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Spa Maroc: ‘all made with love’ that she suffered from facial acne as an adult. She credits her own handmade, organic, argan-oil anti-age lotions with the transformation in her skin. “I have chosen the best raw materials in my products. You can see the difference from the first time you apply it – it is all made with love,” she says. Hania started Spa Maroc in 2009, building on beauty and wellbeing knowledge she gained in her native Morocco. She now plans to expand her home business by returning to her former training in physiotherapy.

Hania Aouad: ‘People don’t expect it to be so hard to work from home’


ania Aouad is a walking advert for her Spa Maroc range of skin care products. With a face shining like a 1980s teen magazine model (remember when they were asked ‘what makeup wouldn’t you dare leave the house without’, and they answered ‘moisturiser’, just to show off how naturally beautiful they were?), it is hard to believe

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“You have to feel the fear and do it anyway,” she says of her home-run business ventures. “When I started I couldn’t speak English. Every day I’m doing something a bit better; taking another step forward.” Highlighting the downsides of homeworking, Hania explained that: “People don’t expect it to be so hard to work from home. I began to suffer from isolation after two years. Networking really helped with that.” And while she would love to open a shop one day, she does realise that, “for a start-up, working from home is the best way. You can’t afford a shop, you can keep your job, and once the business is settled, then you can quit your job. “Also it’s hard these days to find a job so this is the advantage of doing your own business. “You wouldn’t start a business if you didn’t have a passion for it, so belief like that will make it happen.” See advertisement (page 2)

“It’s hard these days to find a job so this is the advantage of doing your own business” Ealing advertisers:

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