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ISSUE 13 September 10, 2013

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My Vlogging Efforts! Last week I stepped out of my comfort zone and put myself out there on YouTube. It all came about due to people asking for me to do this, so I finally manned up and did it! The response has been amazing! It’s only been a few short days but the support and comments are positive and welcoming! So I have decided that I will no longer be creating Take’em Thursday segments each Thursday on YouTube. Thursday will now be my vlog day! So that means each Thursday, you’ll get a video from the REAL me, face, hands and all! Talking about something … hang on… so here’s the issue. What do I talk about? I don’t go away on road trips every weekend, so what do I say? This is where you all come in! I need you to suggest what you want to know about me! After all, I’m doing this for you to get to know who I am and really sink into the head and character of the girl who creates music and artworks. I don’t want to be a faceless creature with products that I try and push down your throat; so help me out and suggest topics, ask questions, interact with me on YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Twitter and get me talking about whatever you want! Some suggestions I’ve already had: ● My music set-up ● How I go about composing ● How did I get into music/art? ● My first kiss ● What things do I like? … all great suggestions! But I NEED MORE!!! Start typing! *wink

The Hania Show: Get to know me!


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Original Story by Hania Zdunek

Chapter 12. President Murdoch has a situation. He’s an instant father figure to a girl who watched both her parents die in front of her. And she’s sick. Dr. Robertson had mentioned something earlier about the gravitational difference in the Shell as the potential illness culprit, but President Murdoch didn’t really listen at the time. Her pale face held his full attention. He presses his wrist communicator and calls for Dr. Robertson to return to the room. “It’s only been 5 minutes. We managed to stabilize her, President.” Robertson states. “She’s not getting better.” Murdoch mumbles in a low voice. “We’re running tests, but nothing can be said for sure.” Robertson shifts from one foot to the other “As I said earlier, she’s not used to the gravitational difference on The Shell. The best thing for her is to put her back on the planet. Sir, she doesn’t belong here.”

President Murdoch is fully aware that she doesn’t belong on The Shell. It’s a military base of operations to say the least. And she’s just a girl. An idea comes to him. “Take her to a hospital on the surface.” He looks at Dr. Robertson with utter seriousness. “Her town’s hospital is damaged, if not totally destroyed.” Robertson lifts his hand to his forehead and rubs his eyebrows. “Not hers, take her to our city.” Murdoch orders. Dr. Robertson is shocked. “This is not up for discussion, Doctor. Get a shuttle and go now.” Murdoch begins to rise to leave the room. “Mr. President,” Robertson pleads “I’m needed here. The troopmen are returning with more evidence and the tests we’re running need my attention…” he trails off. “Then get your daughter to take her.” The President orders and leaves the room.

Lisha is combing her hair when her fathers shows up at the door. She runs to him and gives him a giant hug as she hasn’t seen him since the graduation. Her hug falls short as she realises the tense atmosphere. “What’s wrong? What happened at the graduation?” “I have been given direct orders from the President, and it involves you, Lisha.” Robertson grabs his daughters hands and sits her down. “You are to leave The Shell and take someone to the surface for medical attention.” Lisha is overwhelmed. “I’m leaving? He wants me to leave? Who am I taking? Why can’t our medical staff attend to them? We have the best medical science right here!” Robertson tightens his grip on her hands and it settles her down. “The person you are taking,” he pauses “is the President’s adopted daughter and he’s trusting you to keep her safe.” He’s looking right into her eyes now, silently begging for her to just accept and do this one thing. As though Lisha can read his thoughts, she agrees. “You leave today.” Robertson stands, pulls her to her feet and gives her the tightest hug he can.

The shuttle is small; enough for two people. Lisha notices the President holding a little girl and approaches them. She knew he had adopted, but didn’t know when and certainly had no idea his daughter was visiting! “Mr. President, Sir.” She address President Murdoch and salutes. “At ease.” He replies. “This is my daughter. You are to take her to the City Hospital on Scoron. If anyone asks,” he clears his throat “she’s your little sister.” Lisha flashes a look at her father who is standing next to her. He nods his head and pushes her forward with his hand. Lisha looks at this little girl. The girl stares blankly at her and doesn’t speak. “Yes, Sir.” Lisha confirms. She enters the shuttle and buckles in. Behind her, the President secures his daughter and closes the shuttle door. She starts the engines and takes off. They will be on the surface within 5 hours. Back on the Shell, Robertson turns to his President and with a sincere sigh of uncertainty, he says “I hope we know what we’re doing.” The City Hospital is overcrowded. Lisha hasn’t been on the surface for years, but she can’t ever remember there being this many people needing medical attention at one time.

She is carrying her little sister next to a nurse who is taking them to their room. “You’ll need to share a room with two other patients.” The nurse explains “We have so many people ill at the moment, space is a little tight.” They all enter the small hospital room that is to be her little sisters home for the next… however long. The nurse begins to prepare the chart. “What’s her name?” Lisha is stumped. She looks at the little girl who says nothing. “Maya” Lisha blurts out. “Maya Robertson” The nurse continues “And where do you live?” Lisha know the answer to this one “Upper West quadrant, apartment 214, Tomber Towers” She lies. “Excellent. Now, you’re sharing this room with two people in a coma, so don’ t be alarmed if they aren’t waking up.” And with that, the Nurse leaves the room. Lisha wonders when the doctor will come to check on Maya. The little girl seems to look better. Color has come back to her face and she is not longer wheezing as she was the entire trip down to the surface.

She’s looking around as though this is the first time she’s seen a hospital room. Michael comes in. Lisha stands and introduces herself. They shake hands and smile. But his smile is empty as he looks at his sleeping Sophie. “Is this your wife?” Lisha asks “Fiance.” Michael replies. “And the one next to her is my brother.” He forces a fake, tight lipped smile and sits down. “I’m so sorry. What happened?” Lisha pulls a chair from the corner of the room and also takes a seat. Michael looks at Lisha, then at the girl, then back at Lisha. “They doctors don’t know why my brother is in a coma, and my Fiance,” he looks back at the little girl “I’d rather not say what happened in front of her.” The girl known now as Maya, looks up at him and says “Ich versual mon famiel slurtre.” Michael looks to Lisha for answers, but she’s sitting there just as dumbfounded as him. Trying to think on her feet, she begins creating an excuse. “The illness is affecting her speech. I’m not sure why. No one knows

why.” She trails off to make herself sound more upset about the whole situation. Maya sits up straight and throws her pillow on the floor. She starts repeating “Ich versual mon famiel slurtre. Ich versual mon famiel slurtre.” Over and over again, her voice getting louder and louder. She throws her second; and last pillow. This time towards Sophie. It hits her in the face. Michael races to his fiance’s bed and stands guard. “Call the doctor; is she always like this?” He yells at Lisha; who is finding it hard to not fall apart herself at this time. Maya stops and turns her ear towards Sophie. She jumps out of bed and runs towards Michael to try and get to Sophie, but he holds her up and keeps her in his arms. They both look at Sophie. She’s awake. “Sophie!” Cries Michael. “Sophie! Honey!” He’s still holding Maya, tighter than before.

Sophie’s eyes are open but she doesn’t seem to recognize Michael. “Ich versual mon famiel slurtre.” She starts to say. “Ich versual mon famiel slurtre. Ich versual mon family slurtre. I versual mon family slurtre. I watched mon family slurtre. I watched my family die.” With those words, she blinks, her eyes are now showing signs of life and she’s holding Michael’s face with her hands. “Michael. I watched my family die. My dad. He was taken. My horse. I watched the ropes eat him. Michael. They were eating me too. I was in this strange place and there were beasts invading my home. They were killing everything, dropping bombs. Michael, I died!” Sophie breaks down and starts to sob uncontrollably. He puts Maya down and comforts Sophie as best as he can, but none of this is making sense to him. Lisha takes Maya by the hand and pulls her away from the couple. She always wondered if people in coma’s would dream. In between Sophie’s sobbing, Lisha continues to hear the words “invaders” “ropes” “cables” and then a word which makes her blood cold… “Troopmen.”

As though Maya was mirroring Lisha’s reaction, she too freezes on the word. Frowning, she whispers “Ich versual Troopmen cadet slurtre mon famiel.” Michael turns towards the two, tears in his eyes. “What?” As though Maya could understand him, she repeats “Ich versual cadet troopmen slurtre mon famiel.” Michael starts to spell out the words “I watched cadet troopmen die my family. I don’t know this language, but they’re both speaking it and I can’t understand why. Little girl, Maya,” he pleads “please tell me what you mean, sweetie. Please. Help us understand. What does cadet mean?” Maya takes a moment to look down at Sophie, still weeping tears of pain, and Michael, his strength still showing through his face regardless of how much he’s crying. They remind her of her parents. She points at Lisha and says “Cadet troopmen.” She points again, but harder; almost causing a bruise on Lisha’s arm and says “Cadet. Troopmen.” Lisha lets go of Maya and stands. She doesn’t understand any of this. Lifting her hands into the air as though she’s being arrested, she starts to whisper “No, no no, I am not a cadet troopman. No no no…”

“Troop - man? You’ve made this word singular? Do you know who she’s talking about?” He’s angry now. “Lisha, or whoever you are, tell me what you know. Right now.” He has Lisha up against a wall. He’s breathing heavily, his eyes are red and sore from crying, but he doesn’t blink. He just keeps staring at her. Maya is watching from the chair. It’s almost as though she’s enjoying this. “It’s the beast that invaded my planet. They thought they had killed me; I thought they had killed me. But I was still alive. I hid and watched them connect giant tubes to the ground. When they got back into their space ships, I watched smaller rope-like tubes rise from the earth and connect into my flesh. I couldn’t move. I saw pulses of light escape my body and feed into the tubes. I felt my energy being drained, my thoughts being taken. And finally, when the Troopmen returned, they found it in their hearts to finally kill me.” a voice says on the far end of the room. Sophie, Michael, Lisha and Maya all look at the other hospital bed in the room. The voice is coming from Simon. He’s sitting, looking straight at Maya, tears in his eyes.

Michael lets go of Lisha and turns to his brother “Simon?” Simon turns his head to look behind him. Then turns back at Michael with a sad, lost expression. “Who’s Simon? My name is Shrena.” Simon points to Maya. “And that’s Shiwa. My best friend.” An alarm sounds and Lisha sees nurses scurrying around the hallways shouting; “They’re all waking up!”


END OF TERM 1 TERM 2 (Chapter 13) RELEASE DATE: OCTOBER 22, 2013

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HaniArt Weekly News - ISSUE 13  

Memory Planet Chapter 12. End of TERM 1. Term 2 release date: October 22, 2013

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