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Why Interactivity?

• ROI increase: These interactive solutions will help the show to increase its viewership, ratings and sponsorships, thus increasing ROI. • Second screen participation: The show is all about audience participations. Along with the selected 100 women on the set, these web applications will enable the viewers at home to actively engage the show through second screens such as tablets and smartphones. • Real-time brand engagement: Sponsoring brands will engage the viewers, their target markets, in more meaningful and memorable ways in real time for real results. • Viewers engaging one another: These solutions will also provide virtual opportunities for the viewers to engage one another, creating a truly unique fan community.



Interactive Solutions for Broadcasting “100 WOMEN + 1” APPLICATION

Second screen interactive interface This application starts up an interactive interface right on the show’s website automatically when the show starts at 11 PM on TV.

Interactive Solutions for Broadcasting “100 WOMEN + 1” APPLICATION

Easy admin interface With an intuitive admin interface, the show’s interactive team can easily input questions and multiple-choice answers and sync them with the show’s timecode. It also allows them to easily feature sponsored products/services, related information and hyperlinks.



Interactive Solutions for Broadcasting “100 WOMEN + 1” APPLICATION

Real-time voting for real-time results E.g. During the “husband total makeover” episode, when the husbands are presented, the application pops up a question, “Which one do you think will have the most successful makeover?”

1) Husband 1, 2) Husband 2, 3) Husband 3, 4) Husband 4.

When the viewers touch their choices on their mobile media devices, all the votes are automatically tallied in real-time, and they can see the results immediately.


Interactive Solutions for Broadcasting “100 WOMEN + 1” APPLICATION

“Your favorite 1 woman” E.g. At the end of the show the application pops up a question, “Who’s your favorite woman from today’s 100 women?

The viewers’ votes are tallied automatically, and the winning woman gets a prize and her profile is featured on the website.

Interactive Solutions for Broadcasting “100 WOMEN + 1� APPLICATION

Guest and product/Service information E.g. During the show, the application pops up the information about the guests, mentioned products/services, including the hyperlinks that the viewers can touch on their mobile media devices to access additional information.


Interactive Solutions for Broadcasting “100 WOMEN + 1” APPLICATION

“Buy Now” button We can even feature a “Buy Now” button that the viewers can use to buy the products/services they see on the show. And we can have a certain percentage of the sales to go to charities.


Interactive Solutions for Broadcasting “100 WOMEN + 1” APPLICATION

Viewer audio chat rooms It allows the viewers to sign in to various chat rooms, including private chat rooms where they can invite families and friends and audio-chat about the show as they watch it on TV, or after the show.


Interactive Solutions for Broadcasting “100 WOMEN + 1� APPLICATION

Real-time Twitter ticker It also enables the viewers to sign in to Twitter and tweet about the hashtags mentioned during the show, and the interactive team can moderate them in real-time and broadcast them live as a ticker on the bottom of the TV screen.



Interactive Solutions for Broadcasting VIDEO SUBMISSION APPLICATION

Viewer video upload

Moderation system

With this UGC (User-Generated Content) application, the viewers record their “stories” via webcam and upload them to be selected as the in-studio audience. These UGC videos can even be utilized and edited for a part of the show.

All these UGC videos are moderated by the interactive team for appropriateness and relevance.

More visitors to website

Other video submission ideas

In addition to the current photo posts from the viewers, these UGC videos will bring more viewers to the show’s website, resulting in more ad monetization.

This application can also be utilized for other types of video submissions – such as “My Personal Cooking Show” or “My Favorite (_____)” series. E.g. People can submit videos of their favorite recipe, foodie spot, hair stylist, spa, vacation spot, etc.


Interactive Solutions for Taping GREEN ROOM VIDEO CHAT

Video-chat with Lee Seung Yeon


This video chat application allows the randomly selected viewers who sign in with their social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) logins to video-chat with Lee Seung Yeon after the show’s taping. All others can watch it in real-time.

This live video chat segment can be used for corporate sponsorships – more revenue for the show.

1 + 10 video players It features a main video player where the viewers can see Lee Seung Yeon in her green room, and a row of 10 smaller video players of the viewers who are on the video-chat. When Lee Seung Yeon touches one of these, the audio connects, and they can chat in real-time; and the others can watch and wait for their turns. This can be for 10 minutes or so, and she can use this opportunities to promote the upcoming shows.

Giveaways We can offer giveaways to these selected viewers to generate even more viewer interest.

2-to-many streaming Another option would be a 2-to-many format where the viewers wait in an online queue to talk to Lee Seung Yeon, and when their turns come up, the application shows two video players – one for Lee Seung Yeon and the other for the selected viewer. Once the 30-second chat is over, the next viewer comes on the video player.


Interactive Solutions for Taping 360-DEGREE CAMERA

Live streaming of pre-taping preparation

Premium content

This special camera is set up in the middle of the show’s set, and delivers live stream of the exciting and interesting pre-taping preparation.

It can also be used throughout the show taping, and the 360-degree-view VOD can be offered as premium content along with the current pay-per-view content.


For location shoots

The viewers can simply touch the sides of the video player to pan the camera to see the 360-degree view of the entire set.

It can be especially appealing for location shoots where panoramic views are attractive. (We can also use wireless streaming devices for remote locations.)

Future show promotion


We can use this live streaming to generate interest for upcoming shows.

We can use the “100 Women + 1” application in conjunction to ask questions about the 360-degree streaming, and one of the viewers who answered them correctly can be randomly selected for a prize. E.g. “How many women are wearing purple on the set today?”

Interactive Solutions for Taping VIRTUAL FASHION COORDINATOR

Voting for Lee Seung Yeon’s Wardrobe The viewers use this application to vote on their favorite dress and accessories from several choices, and Lee Seung Yeon wears the winning dress and accessories for the show.

Brand information It also provides product information on the dresses and accessories, including the brands’ hyperlinks.

“Buy Now” button We can utilize the same “Buy Now” button from the “100 Women + 1” application for sales and donations.





Prizes for players

The viewers can sign in and wait in an online queue to play this web-robotic application that controls a toy crane/claw over the Internet during the taping.

The player who picks up the box with the most money in it wins a prize and is highlighted on the show’s website.

Picking up money

Good public relations

Each player chooses a mystery box, picks it up and puts it into a container in a given time.

Because of the donations, this part of the show is a great public relations tool.

Donation for charities At the end of the show, the money inside these boxes are revealed and collected to be donated to the selected charities.


Going Forward

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