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School Life With Mr. Osimberg

By Hanley

august Liza ! It's open house day at my school, Berrydew School. Another year at school, just another boring year again. School is always boring. I mean like, teachers are horrible. They are simply no-life, stuck-up people. And they're mean too! Last year, my homeroom teacher was Mr. Godprints. (What a hideous name! Every time I say "Good morning, Mr Godprints", I try not to laugh) Mr Godprints was mean and obese. Every time I said something in class and I got caught: detention. Every time I was caught passing post it notes around, detention. I think Mr Godprints believes in detention, he believes that detention is the place where lessons are learnt. Stupid teacher. ! So anyway, I was in school, looking for my classroom, when I saw a classroom with a new teacher in it. Mr. Jerry Osimberg. And the list of students had my name on it. So I headed in, and said hello, he greeted me with a nice welcome. Mhm! This looks like a nice teacher! Lucas ! So it's the first day of school, and I'm sitting at my desk. I think I got a new teacher, his name is Mr Oxendough, I think. So then Mr Oxendough walked in, and introduced himself. ! "Hello students, I am Mr Osimberg, and I will be your teacher this year. I am a new teacher this year, so I will still have to get used to this school. Any new students this year?" ! Yesss... A new teacher! This dude must be nice! He seems friendly. I think we’ll have a weird year, considering that Mr. Osimberg is a new teacher... James ! So, I changed schools last year, now I am in Berrydew school. First day was fine, I have a new teacher, Mr Osimberg. I am new too! What a coincidence! Emily ! New Teacher, Mr Osimberg, he seems like a pretty nice teacher, he didn’t yell at us the first thing we got into the classroom. He must be a nice teacher. I like nice teachers, even though I haven’t had any before... september Liza ! “We’re starting a project!” says Mr. Osimberg. “We’re going to calculate the area of the whole school!” !

Everyone sat silently at their desks. Emily was the first one to break the silence,


“Are you serious?”

! “Oh yes I am! We’re gonna’ measure the outline of the school and find the area. Its gonna’ be hard, but it’s going to be fun!”

! OK, Mr Osimberg has these weird projects. But Mr Osimberg is the nicest teacher on earth. Every day in the morning, he gives us free time, and we get to play for the first 15 minutes of the day! Lucas ! When Mr. Osimberg announced that we would have to calculate the area of the whole school, I almost died. James ! My mother and father are old-fashioned teachers that still believe and smacking people in the butt with a ruler. They wouldn’t approve of Mr. Osimberg and his crazy project ideas! Emily ! Wow Mr. Osimberg, so are you telling me we have to calculate the area of the school? I asked if he was serious. Yep, he said. He was. october Emily ! Okay, the area project is over. As a class, we agreed that the area of the school was 1002m squared. That was a hard task. Today, I hung out with Liza at recess. She talks a lot, and I like her being a friend of mine. I have never been to her house, because her parents don’t like my family, because my parents dumped my brother. Liza’s mom says it’s unfair or something. I just need some help to get Liza’s parents’ approval to go over and have a playdate. Liza ! Emily is my best friend, we hang out all the time. We have wanted to have a playdate since grade 2, but my parents don’t approve of Emily’s family, because her parents put their child up for adoption. I think that’s really wrong and mean, but my parents are stronger than me, what can I do? James ! The project is over! That project has given me a lot of stress lately! Now, Mr. Osimberg allows us to play music while we’re working in class. I like David Guetta and Avicii, but no one else seems to like those people. Emily and Liza both like a band named One Injection or something like that, and Lucas likes classical music. So it’s kind of a fight who gets to choose what. I hope no one loses the privilege... ! I was watching Smosh once, and I came across this quote: “With great power comes great responsibility” I believe that quote. I believe in it. So if we’re abusing this privilege, we’re gonna’ lose it. Liza ! ONE DIRECTION! Emily and I LUUUUUVVVVVV <3<3<3<3<3<3 one direction. Especially Harry. Harry is just soooooooo cute! Too bad James likes Aveechee and David Getta (or whatever their names are). Lucas ! Trust me, it’s music wars in the classroom now... Liza


Music Wars.

James ! Yep, it’s music wars, an Mr. Osimberg just announced that we lost our privilege. No more music while working. november Liza ! Ok, so there is no more music. Mr. Osimberg has been sick for 2 weeks in a row now, and we really miss him. Our substitute’s name is Ms. Croy, which happens to be the principal. I thought principals were mean and grouchy, but Ms. Croy seemed to be awesome! James ! You don’t know how mean Mr. Dimagine was. He was the principal from my old school, and he was the MEANEST teacher ever. Anyway, Osimberg wasn’t in school for the past 2 weeks. He is sick. !

But I didn’t expect anything like this to happen

Liza !

Mr. Osimberg, Why???

James ! Is it just my luck? Emily ! Teachie... Lucas ! Ms. Croy was like “Okay guys, I know Mr. Osimberg has been sick for 2 weeks, but I’m afraid he won’t be back. Mr. Osimberg has been diagnosed with tuberculosis, he is in the hopsiptal. I mean hospital.” ! ! Ms. Croy was choking. Everyone was stunned. No one said anything. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. It was silence for the next 5 minutes, until Emily started crying. Ms. Croy told her to wash her face and get cleaned up. I was just plain paralyzed after that. Emily ! When Ms. Croy announced that Mr. Osimberg had tuberculosis , I immediately was stunned. Stunned till the point where everything in my brain was blank. There were 5 minutes of complete silence, until I started crying. I have been holding tears back for over 3 minutes, but then I just burst. Ms Croy told me to go to the bathroom and clean up, but I didn’t feel like it. I just felt like I wanted to disappear. Where is a trapdoor when you need one? Lucas ! Today, I shall disappear... december Liza

! So Ms. Croy has been substituting for us, and she’s not a mean teacher! In fact, she’s the exact opposite! She says there are studies that proves that music can help concentrate on work, so we can work with music again! Lucas ! Even though we are getting used to life with Ms Croy, we are still the saddest people on earth. Emily ! No Teachie, no big projects. But anyway, I forgot my music instrument at home, and I went home to get it.I rode my bike pass the old abandoned house, A light was on, and the sold out sign was ripped off. I got off my bike to see who was in there, but guess what, no one was in there. So I knocked, and the door opened, but there was no one there...

! ...until I looked down. I saw a young kid in the house, all by himself. He told me that his mommy and daddy left for the supermarket, and haven’t come back in 2 months. Eventually, people thought there was nobody in his own house, so construction workers tore it down. The kid escaped without any harm, and started living in the old abandoned house. That was his story. !

I called Ms. Croy, and she came over.

James ! When we started 7th period today, I noticed 2 things. Emily wasn’t here, and Ms. Croy wasn’t here either. So we started listening to some music, until we heard an ambulance siren. Liza ! So the ambulance came, and behind it was a bus. The back doors of the ambulance flew open, and Ms. Croy popped out. She told us it was field trip time, so we hopped into the bus, and left. None of us knew where we were going, until we reached the hospital. Lucas ! Why are we at the hospital? Emily ! I was in the abandoned house with Ms. Croy, and I called 911. The police came, and asked questions about how I found the boy, and an ambulance came to pick the boy up. They said they were just checking if the boy had any injuries. The ambulance driver offered to drive us to the hospital, so we could check on him, but Ms. Croy said she had some stuff to do, and she’d meet me at the hospital. Liza ! We are at the hospital, and Ms. Croy and Emily were both there. They explained to us that Emily found this boy at the abandoned house, and now he’s in the hospital to check for injuries. Ms. Croy agreed to be his temporary parents, until his real parents are found, so that’s why she brought us here. Lucas

! Trust me, that boy is a smart kid. Moving to the abandoned house is a daring and amazing idea! january Lucas ! Every day, Ms. Croy is bringing the boy, who she has named Jeffery to school everyday. He sits in the corner, playing with toys. I’m just happy we saved a life. Mr. Osimberg now has stage 3 spine tuberculosis . It’s dangerous. We miss him very much. But for some reason, I just think that it’s our fault Mr. Osimberg has tuberculosis , but I know it isn’t. I just have a tingling feeling that it was our fault Emily ! I went to visit Mr. Osimberg at the hospital today, and Mr. Osimberg was sleeping at the time. He looked really skinny and pale. ! ! A doctor came over and asked, “Are you one of Jerry Osimberg’s students?” !

“Yes”, I answered.


“You really miss him, don’t you.”


I didn’t reply.

! “Even though he might not make it, he can do a surgery which can help him a lot. This surgery is a hard process, and Mr. Osimberg might not make it. But, on the other hand, if this surgery is successful, than Mr. Osimberg might recover, even though there is only a 10% chance he will.” Liza ! Emily announced that Mr. Osimberg can do this surgery, which might make him recover a bit, but there is only 10% he will. I just hope this surgery works. If I can trust the nurses and doctors, I am willing to take the risk. James ! I hope this surgery works. Ms. Croy was crying the whole morning, so we just quietly worked in our workbooks. I visited the hospital after school, and Mr. Osimberg was sleeping, with lots of tubes connected to him. Mr. Osimberg’s dad was there, and so I said hello. He explained Mr. Osimberg had symptoms of tuberculosis all over his life, and he finally did. ! !


! I was shocked. I never expected anything like this to happen to Mr. Osimberg, I mean like, who would expect something like this to happen in the middle of the school year? Emily ! So I saw James on the way home today walking into the hospital. I think he was going to see Teachie. So I texted him: James, were u walking 2 the hospital 2day? James

! So Emily texted me, and I texted back: Yes. Osimberg’s dad was @ the hospital 2day, and he said that he had tuberculosis simulators all this life. Whoopsy, autocorrect! Grrrrr... autocorrect... SYMPTOMS! SYMPTOMS! !

Gee, autocorrect sometimes is really annoying!

Emily ! Haha! Autocorrect error! But anyway, tuberculosis symptoms all his life? I was shocked when I heard that. I mean, tuberculosis symptoms all your life can be very dangerous. I think I will start a research project about this! I will look at old newspapers, and maybe find something about Mr. Osimberg! feburary Lucas ! So Ms. Croy told us that Emily found out that Mr. Osimberg had tuberculosis symptoms all his life. I was shocked, like everyone else. Everyone in the class was shocked. Even Wendy, Katrin and Devlin opened their mouths widely. There was silence.. Nobody talked for a whole minute, then we got back to work. Liza !

Jeffery was shocked too! Wow... He understands us!

Emily ! So we started this project where we had to make a mosaic out of bottle caps. Our art teacher is an environmentalist, which is also a person who really cares for the environment. She taught us about how birds and animals accidentally eat plastic, mistaking them for fish. So our task for the day was to collect as many bottle caps as possible. Lucas ! Okay. WHO THE HECK cares for the environment? I mean, it’s not like the earth is about to end or something. Liza ! My mosaic is going pretty well, I found a few bottle caps from the beach by the boardwalk. I sterilized them, and washed them 3 times too! I’m excited for this project! Lucas ! found some bottle caps lying on the beach, so I picked them up and brought them to school. While I was at the beach, I saw Liza too. I think I love this project! She seemed to be really into this project. I am not. I am feeling really down these days. Mr. Osimberg’s sickness has made me moody and cranky all the time. James ! So Ms. Mar, our art teacher, announced these plastic mosaics will be put up in the town art gallery. I was excited. I mean, who can not be happy? march James

! My mosaic is almost finished, it’s a mosaic of a pufferfish, swimming happily in the ocean. I finished my plan and my sketch. I just have to stick the plastic bottle caps on, and I’m done. Lucas ! While I was at the beach the 2nd time, I found lots more plastic than just bottle caps. I found lighters, with words I couldn’t understand. Probably Chinese characters, I guess. There were shoes, flip flops everywhere, there were styrofoam boxes everywhere. There was even a whole pile of markers which were useable! I never knew people could be this mean. So instead of bottle caps, I brought some of the markers and lighters and shoes with me, so I could put it on my mosaic. Lisa ! In art class today, I saw something weird. Lucas was taking off some bottle caps of his. So I decided to watch what was going on. Then Lucas grabbed a big bag and took out some shoes and lighters and started sticking those on his mosaic. I was shocked. Where did he find those? !

He answered, “the beach”.


I was stunned. Then I realized how much plastic was floating in the ocean right now.

James ! Ms. Mar explained that there was this big garbage patch type thing in the middle of the ocean, and it was plain garbage there. I think she explained that it stretches over 70km, but I’m not sure. I think I will become an environmentalist when I grow up! Emily ! I’m finished! My mosaic is a mosaic of a shark, and my bottle caps fit just right on my shark! april Liza ! Ms. Croy proudly announced that Mr. Osimberg will probably recover from tuberculosis. Even though he will be limping when he exits the hospital, he will still be back. When Ms. Croy announced that, I almost immediately started crying. I was so happy he would be back! Emily ! “Osimberg!” ! That was the first thing I heard in 3rd period, where it was workbook time. Mr. Osimberg was standing at the door. He was limping, and he had crutches. !

“Hello everybody! I’m BACK!” Mr. Osimberg yelled!


Everyone gathered around and hugged Mr. Osimberg.

! “Ms. Croy, thank you for substituting for me, I hope the class had fun while they were with you!” Mr. Osimberg said,

but I don’t think anybody heard him. We were all screaming. That was the best feeling ever! James ! Osimberg is back! We asked him questions the whole day. !

“How are you”


“Are you feeling much better?”


And he just simply answered with a “yes”.

Lucas Mr. Osimberg is back. Oh wow! I never thought I’d be so happy to see him! When I first saw him, he was walking in the school entrance in the morning. I thought that wasn’t him, because I thought he would still be resting at home, but that was him, and he appeared in class today. I am really pleased that he’s back, and not sick and dying. may Liza So today, Mr. Osimberg brought us to the art gallery, where all our mosaics were hanged. Ms. Mar announced that whoever’s got the most votes would win a $50 Target gift card. I think Lucas’s one is the best. He included pretty much all the elements and principles of art, and he used other plastics, like flip-flops and lighters. So that’s why I voted for him. Lucas I voted for my own, because I think mine’s the best (not to be bragging). James I voted for Lucas’s, because his was looking pretty nice. In fact, he also used slippers as another type of plastic! I then spotted a marker. It was on the eye. Even markers float in the ocean everywhere? Wow, earth. I suddenly hated a lot of people. My neighbour Dr. Chen. I saw him throwing his tissue in the ocean. Ms. Chen, Dr Chen’s wife. She threw her plastic bag into the ocean. Dr. Chen and Ms. Chen were both very nice people, but how could they be so mean to he environment? I don’t get it.... Emily I could see Liza voting for Lucas, so I did too. It wasn’t until I looked at Lucas’s art until I realized the meaning of this project. It was to spread a message. It was a message to not throw garbage into the ocean, so animals won’t eat it and choke and die. That’s another reason why I voted for Lucas’s. Liza I also saw Mr. Osimberg’s vote. It was for Lucas’s. Guess Lucas’ already has 2 votes! june Lucas I won the mosaic competition! Wow! I have never expected that to happen! Woah. I actually got most of the class’s votes. I got 15 votes, Darren got 5 votes, and Liza got 2 votes. I think the thing that triggered the votes was the slipper and the markers. I wanted to spread a message in this beautiful piece of art. I mean, this art was beautiful, but if there is a message in it, it would be more popular.

Liza So its the summer holiday in a week, and our end-of-year party is tomorrow. So, everyone got prepared. Mr. Osimberg agreed to bring in soda for our party. I was in charge of the activities, and everyone else prepared everything else. Except for James, who is our DJ. James I’m the DJ for the party, so I guess I can choose whatever song I want, right? Yep, I hope so. I’m gonna’ choose lots of David Guetta and Avicii, maybe a bit of Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga. But anyway, Mr. Osimberg requested Accidentally In Love by Counting Cows, so I’ll have to play that too. I can’t wait for tomorrow! Lucas I’m bringing some food for tomorrow, and I’m also in charge of the arts and crafts station. Emily I didn’t get a role, because I was in the bathroom and no one saw me come back in the classroom, so yeah... I hope this party will be fun! Lucas So the party passed, and today’s the last day of school. Mr. Osimberg is an awesome teacher! He was the only 5th grade teacher that didn’t yell at people, and he was also the only teacher who liked parties! Emily We all wrote a big thank you card to Mr. Osimberg, telling him to be safe and we hoped he could recover to the fullest and stop limping. Hanley, Fascinating format! And impressive how you focused on a few main events to keep the plot easier to follow and to give the readers different perspectives on the same events. You even carefully crafted the entries so that they repeated and responded to each other’s actions. Also, you attempted to get the different back stories through in the beginning of the story. It’s still a bit hard to follow. I feel like you are almost there in making it work. Maybe you can have the look of the kids entry be different, maybe one can write with a lot of “...”; one can write in different font; one can write in a different color; one can use a term such as “like” all the time, or “know what i mean?” all the time. In addition, on another level you could also create avatars for each character to put nest to their name for each entry. Does it say where and why the kids are writing this? Just some ideas to think about. Overall, pretty awesome craftsmanship, Hanley! Your fan., MSD Oh, and outstanding copy editing!

Liza So, it’s the end of the year, and this is the 1st time I’ve ever been wanting to stay in school, to stay with Mr. Osimberg. 5th grade is the best grade EVER! I am really proud to have such an awesome teacher like Mr. Osimberg. So we left school, waving bye to Mr. Osimberg, When I left school, I felt sad. I wasn’t going to be with Mr. Osimberg again, I was going to be with someone like Mr. Godprints again. James I hope I also get a teacher like Mr. Osimberg next year! Emily Bye bye, teachie. Hope you get fully recover soon! The End


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