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HaniArt NEWS Issue 6.

23 July 2013

Weekly News

23rd July 2013


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Front Cover Contents My note to you this week: The EVERYTHING song! Summer Art! Featured Etsy Uploads Music Monday: Demon Video Clip Take'em Thursday: Episode 9 (Memory Planet Chapter 1 Reading) 10 Things I've done this summer (so far) Memory Planet Chapter 5 cont... Memory Planet Chapter 5 cont... Memory Planet Chapter 5 cont... Memory Planet Chapter 5 cont... Memory Planet Chapter 5 Contact me!

My notes this week... I NEED YOUR HELP WITH A SONG! I want to make a song about 100 things. Joel had a good idea:

Last time, the count only reached 75. I gave myself a time limit of 7 days to collect all 100 ideas so that I could begin work on the song without needing to constantly re-work the lyrics to incorporate other topics. So I'm doing this again... a 7 day window for you all to comment with ONE topic. That means this song is effectively going to be influenced by 101 people (the last 1 is me) ;) Comment on my facebook or on my website; all will be counted :D Share this with your friends so they can get their ideas into the song too! You'll all be mentioned in the credits with the topic you submitted *wink Example of an idea: "kittens" or "kittens on the beach" - please don't make the idea too long like 'kittens on the beach playing with a starfish and eating cheese' because if I get 100 of those, the song will not sound too good. :p Remember, if there's something that you'd like to have me include in my weekly newsletters, let me know in the comments because I do listen! Regards, -Hania

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Take'em Thursday; Episode 9

Memory Planet Chapter 1 Reading

10 Things I've done this Summer (so far)... 1.

Visited Point Pleasant in NJ; Beach & boardwalk. Games, mini roller coasters, mini golf, and pina coladas!

2. 3. 4. 5.

Went to Six Flags Great Adventure ... multiple times. *wink


Got caught in a storm and was drenched! But the heat made it all ok. 105 degrees... !!!

7. 8. 9. 10.

Milltown 4th July Celebrations! Fireworks, parade, family! Swam an entire day in the pool. And it was glorious. Visited Pier 13 in Hoboken to spend several hours sipping on delicious beverages while watching the NYC skyline

Iced coffee, ice cream, iced custard, ice cubes... Watched movies under the stars at an outdoor movie theater Went to a wedding at a vineyard. It was beautiful! Walked around the American Museum of Natural History... got to go back!


Original Story by Hania Zdunek

Chapter 5. The outer shell is 34,000 miles in circumference. Beneath it rests a city of thousands. Each with their own task, their own bed, their own gun. Their home is steel and power. Their orders are to steal the power. Mark sits in the mess hall scoffing his meal in the 7 minutes he has to consume his daily breakfast. A mix of mashed proteins and gravied vitamins. It tastes worse than what it looks like, and it looks worse than what it is. At 6 minutes and 45 seconds, he stands and takes his metal tray to the bin labeled ‘Metal’. He wonders if all metal can be placed in this bin or if it’s specifically designed for just the trays. Another thought arises; the word ‘Metal’ needed to be placed there by someone - who is in charge of labeling? A loud SLAM echo’s through the mess hall as Sargent Grobe throws the door back on it’s hinges. “Code Black!” Grobe yells. The entire hall scrambles. It’s like watching ants at the first sight of rain.

Mark drops his tray into the Metal Bin and is the first to run out to the ships. He, and all the others, already have their gun. It’s protocol to carry your weapon at all times. Especially these days when there are enemies. Enemies. Mark charges into the craft and straps himself into the seat. There have never been enemies before. They seem more like “We take off in 3 - 2 - 1!” The engines scream as they lift several hundred souls up and out of the shell. Into the darkness. Fuel propels them further towards their target. It’s like looking into a bowl of noodles. “There is no end of noodle.” Mark mumbles. Troopman Ryan lifts an eyebrow. “What?” Mark realizes that he’s talking out loud again. “The pipes.” He says. “The pipes just keep folding into each other, like never ending noodles.” He’s drawn a crowd of onlookers now. He can almost feel the eyebrows tweaking upwards in unison. “They should make a union for your bloody eyebrows.” He smirks and looks back at the view.

The troopmen huff out a giggle and slowly all turn towards the view; it’s not a bowl of noodles, but any reminder of life with noodles is welcomed. Ryan lets out a sigh as the craft speaker spits out the landing command. Mark and his troop unbuckle as the craft lands on the crumbling ground. Each step causes the ground to crack. “Careful men,” a voice advises through their ear piece “this area is going through Stage 2. Watch your step.” Mark places his feet in the footsteps of those before him. They all walk silently towards the blinking red dot on their visors. Stage 2. Mark thinks. No one should be here at Stage 2. As Mark is about to place his foot on the next print, he halts - the prints have stopped. In their place are shoes of the troopmen before him. Mark looks ahead to see why they’ve all stopped dead in their tracks. A young girl in pinned to the side of her garage. Her leg hacked at the knee with what looks to be nails piercing through bone. She’s being held by wires. Hundreds of wires. They’re in her flesh, her face, down her throat...

“She’s still alive!” One of the troopmen yell. The blue pulse of light creates a drone sound felt by each troopman. Their spines tingle. The girl starts to convulse, the wires seem to tighten their grip and she is once again still. Everyone is still now. “What do we do?” Ryan manages to force the question that is clearly on everybody’s mind. But before a reply can be spoken, the girl opens her eyes. The piercing glare is of pure pain. The blood vessels have visibly burst in her eyeballs - blood starts to drip from her tear ducts. Her screams are muffled by the wires blocking her vocal chords. She starts to struggle again and almost instantly the wires grip her tighter; this time too tight. Her wrist is being squeezed by several wires that have twisted their way up her leg, around her wrist and into her forearm. With a pop, her hand is severed but before it can even reach the ground, some wires that were in her mouth lash outwards and stick themselves into her hand; catching it in mid air and holding it there with ease. They start to pulse again.

The removal of those wires allows her to expel a gargled, bloody scream. “Put her down!” Comes the order. Guns fire and the blue pulsing light stops. In an instant, the wires retract into the ground and disappear. “What the hell was that?” Mark whispers. “Noodles.” Comes the reply.

**End Chapter 5**

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave comments below about your experience as I'd love to know your thoughts! Email me directly if you'd like to discuss options for music and art commissions! For art... For music... |

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