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naked retreats Let your team be inspired by nature

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Nestled in the pristine bamboo forest of of Moganshan in a small village of Sanjiuwu (395), naked retreats is a boutique eco-retreat offering guests a sanctuary to unwind and reconnect to nature. Located 60km north of Hangzhou and 200km southwest from Shanghai, naked retreats is near enough for a weekend getaway, yet far enough to leave the stress of the city behind. Known for its crispy and cool temperatures in the scorching summers, Moganshan was the playground of the Shanghai elite in the past. Today, Moganshan remains an idyllic retreat to escape the rising temperatures but more so the increasingly strenuous pace of the urban lifestyle. At naked, we enjoy the ultimate luxury of nature •Fresh mountain air •Crispy cold natural spring water •Secluded and tranquil environment •Luminous bamboo forests •Legendary tea plantations •Beautiful clean reservoir A unique destination that offers our guests an array of activities combined with highly personalized services, naked is truly a home away from home.

Transportation Self drive Depending on traffic, the drive from Shanghai to Moganshan take 2 ¾ hours. Maps and directions are available to download from our website. Hire car/ van/ coach We help arrange rental of vehicles of all capacities with our partner companies. Fast train (SH-HZ) and naked shuttle This is widely regarded as the quickest and most convenient mode of transportation. We purchase and deliver your train tickets, and shuttle you between the hangzhou station and naked. Total travel time approximately 2.5 hours.

Corporate Events

aked retreats provides your team with both the mental and physical space to be truly focused and be creative! Less than three hours drive away from busy Shanghai, you can take a step back from the honking of horns, beeping of machines and ringing telephones’ and surround yourself with the sounds of nature. Nature refreshes one’s mind, sparks creativity and inspires harmony. naked retreats is a unique destination tucked away in pristine bamboo forest best suited for corporate team building, off site meetings and workshops with a difference. naked retreats offers the opportunity to take your company and office into a natural setting and allows partici-

pants to refresh their minds and unlock their creativity. naked retreats tailor makes each event according to your company needs to ensure that all objectives are met and you leave with a memorable experience. Arrange your corporate event in an environment that offers tranquility for casual management outings, focus comprehensive business meetings and the creativity for brainstorming sessions. For bespoke itineraries, please contact Teun Hanegraaf at

fresh air, tranquility & nature

naked Facilities naked retreats is fully equipped to host business meetings, training sessions or other corporate get-aways. Several bungalows are equipped to facilitate group meetings up to 15 people. A multi purpose function room is available at naked home, which offers up to 40 seats.

Business Facilities • 50 sq m multi purpose function room (40 seats) • 50 sq m outdoor ter race extension • Overhead projector, AV and TV equipments • Wireless broadband connection • Flip charts • Brainstorming boards

Facilities Bungalows & Rooms • 8 renovated bungalows • 21 bedrooms • Wood fire ovens • Wireless broadband connection in every house • Full kitchens with gas stove, oven, fridge, microwave, blender, coffee maker & cook ing utensils, etc. • Large dining & sitting areas • Large outdoor garden

Food and Beverage • Full service catering and group dining • Full service bar • Nong Jia Cai – local village cuisine • Barbeque dinner • Special roasts (lamb & pig) available on request • Picnic basket, sandwiches, etc • Full time Ayi service

Tailored Itineraries Two night Teambuilding outing

The naked team tailors every corporate get-away to the specific requirements of the group, finding the right balance between a relaxing, tranquil outing and an efficient and effective gettogether. To give an impression of how a corporate outing could be organized, two sample itineraries are provided below.

Day 1 10:00 Depart Shanghai 13:00 Arrive at naked retreats and check-in 13:30 Decompression Walk - na ked will guide you on its signa ture decompression walk to al low the group to relax 13:45 Village-style lunch 15:00 Outdoor Team Activities (3 hours) 18:30 Western style dinner 20:00 Team bonding story shar ing around bonfire 22:00 Starry starry walk (if weather permits)

Day 2 08:00 Morning stretching by the lake – this is to encourage early rising and to enjoy the beauty of the forest in the morning 08:30 English and/or local style break fast - served either indoor or in the garden with freshly baked homemade bread 09:00 Team Session (3 hours) 10:30 Coffee break 12:00 Village-style lunch 13:00 Team Session (2 hours) 15:00 Team guided hike to peak (3 hours) tea break at peak 18:30 BBQ with bonfire 20:30 Wrap up and conclusions

Day 3 08:00 English and/or local style breakfast 09:30 Team Session (2 hours) 11:00 Free time 12:30 Lunch 13:30 Depart for Shanghai

Two night Strategic meeting Day 1 10:00 Depart Shanghai 13:00 Arrive at naked retreats and check-in 13:30 Decompression Walk - naked will guide you on its signature de compression walk to allow the group to relax 13:45 Village-style lunch 15:00 Meeting at naked home or private bungalow 18:30 Western style dinner 20:00 Free time for massage, drinks or just to relax

Day 2 08:00 Morning stretching by the lake – this is to encourage early rising and to enjoy the beauty of the forest in the morning 08:30 English and/or local style breakfast - served either indoor or in the garden with freshly baked homemade bread 09:00 Meeting at naked home or private bungalow 10:30 Coffee break 12:00 Sandwich and roast chicken lunch 13:00 Training at naked home or private bungalow 15:00 Bamboo forest guided hike to clear the mind 18:30 BBQ with bonfire 20:30 Free time

Day 3 08:00 English and/or local style breakfast 09:30 Meeting at naked home or private bungalow 11:00 Draw up and conclusions 12:30 Lunch 13:30 Depart for Shanghai

Teambuilding Activities

naked offers several teambuilding activities to encourage team member cooperation and enhance the relationships within the team, while providing the opportunity to escape the buzz of the city and relax in nature. Being in this tranquil and peaceful environment enables one to clear one’s mind and focus on the tasks at hand. All activities are tailor made to the needs of your group to be able to fully reach the intended purpose of the activity.

Creativity Challenge Realignment of company goals and reorganizations require employees to start thinking more laterally, creatively and imaginatively. The creativity challenge urges the participants to think outside the box and deliver creative real time solutions to simple problems.

Tea Picking, Roasting & Packaging Challenge This is naked’s special challenge and requires the teams to call on a variety of skill sets. The activity begins with teams trying to pick the best quality tea leaves. Afterwards the team is split up, with half roasting their tea and the other half designing and making the packaging. Upon completion, the tea will be judged based on tea quality and packaging design.

Treasure Hunt This event can be executed both indoors and outdoors. It requires the teams to decipher clues, identify red herrings and follow directions in order to find the treasure. The best team is the one which is able to work through the clues most accurately and quickly.

Raft Building This event is suitable for the summer months when the water is warmer. It involves 2-3 groups challenging each other to build a raft using local materials in order to cross a stretch of water. The event fosters teamwork and creativity and the teams will be judged according to speed, safety and strength.

Orientation This is the most physically demanding of the naked team building activities. It requires the teams to navigate the forest to find clues which will lead them to the finish point. Map reading, GPS reading, cooperation, initiative and endurance are the necessary skills required to finish this challenge successfully.

Corporate testimonials “The organization, detail and service offered by naked and their team has given us the perfect opportunity to accomplish our goals. Thank you, we are sure to return again soon.” - Unilever (April 2008 & Aug 2008)

“Work is supposed to be challenging, doing it out here is fun.” - Quadrant Asia (October 2008)

“We had a perfect experience here, lovely people, quiet atmosphere, a beautiful place to enjoy work whilst also breathing fresh air. Many thanks. We will come back!” - TNT China management team (November 2008 & April 2009)

“Wonderful place and perfect atmosphere for getting our work done. Nice warm people with an amazing backdrop of nature, landscape and forests. We love it and will be back again.” – IKEA (June 2008)

“Our team building at Naked Retreats was the most rewarding inter-company event that we have conducted in the past 9 years. I don’t know if it was the relaxed atmosphere, clean air, or the many activities we did during our 3 day stay that created the positive energy within the entire team. I do know that this high morale has remained with them since.” - ClarkMorgan Corporate Training (September 2009)

“Thank you for providing a fabulous backdrop for our company get together, it was nothing short of perfect. Great people, location, food and wine, all wrapped in bamboo and sunshine. We will return! – Container ltd (May 2008)

"Naked Retreats is a unique environment to achieve a focused group dynamic. While on-site we achieved our training goals of knowledge building along with a kick-off of a new strategy. An unplanned benefit was the teamwork and cross-talk between the four groups which has led to a much more cohesive and creative group. This was possible by the remote location, rustic environment, the Naked led team building exercise and the extremely accommodating staff." - Tyco Electronics (October 2009)

“We needed quiet, we needed no disturbances and we needed no distractions. Naked offered this in abundance. The best place we have ever done an offsite meeting! Thank you naked for making this happen.� - Vinyl Group (May 2008)

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For more information, please visit us at tel: (21) 021 6431 8901 email:

get naked! bare yourself to nature, live a simple sustainable life.

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