting to let go of the grass, it rips out from the ground and remains in her tightly clasped hand. Her good deed for the day. Inside she finds Mr Pronant’s cordless nail gun. Her hands still stained with grass and dirt, grab at the handle and fumble in a long chord of nails, swinging the rest over her shoulder. She turns it to the “ON” position and spins around on her heel to flee. Shrena first feels a numb bump to the head; the sounds of the world, the screams, the fire, the drilling... all disappear. Then the pain begins. It’s as though she could feel the bruise raising up beneath her skin. Feeling the blood escaping her broken veins and the flesh swelling, she notices that whatever did this was far from gone.

She opens her eyes and the noises start flooding back into her ears. Just enough time to realize a fist flying into her chest. Shrena is knocked backwards, wind completely taken from her. She gasps for breath, raising her hand with the nail gun upwards - towards whatever it was, it is, it’s there. The eyes of a monster. Sharp spikes form from the head; tipped with what seems to be dried blood. With each step that it takes, a loud THUD. Left, right, left, right and it’s upon her. Struggling to keep a hold of the nail gun, Shrena tries to shoot. Shoot. Just shoot. She can't scream; her lungs won't allow it from the pain, she can hardly breathe. The gun is ripped from her hand and observed by this thing, studying it like a spider studies it’s meal. Pointing the nail gun back at her, it shoots. Shoots. Just... shoots. Shrena falls to the ground, staring at her legs; or what’s left of them. Giant nails line her calves and shins, blood exploding from each hole. Whatever held the gun took great joy in one area of her leg; exposing the bone completely, cracking into it with several nails. In disbelief, Shrena tries to shuffle backwards; this isn’t happening, this can’t be happening. The monster takes one more step towards her but this time, onto the very nails lodged deep into her bone. Snap. Her screams were the loudest it had ever heard. **end chapter 2*

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