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Is Laser Marking Better Than Dot Peen Marking?

Today, in the industry, there are various ways to mark an object and people want to compare which laser system gives the best result and is most popular. This article outlines the differences between laser marking machine and dot peen marking machine. For the past 50 years, lasers have been used in all kinds of applications. These applications are expansive because they have heavy wattages and wavelengths. Laser engraving and marking has expanded quickly in the market over the past few years as people are now seeing the benefits of laser marking over conventional ways such as dot peen, which is used for direct marking. Differences between Laser Marking Machine As Compared To Dot Peen Marking Machi 1. Laser Marking Machine Uses Non-Impact Marking Lasers are far quieter than dot peen machines therefore; no earplugs are required while operating. Lasers require no contact. Laser systems such as RMI requires only the object placed under the machine at proper focal height. The laser does the work without any need for washing, consumables or surface treatment. Gives Contrast

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With various shades of contrast from light to dark, laser engraving gets the job done on all kinds of materials. People can even make color changes on plastic. The laser focuses its energy in creating contrast that gives grade ‘A’ quality on surfaces such as ceramics, plastics or metals. Flexible Laser marking machine does many types of marking. Laser marking can be easily done on cylindrical shapes. The machine does not have any concerns with geometry. It contains a device known as “rotary chuck”, which provides 360° markings. 1. Initial surface is annealing. This changes the color of the metal surface being marked. 2. Similar to annealing but called color changing, the second method is used for plastics and is done directly on the material’s surface. 3. The third is called etching. It penetrates the surface of the substrate slightly hence has less contrast. 4. Final marking is called engraving. Similar to etching but penetrates surface much deeper, It ranges from .003″ to as one desires. Versatility The beam of laser marking machine is driven by a computer interface, which gives it the ability to give 99.9% consistent outputs every time. This is why marking of logos, graphics, barcoding, photos, CAD based graphic or any font style can be done easily. Marking Quality With its accuracy, lasers can provide marking at 15 microns, which gives the machine ability to produce Hi-Resolution graphics and images or text up to 100 microns tall. No Consumables Laser marking machines do not consume anything except electricity. The machine requires no annual maintenance so you can keep marking all year long.

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2. Dot Peen Marking Machine Uses Impact Marking Dot peen marking machine causes a blunt and direct impact on the platform. File formation is limited to data and text matrix code. Gives No Contrast During the process, it is possible that the material, which is being engraved, will be displaced. This makes the marking hard to find and the data matrices and codes become difficult to read. Hence, it is not considered as ‘A’ quality marking. Single Marking Type Dot peen marking machine can only penetrate soft materials and even that will not have a deep engraving. Materials such as ceramic will be destroyed on hard impact. The machine uses a flat surface with focal ranging from .25″ to .5″. Limited Marking Due to its blunt impact marking, dot peen marking machine can only do data matrix codes or alphanumeric codes. Dot Patterning Dot peen marking machine only handles alphanumeric at basic levels and even that in single style font that has spaces and breaks between each peen. Consumables After a specified time, dot peen marking machine requires the replacement of the tip, which means changing the tip every time if a material is not engraved properly. This costs time and money as it is impossible to tell when the tip needs changing. It can be after few days or after a month.

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Hence, this concludes how laser marking machine is more advance than dot peen marking machine. The quality the laser provides cannot be found in any other conventional marking machines. They give you accuracy, save cost and are quiet. The advantages clearly show which option is better, the rest is up to you.To read more visit

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Is Laser Marking Better Than Dot Peen Marking?