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Vegetated Roof Inquiry Please complete the form as entirely as possible. The more information we have from you the quicker we will be able to assist you in achieving your green infrastructure needs. Information will not be shared with other parties without consent from the contact. Any questions please call Hanging Gardens at 414.877.2000

Project Name

Contact Name

Project Address

Contact Number

Building Owner

Contact email

New Construction


Existing Structure

Specified Membrane

Existing Membrane


Age of current Roof

(If applicable)

Condition / History of structure

Construction Schedule Commence Date

Completion Date




Roof Damage


Type of Structural Decking Dead Load Live Load Capacity Environmental Load Capacity Loads confirmed by structural engineer

Please obtain the structural load capacity(s) for the surface(s) of your desired vegetated roof. If there are variations please be sure to attach a plan denoting the varying capacities in plan. Be sure to also attach current structural plans if available. If no plans are available please call us and we can discuss you options.

Site Analysis

Solar Exposure

Notes / Diagram

Adjacent Shading Zoned Use Sewage District

To Determine Grant Potential

Brownfield Site


Phase 2 Reports Available

Only complete this section if the construciton documents have not be finished & a system is not already specified in your plans

Intended Rooftop Use Public Private

Download our Catalog To give you an idea of the various systems & products available, please refer to our catalog to complete the following section. Click the icon or follow the link below.

Rooftop Visibility Public Private


Extensive Systems

Vegetated Roof Area


SF Hardscape Area

Perennial Plugs

IPE Pavers

Cuttings/Plugs Hybrid

Black Locust Pavers


Porcelain Pavers

Fully Vegetaetd Sedum Tile Stormwater Catchment



Concrete Pavers

Fully Vegetaetd Sedum Tray

Perennial Garden Native Praire Recycled Irrigation Food Roof Formal Roof Garden



Parapet Height(s)

Sedum Cuttings

Fully Vegetated Sedum Mat

Maintenance Only


SF Other Area includes HVAC units, skylights, roof drains, solar panels or any portions of the roof in which would not be considered vegetated or hardscape

Elevation(s) of Roof from grade Design Objectives



SF Total Roof Area

Drainage Types Internal Drains Scuppers Gutters Leak Detection EFVM PROTECTSYS

Please Rank 1 (most important) - 5 (least important)

Stormwater Mitigation Aesthetics Marketing Increase Market Value

Informal Roof Garden

Accreditation (LEED, Living Building etc.)

Plaza Deck Garden


Products Inquires Enter Specific Product Numbers from Catalog

Project Participants

Attachments If Available please attach the following

If Applicable

Renderings & Schematic Design


Architectural Plans Structural Plans

Landscape Architect

Plumbing Plans Developer

Civil Plans Landscape Architectural Plans

General Contractor


We will only reach out to parties involved upon your permission.

Additional Notes

Funding Source(s)

We also can accept AutoCad, Revit, & Sketchup files if available. If complete plans are not available please sketch, to the best of your ability, a roof plan of existing infrastructure & desired vegetated/ hardscape areas.

Thank you for considering Hanging Gardens in assisting you with your Green Infrastructure needs. The sooner we are able to compile the above information the quicker we will be able to work with you in generating proposals.

Please submit this form and attachments to


Hanging Gardens

247 W. Freshwater Way Suite 210 Milwaukee, WI 53204

Green Roof Inquiry Form  

Interested in a vegetated roof? Fill out the form, attach supplemental information and get a free estimate.

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