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裸心酒店的团队建设活动可以鼓励团队之间的相互合作和协调队友之间的关系,同时可以远离烦嚣的城市,在大自然中彻底的放松心 情。在安详平和的环境下每一个人可以把精力集中在手上的活动。所有的活动都可以根据您团队的要求和目的来量身定做。 naked offers several teambuilding activities to encourage group cooperation and enhance relationships within the team, while providing the opportunity to escape the buzz of the city and relax in nature. Being in this tranquil and peaceful environment enables one to clear one’s mind and focus on the tasks at hand. All activities can be tailor made to the needs of your group to fully reach the intended purpose of the activity.

非洲鼓 African Drumming 极速前进 Amazing Race 射箭 Archery 油画大师 Art Jamming 山地车 Biking

小小大厨 Iron Chef 麻将 Mahjong 扫雷艇 Minesweeper 方向感竞赛 Orientation Challenge 摄影比赛(包括创造队旗) Photo Challenge (includes Flag Creation)

棉花糖篝火 Bonfire and Marshmallows

竹筏制作 Raft Making

蛋糕制作 Cake Off

裸心寻宝 Resort Hunt

书法课 Calligraphy

宝剑寻觅 Sword Hunt

制作水饺 Dumpling Folding 钓鱼 Fishing 创造队旗 Flag Creation 向导远足 Guided Hiking 骑马 Horse Riding 破冰游戏 Ice Breakers

太极 Tai Chi 采茶 Tea Picking 竞技小游戏 Telematch 寻宝游戏 Treasure Hunt 瑜伽 Yoga 路虎团队活动 Land Rover Team Activities


All prices are subject to 15% service charge


African Drumming

裸心酒店的根源可以追溯到非洲。无论在室内或者室外进行这个活动, 您的团队都可以伴随着独特的音乐,学习到复杂的非洲鼓技巧,挑战个 人创造以及重现部落节拍。 人民币650/人 1 小时(最少 6 人,最多20人) The roots of naked Retreats can be traced to Africa. With this indoor or outdoor activity, your group can learn the intricacies of the African drumming techniques, come up with unique melodies and challenge each other to see who can better recreate these tribal beats. Price: RMB 650 / person Duration: 1 hour (minimum 6 people and maximum 20 people)


Amazing Race

在裸心参与这场受人欢迎的真人秀,团队需要在极速前进的同时,寻找 早已安排在度假村内部或者外部关卡。这是了解地形的最佳方式,也是 同事间展现个人隐藏才华,增加竞争精神的好机会。 人民币 300/人 3 小时 In naked’s version of the popular reality show, teams race around to locate checkpoints that have been setup inside or outside of the resort. This is a great way to get to know the area, as well as identify hidden talents and competitive spirit amongst your colleagues. Price: RMB 300 / person Duration: 3 hours



瞄准,拉弓,放箭!这个古老的运动需要您的集中度以及冷静度,精密 性和平衡感。挑战同事们正中靶心的速度与精准度。正中红心的雀跃会 带给您不一样的惊喜! 人民币 50/ 20只 20 分钟 Pull back your bow and let your arrow fly! The ancient art of archery requires concentration and calm, precision and poise. Challenge your colleagues to see who can hit the bulls-eye first. The result could be surprising! Price: RMB 50 / 20 arrows Duration: 20 mins



每天我们都会安排60分钟含向导的山地车骑行活动。有向导会带领你在 我们临近的地方骑行。您也可以单独租用山地车,头盔和地图出去冒险 或者选择一个向导带路。具有挑战性的路线蜿蜒穿过森林的越野路径或 公路,当地的山坡给您提供了一个生理的挑战。 人民币100/人(有向导) 人民币50/人 (无向导)

naked Stables Private Reserve has daily scheduled mountain biking around the neighboring areas. You may rent your own bike, helmet and map and adventure out yourself, or opt for a guide to show you around. There are challenging routes winding through the forest’s off-road paths or paved roads for which the local mountain slope provides a physical challenge. RMB 100 / person (w/ guide) RMB 50 / person (no guide)


Art Jamming

1个小时 1个小时


1 hour 1 hour

Bonfire and Marshmallows

通过优化大师发挥您无限的想象和创意,团队协作与沟通将尽显无疑。 这是一个使您安静下来回忆童年绘画技巧的好方法。我们将提供所有的 绘画设备和颜料,您可以带回最终的作品,根据喜好随意展示。

围着温暖的篝火联络彼此之间的感情,欣赏流行歌曲或者聆听人物故事 。呼吸着清爽寒冷的空气,感受星星密布的夜晚,在您烤棉花糖的同时 ,让篝火温暖您的心灵

人民币 400/ 人 2个小时(最少 13 人)

人民币 300/一个篝火

Fuel your imagination and creativity through this painting activity that will test the elements of teamwork and communication. It is a good way to clear your mind and go back to the skills you practised in elementary school. All painting utensils and paints will be provided, and the final masterpiece is yours to display as you please.

Bonding time by the cosy bonfire is enjoyed through popular songs or personal stories. Sit in the crisp cold, under the starry night sky, and allow the bonfire to warm you while you enjoy delicious roasted marshmallows.

Price: RMB 400 / person Duration: 2 hours (minimum 13 people)


Price: RMB 300 / bonfire Duration: 1 hour


Cake Off

尽可能的用您的创造力去设计和制作最好的蛋糕装饰。我们将设定一个 主题,随意分组以及提供必须的设备,让您的创造力尽情地迸发出来! 在制作出一个美味蛋糕的同时,让这个活动激发您团队协作,沟通以及 创造性。 人民币250/人 2个小时(最少 10 人) Use your creative juices to design and create the “best” cake decoration possible. Themes are randomly assigned and all necessary equipment is provided to allow your creative juices to flow! Teamwork, communication and creativity will be rewarded in this bonding activity that simultaneously yields a delicious dessert.


Dumpling Folding

这个传统的美食可以很好地分享当地的传统技艺。反复练习,亲自动 手包每一个饺子使其接近完美。 无论最终的成果样子如何,都会很好 吃哦! 人民币100/人 1个小时(最少 10 人) This traditional delicacy is an avenue to share local traditions and techniques. Practise makes perfect in this hands-on task. The good thing is that no matter what the final product looks like, it all tastes equally delicious! Price: RMB 100 / person Duration: 1 hour (minimum 10 people)

Price: RMB 250 / person Duration: 2 hours (minimum 10 people)



这是一个没有文化边界的书写中国字的古老艺术。书法可以通过毛笔的 描绘表达个人的气节,原则,个性和复杂的情绪。 人民币 1500/课程 1个小时(最多20个人) This ancient art of writing Chinese characters is an activity that knows no cultural boundaries. One can express their moral integrity, sense of discipline, character and complex emotions through a learned stroke of the brush. Price: RMB 1500 for a private lesson Duration: 1 hour (maximum 20 people)



夏天和秋天是最适宜钓鱼的季节。许多当地的湖泊拥有大量的鱼,可以 很好地挑战不同程度的垂钓者。我们将提供设备,热饮和温暖的毛毯也 会在温度较低的时候提供,让您有一次难忘愉快的体验。 人民币250/杆 1个小时 Summer and Autumn are the perfect time to go fishing for the big catch. Several local lakes are well-stocked with fish to challenge all levels of fishermen. Equipment is provided, and during cooler temperatures, hot beverages and a warm blanket are provided to ensure a pleasant experience. Price: RMB 250 / rod Duration: 1 hour


Flag Creation

这是一个很好的活动团结您的队伍,团队的文化和精神尽显无疑。旗 帜可以反映您的冒险精神,对环境的承诺,一个“裸心”的主题以及 您对团队的奉献精神。 人民币80/人 45分钟 A great way to bond with your team, the spirit and essence of the team is captured in this activity. The flag should reflect your sense of adventure, commitment to the environment, a “naked” theme, and your dedication to having fun with us! Price: RMB 80 / person Duration: 45 min.


Guided Hiking

您错过了我们每天免费的远足?没有关系,我们也提供早上或者下午的 向导远足。选择一个外带的午餐在大自然的怀抱中举行一次野餐,在风 景圣地留下一个难忘的轻装徒步。 人民币50/人 1个小时 Should you miss our daily complimentary hike, we also offer morning or afternoon guided hikes. Choose to take a packed lunch along, and make a simple hike memorable by stopping at a scenic overlook and having a picnic as you take in the beautiful surroundings. Price: RMB 50 / person Duration: 1 hour


Horse Riding


Iron Chef

我们活泼的裸心家庭成员Zola, Shaza, Chava, Chocolate, Shaka, Pixie, Blackie 和White Socks非常乐意和您分享让他们的家园。千万 不要错过小牧场骑马的机会,也不要错过和我们教练在小径中冒险的 机会。

借鉴于电视节目的灵感,小小大厨的活动需要竞争者用当地的食材创造 美食。我们将烹饪的地点安排在树顶别墅的厨房,裁判委员会讲评选出 最美味最有创意的菜肴。时间的管理,团队的协作精神以及介绍都将计 算进最后的分数。


人民币450/人 4个小时

30分钟 Our active members of the naked Stables Zola, Shaza, Chava, Chocolate, Shaka, Pixie, Blackie and White Socks would be happy to share their home with you. Don’t miss this opportunity to go horseback riding in the paddock or on a trail adventure with one of our guides. Price: RMB 250 / person Duration: 30 min.


Ice Breakers

破冰游戏伴随您拓展活动的开始,让大家在放松心情缓解气氛的同时, 认识您的伙伴们在走出办公环境后的改变。 人民币100/3个游戏 1个小时 Start off your team building outing with these short activities geared toward getting comfortable with and simply knowing another dimension of your colleagues, when taken out of the office environment. Price: RMB 100 / 3 games Duration: 1 hour

True to its TV inspiration, this competition tests its competitors to create delectable dishes using local ingredients. The cooking takes place in the kitchens of our Tree Top Villas, and a judging panel will award the most tasty and original dishes. Time management, teamwork and presentation all count toward the final scores. Price: RMB 450 / person Duration: 4 hours



麻将作为中国传统游戏由四人一张方桌共同搏戏,玩趣在于成为一流玩家 在双人队伍竞技或是一比三中取胜。在中国的不同区域麻将的玩法也大不 一样。携几个好友用你们自己的方式玩或是采用我们当地特有的玩法。 费用:RMB 250每小时(自动麻将机) RMB 150 每小时(传统手搓麻将) 时间:两个钟头 Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game played by four people around a square table. The aim is to be the first player to get a complete hand of four sets of three and a pair. The rules for playing and scoring vary drastically between different parts of China. Gather your friends and play it your way or the “naked” way. Cost: RMB 250 / hour (electronic table) RMB 150 / hour (manual table) Duration: 2 hours



挑选一个队员蒙住眼睛,通过指挥他的移动和步伐来选择合适的字母。 这个活动可以测试团队之间的信任感。团队协作和听力技能是获胜队伍 必不可少的。 人民币100/人 45分钟 Test the trust amongst your colleagues by navigating a blindfolded member of your team to race and select the correct letters to compile words. Teamwork and listening skills are essential to the winning team. Price: RMB 100 / person Duration: 45 min


Orientation Challenge


Raft Making

这是一个挑战您身体极限的拓展活动,我们将在莫干山的自然公园进 行,公园中有许多遗迹和令人惊叹的景象。挑战您团队的定位能力并 且必须在规定的时间内回答问题。

用大自然赐予莫干山的自然资源-竹子,来挑战您身心吧!在我们当地专 家的帮助下,用我们提供的工具制作您自己的竹筏。这个终极挑战将在我 们的水库进行,您可以尽情展现您和您伙伴们的建造技巧和身体素质。

人民币400/人 4个小时

人民币400/人 2个小时

One of the more physically challenging of our team building activities, this takes place in Moganshan national park and involves many of the park’s monuments and breathtaking views. Challenge your team and your group to locate the many monuments and answer the questions within the allotted time frame.

A great combination of physical and mental ability, this challenge uses one of Moganshan's plush resources – Bamboo! With the help of our local experts, construct your own bamboo raft with the tools and pieces provided. The ultimate test will be a race in the reservoir, where your construction skills and your colleagues' physical abilities will be demonstrated.

Price: RMB 400 / person Duration: 4 hours

Price: RMB 400 / person Duration: 2 hours



当您运动的同时,创造性和团队协作在这个拓展活动中尽显无疑。发挥 您的无限想象空间,为您的团队留下最具创造性和独一无二的照片吧!

参与裸心寻宝是一个了解裸心谷的绝佳机会!让您手中的线索带您去特 定的定点,在那里我们的团队会为您介绍当地的历史和裸心的趣闻。这 次寻宝能测试您团队的倾听技巧和传递信息的能力。

人民币250/人 人民币400/人(去裸心乡)

人民币100/人 1个小时

Photo Challenge (includes Flag Creation)

2个小时 4个小时

Creativity and teamwork are addressed directly in this original team building activity that involves some physical activity as well. Find yourself thinking outside of the box to dream up and capture unique photographs with your teammates. RMB 250 / person RMB 400 / person (to nHV)

2 hours 4 hours

Resort Hunt

The best way to get to know our resort is to take on the challenge of the resort hunt! Let clues direct you to specific spots where our staff will brief you on some local history and/or naked fun facts. An optional quiz can test the group’s listening skills and ability to retain the relayed information. Price: RMB 100 / person Duration: 1 hour


Sword Hunt

因为莫干山而特别设计的寻宝活动,和您的伙伴们在奔跑中寻找隐藏的钥 匙来破解密码。这个密码会在隐藏宝剑的地方揭晓而且获胜的团队必须将 此密码交给组织者才能获得胜利。 人民币100/人 1个小时 In a treasure hunt-like activity, created specifically for Moganshan, race with your colleagues to locate hidden keys to breaking the code. The code will reveal the location of hidden swords, of which the winning team must present to the facilitator to secure their win. Price: RMB 100 / person Duration: 1 hour


Tai Chi

太极是武术的起源,身心的锻炼可以完全集中您的思想,挑战您的身体再 现古代艺术。太极有时候被称作是“动态冥想”,因为参与者缓慢地,轻 柔地移动他们的身体同时,思想伴随着周围事物以及内部呼吸的意识。 人民币 1500/课程 1个小时(最多20个人) An original type of martial art, this mind-body practice is perfect for centering your thoughts and challenging your body to recreate this ancient art. Tai Chi is sometimes referred to as “moving meditation” as practitioners move their bodies slowly, gently, with awareness of external surroundings and internal breathing. Price: RMB 1500 / session Duration: 1 hour (maximum 20 people)


Tea Picking

莫干山不仅因为它原始的竹林而闻名,丰富的茶园也支撑当地居民 的生计。在采茶的季节,参与当地采茶的活动,当您在品茶下一杯 茶的同时,这次难忘的体验会令您回味无穷! 人民币450/人 一个半小时 Moganshan is not only famous for its pristine bamboo forest, but also for the abundant tea plantations providing the local communities with their livelihood. During tea picking season, take part in this local experience, which will undoubtedly leave you appreciating your next cup of tea that much more!


Treasure Hunt

我们将提供团队宝物寻觅的线索,它们隐藏在裸心谷内。第一个破解密码 并且寻找到宝物的队伍需要跑到终点把所有的线索拼凑成一张大的图片。 人民币 100/人 1个小时 Clues will be provided for teams to locate treasures hidden around our resort. The first team to decipher the clues and locate all of the treasures will race to assemble it into the final picture. Price: RMB 100 / person Duration: 1 hour

Price: RMB 450 / person Duration: 1.5 hours



通过这些充满活力的竞技小游戏挑战您团队的协作和沟通,欢乐降临 在每一个成员的脸上。这些小游戏包括bamboo stick,障眼物,乒乓 球,marbles and chopsticks,或者打水球!当您和您的同事战胜困难 最后胜利的时刻,毫无疑问欢乐伴随左右。 人民币100/人 人民币 50/人

1个小时(3个游戏) 20 分钟 (1个游戏)

Challenge teams to work together and communicate through these youthful challenges that will leave smiles on everyone’s faces. These challenges may involve a bamboo stick, blindfolds, ping-pong balls, marbles and chopsticks, or water balloons! Hilarity undoubtedly ensues when you and your colleagues are racing to come out on top. RMB 100 / person RMB 50 / person

1 hour (3 games) 20 mins (1 game)



瑜伽是一项平衡,伸展的运动。提升您的灵活性和平衡型,缓解压力和 放松心情,像几千年以来人们一直做的那样冥想。让您的大脑像您的身 体一样舒展,找到在宇宙中的自己。 人民币 1500/课程 1个小时(最多20个人) Yoga is a form of exercise that uses slow movements and stretching. Increase your flexibility and balance, relieve stress and relax, and meditate as people have been doing for thousands of years. Push your mind to take over as you release your physical body and find yourself at one with the universe. Price: RMB 1500 / session Duration: 1 hour (max 20 pax)


On the Road Together

“一路有你”需要小组成员选择一位驾驶经验丰富的组员担任驾驶,一人担任对讲 通话观察,另两人协助观察。驾驶者需要遮住双眼驾驶车辆,而完全依靠指引人员 用对讲电台联络,二者配合完成车辆移动,达到指定要求。这需要娴熟的驾驶技巧 和车感还有团队间的默契配合、信任. 人民币 800/人 一个小时(20人或以上) A blind drive from Point A to Point B tests the communication in a team. Team members select an experienced member as the driver, one person as the communicator and up to 2 more people as the assistants to the communicator. The team must work together to complete vehicle movements to a specific standard of requirements. This requires driving skills, clear communication, and trust in the communication provided by the team. Price: RMB 800/pax Duration:1hour(min 20 pax)


Doomsday Obstacles

“末日狂奔”在路虎体验中心的越野公园进行,越野公园的9大障碍根据难度等级的 不同被设定了不同的积分。队员被分组后,小组领队在场地中要让自己组的车辆安全 的通过各大障碍,需要每位小组的成员各司其职,严格服从领队的指挥,有驾驶车 辆的,指引车辆的,可以增加团队的凝聚力、执行力和队员之间信任感。最后通过 积分表来计算各小组的得分。 人民币 800/人 一个小时(20人或以上) Obstacles are set up in the Land Rover Playpark at different levels of difficulty for the team to complete together. The team leader has to direct his/her own team safely through all obstacles while the rest of the team drives or guides the vehicle according to the leader’s instruction, and communicates any difficulties as they occur. The final score will be a composite of the team’s communication, execution, and teamwork through the Playpark obstacles. Price: RMB 800/pax Duration:1hour(min 20 pax)


Bridging Ferry

“搭桥摆渡” 需要四人一组进行,队员中两人负责搬运枕木与车底枕木进行衔接, 一人指引车辆方向,由一人驾驶的行驶通过。驾驶要求:由A点到B点,全长15米。 全程车辆必须行驶在枕木上,期间车辆不能从枕木上滑落,否则视为失败 一组四人 ,一人驾驶,一人指引其他两人分别负责移动木头。由于枕木长度限制,需进行接 力搭方的形式摆向终点,先到一方为第一名。 人民币 800/人 一个小时(20人或以上) In this creative challenge, the teams will race against one another to get their Land Rover from point A to point B without the vehicle touching the ground! Two members in each team are responsible for building a bridge, one member is responsible for directing the vehicle and one member to drive the vehicle. The vehicle must be driven on the track built by the other team members at all times. The catch: the length of all the wooden pieces is not enough to complete the 15-meter track, so the team must work together to build the most efficient arrangement and be the first to reach the finish line. Price: RMB 800/pax Duration:1hour(min 20 pax)


Jungle Escape

每组分配一台路虎车,一张地图。挑选一名驾驶,前往丛林越野路径。遇到自然障 碍。全体组员讨论脱困的方案,利用随车的工具,拖车绳等,巧妙的运用周边的自 然资源,找到对人,环境,车辆都没有伤害的救援方案,合理分工,执行实施方案 ,最终顺利驶出丛林。考核:随车教官评判,脱困方案的合理性,实施过程,对工 具的使用,总体时间消耗。目地:团队合作,领导力,环境观察,风险评估,野外 生存常识,接触自然,越野救援的基本实践。 人民币 800/人 一个小时(20人或以上) In this exciting test of planning and execution, each group begins by receiving a Land Rover vehicle and a map of an off-road course. The team must choose a driver and drive through the course with obstacles set up along the way. Team members have to rely on available tools and their ground reading skills to devise a vehicle recovery plan that does not put people, the environment, or the vehicle in danger. The final score will be based on the on-board instructor’s evaluation of the team’s cooperation and communication, success of the plan, and total time used to finish the course. Price: RMB 800/pax Duration:1hour(min 20 pax)

裸心| 心向自然,返朴归真 get naked! bare yourself to nature, live a simple sustainable life.

naked Stables Team building Booklet  

naked Stables Team building Booklet

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