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Memory Planet written by Hania Zdunek

Book 2. Chapter releases every week as of October 22nd, 2013.

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Chapter 15 - Release Date: 5 November 2013

CHAPTER 13 No help at all.

The hospital seems like a war zone. Each patient that had mysteriously fallen into a coma is waking. As the slumber wears off, the fear kicks in. Nurses are running from one room to the next, trying to sedate, trying to contain, but there aren’t enough of them to prevent the confused people from ripping off the tubes that have been keeping them alive and stumbling into the hallways. Lisha closes the door and locks it. Let the mess out there deal with itself. We need to figure out what is going on in here first. “Right.” She puts her back to the door and leans. “Things are crazy out there, so the best thing for us to do is to stay put.” She rolls up her sleeve and starts to press the buttons on her time keeper. Michael is holding onto Sophie, both of them have a scared expression, almost blank as to what to do next. Simon is holding onto Shiwa, formally known as Maya, and they’re jibbering away in a foreign language. A loud BANG outside causes the group to jump and pay attention to the door. THUD. Thud. thud. Silence. Lisha closes her eyes. She knows what these sounds mean but can’t understand why they’re happening.

She looks down towards the floor and immediately moves out of the way. Blood is seeping into their room from the hallway. “What is going on?” Michael screams. Lisha puts her finger to her lips and shhh’s him. She quickly grabs a sheet from Shiwa’s bed and lays it down onto the floor near the door; it immediately consumes the intruding blood. Lisha secures it under the door and ushers the group onto Simon’s bed, pulls the curtain around them, and finally takes her place on the edge of the bed, holding Sophies hand. “This is going to come as a shock, but there’s a dead person outside and they died from a gas attack. That gas is slowly creeping into this room so what we need to do is cover our mouths and nose, breath slowly and stay silent. Whoever is letting this fly clearly doesn’t care for our lives so it’s best they don’t know we’re here to begin with.” Another loud bang is heard, but it seems further away. Suddenly the door crashes open, the group flinch, their attention solely on the curtain separating them from the deadly gas and whatever else is now in their room. Sophie squeezes Lisha’s hand tighter.

“Lisha!” A voice calls. “Dad!” Lisha springs from the bed, opens the curtain and sees her father standing there, Peter by his side. They don’t hug. Instead he gives her a gas mask. “We need to go. Now. Take her.” Doctor Robertson points to Shiwa and hands over another gas mask. “What about us?” Michael pants through his covered mouth. Lisha turns to them while she’s struggling with securing Shiwa’s gas mask onto her face. All she can say is “Sorry.” And with that, the two Robertsons, Shiwa and Peter exit. But not before Peter slips another gas bomb from his back pocket, pulls the pin and drops it before closing the door. 3… 2… 1… BANG.

CHAPTER 14 Smoke clears.

Lisha can’t escape her thoughts. Sitting in the small shuttle with her lying father, an alien girl and a murderer, she can’t keep still. “What the HELL happened back there?” She finally blurts out. “Those were innocent people! They were scared, they weren’t a threat! Those gas bombs are meant for extreme situations only! I was with them, they were not extreme!” She shifts in her chair, glaring at Peter and her father. They don’t say a word. Lisha turns to Shiwa. “And who the hell are you anyway?!” She screams at the little girl. Shiwa is still wearing the gas mask, her eyes slowly blink and look up at Lisha. She frowns and looks away. The rest of the shuttle ride towards The Shell is done in silence. All that the 3 adults and strange little girl can hear are the mechanics behind the moving craft; the landing alert, the shift in engine propulsion, rotation of propellers and then the final touch down thump. As the energy powers off, the doors open and they all begin to unbuckle and stroll out into the massive steel loading bay. President Murdoch is already waiting for them at the entrance to The Shell.

He’s surrounded with 4 body guards, armed and clearly itching to shoot anything that steps out of line. Lisha notices several other troopmen racing past in a huff. She barely makes out the words “aliens” when her attention turns to Shiwa. The little girls throws off the gas mask and races into Murdoch’s arms like an infant would to their father. But she’s not his little girl. Dr. Robertson is already consulting with several of the scientists that seemed to run to his side just as Shiwa did to the President. Everyone seems so infant-like; no one seems to know what’s going on. Peter comes to Lisha’s side. “You need to be briefed. There’s a lot that’s come to light in the last couple hours and if you thought the hospital was bad, you should see the rest of the world.” He puts his arm around her shoulders and starts leading her away. “They were a situation.” Comes Shiwa’s voice. Everyone turns to look at her. She frowns and whispers “They knew too much.”

She spoke. Back on the planet, the hospital is quiet. There are dead bodies laying about the hallways, blood splattered windows, alarm lights flickering slowly. The place looks like a slaughterhouse for cattle. But through the smoke and emergency lights, comes a slight movement. A shadow in a doorway; shuffling. Blood dripping from his mouth, Simon staggers out of the smoke. A surgical face mask covering his mouth and nose, his tear ducts are bleeding. His arms are grasping the door frame and he pushes himself forward; his mind focused on only one thing: Survive this.

CHAPTER 15 Release Date: 5 Nov, 2013

Memory Planet: Chapter 13, 14...  
Memory Planet: Chapter 13, 14...  

A chapter released every week as of the 22nd October, 2013.