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ISSUE 19 October 22, 2013

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UPDATE I’ve been sick! And it sucks! This update could be filled with all the horrendous happenings of my sick being yesterday, but I’ll spare you all and just say that I spent ALL day in bed; a combination of sleeping and laying still with my eyes open. All the while, thinking how much work I need to be doing for all the different things that I do. Torture. Anyway, it must have been a one day thing because today I’m all chirpy and able to walk! SUCCESS! Here are some cool things that happened this week… In no particular order; I went to Six Flags Great Adventure on Saturday and did a bunch of roller coasters in the morning before heading to babysit overnight for a friend. The roller coasters tired me out and the girls aren’t babies so the whole day was filled with movies, playing with hair and pizza! OH, and we watched the Devils game where they WON… FINALLY! (I knew it would happen, and I’m glad it happened sooner than later).

I also did some pumpkin carving on Friday night with some amazing pumpkin carving friends! I received instructions for my first pumpkin carving attempt and then I went wild! Oh, and I didn’t cut the top off my pumpkin; I would have stabbed multiple people if I had tried to do that for myself. *gulp I ended up making a bird swooping down to grab an evil pumpkin off the ground… I didn’t take a photo as my phone was in my bag elsewhere, but once I get them and find a nice non-blurry one of my pumpkin, I will show! Thursday I released my first Q&A on my sister channel “Hania Zdunek” and realized (after reading comments) that I could just do some general chatting too; rather than just bombard you all with answers to questions ! So with that thought in mind, this week’s youtube upload will be a little more talkie and less answerie. If that makes sense? Beware though; when I start talking, there’s really no set path I take and we can end up ANYWHERE. So beware. My song Dragon Ball Z has been used at the end of an amazing “Learn To Paint Krillin” video by my good friend Jazza, hosted on the Great “Cartoonblock” Channel. WATCH IT TODAY >>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Oh Yeah!

While sick, I also received a whole BUNCH of well wishes from everyone, which really helped with the recovery process. It’s honestly SO awesome to wake up every few hours to see some lovely comments waiting for me. I thought I’d add this in because I really do appreciate the kind words. :) And in one case, a drawing! Katalina Hinton is the lovely artist behind this gorgeous mermaid princess with seaweed gracing her tail. And a fish friend!

So I’ve decided to make more music (obviously) but seeing the great response that my “Walking Dead Now” video has had, I’m going to be putting way more attention into the making of the video clips. Not that I don’t already; but I want to make them MORE interesting and BETTER quality. So, that is going to lead to some changes of my The Hania Show channel… Change 1. Music Monday needs to be updated! For the last 9 months, I’ve been putting out a song per week. Looking back at the videos; they need work!

Some of them are just text; and that’s never how I planned on releasing them to the public. I want to tell stories with my music just as much as I want my music to be heard! So I’m hanging up the hat for Music Mondays; it’s been a fantastic 9 month experience;

THREE iTunes Albums

39 Songs Over 116

minutes of music!!

And an amazing journey along the way! But I know a lot more now and appreciate the importance of a good video clip to represent my music in a way that only a good video can; so I’m going to be taking more time to create visual magic to the songs that I work really, really hard on! Don’t worry, it won’t be months between uploads; that would be silly! But I will need more than a week… *wink

Change 2 has been to my website!

I’ve re-designed the look and feel of the site for a better flow. From the surveys that I’ ve been doing, you’re all speaking to me about how you want more of my music to be a focus and how you want categories and a better way to find my stuff online; so take a look at the front page! Now if you need to tell people about me, you can just direct them to my site where they’ll easily be able to find me on all the social media things, and head straight to my YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter etc…

There’s even a creepy photo of me to the right for the Halloween season and to keep my YouTube channel art connected with the website art; so when one changes, so does the other! Thoughts?

And Change 3: Well, you’ve already heard about this one - the sister channel and what I will be uploading. Let me show you the first strange Q&A submitted to “Hania Zdunek”. I found it difficult to talk. :p

I’ll be focusing more on speaking about the things that are happening around; as well as answering questions - and really just saying hello and keeping you all in tune with my life and where I’m at. :) So after reading my 5 page update, what are your thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? Don’t be shy… but if you are; feel free to email me instead of leaving a comment. I read everything that I am sent; so you will be heard! Let’s use… my art email today! I look forward to hearing from you ;) And now, the return of your weekly Memory Planet chapters! Have fun!

MEMORY PLANET by Hania Zdunek

Chapter 13

The hospital seems like a war zone. Each patient that had mysteriously fallen into a coma is waking. As the slumber wears off, the fear kicks in. Nurses are running from one room to the next, trying to sedate, trying to contain, but there aren’t enough of them to prevent the confused people from ripping off the tubes that have been keeping them alive and stumbling into the hallways. Lisha closes the door and locks it. Let the mess out there deal with itself. We need to figure out what is going on in here first. “Right.” She puts her back to the door and leans. “Things are crazy out there, so the best thing for us to do is to stay put.” She rolls up her sleeve and starts to press the buttons on her time keeper. Michael is holding onto Sophie, both of them have a scared expression, almost blank as to what to do next. Simon is holding onto Shiwa, formally known as Maya, and they’re jibbering away in a foreign language. A loud BANG outside causes the group to jump and pay attention to the door. THUD. Thud. thud. Silence. Lisha closes her eyes. She knows what these sounds mean but can’t understand why they’re happening.

She looks down towards the floor and immediately moves out of the way. Blood is seeping into their room from the hallway. “What is going on?” Michael screams. Lisha puts her finger to her lips and shhh’s him. She quickly grabs a sheet from Shiwa’s bed and lays it down onto the floor near the door; it immediately consumes the intruding blood. Lisha secures it under the door and ushers the group onto Simon’s bed, pulls the curtain around them, and finally takes her place on the edge of the bed, holding Sophies hand. “This is going to come as a shock, but there’s a dead person outside and they died from a gas attack. That gas is slowly creeping into this room so what we need to do is cover our mouths and nose, breath slowly and stay silent. Whoever is letting this fly clearly doesn’t care for our lives so it’s best they don’t know we’re here to begin with.” Another loud bang is heard, but it seems further away. Suddenly the door crashes open, the group flinch, their attention solely on the curtain separating them from the deadly gas and whatever else is now in their room. Sophie squeezes Lisha’s hand tighter.

“Lisha!” A voice calls. “Dad!” Lisha springs from the bed, opens the curtain and sees her father standing there, Peter by his side. They don’t hug. Instead he gives her a gas mask. “We need to go. Now. Take her.” Doctor Robertson points to Shiwa and hands over another gas mask. “What about us?” Michael pants through his covered mouth. Lisha turns to them while she’s struggling with securing Shiwa’s gas mask onto her face. All she can say is “Sorry.” And with that, the two Robertsons, Shiwa and Peter exit. But not before Peter slips another gas bomb from his back pocket, pulls the pin and drops it before closing the door. 3… 2… 1… BANG.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave comments below about your experience as I'd love to know your thoughts! Email me directly if you'd like to discuss options for music and art commissions! For art... For music... |

HaniArt Weekly News - Issue 19  

Memory Planet Returns! See Chapter 13 within!

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