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Local Teenage Girl Makes Football team!! Pg 7

TeenAge Times!! Nov 2013

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Hone your skills at your local football league! Info on page 4! Love Shoes? Be sure to check out page 1 for the coolest shoes on the market! Authors: Trey Thompson/ Crimson Piazza;

Will Johnson 208 Timber Lane William’s Grove MD, 29945 IIII:!!II:IIIII!IIIIIIII::::!!!!I:IIIIII::II!I

Quik ‘ems

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When you have to walk outside you just step into the shoes and they morph around your feet to hold tight! No more tying your shoelaces before you go outside to play!

They are the fastest way to get out and play!

Everyone’s got them why don’t you? Air cushioning system


Patented comforFLEX Padding

Real Men We Buy Them Small, Then Jack them Up Tall!

We can do any brand of truck and jack them up any way ya want them!

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If only you could! It takes hold of you and dances with you! Everyone else hears it, why can’t you? It comes from the new Bom Bom Stereo! You can buy one at a mall near you!!

Come enjoy AMERICA’s sport!

Limited Spaces Availible! ACT NOW!!

The Sundays for Teen’s Football League

Join our football league… WE HAVE CHEERLEADERS!!

TeenAge Times is a fun and informative magazine geared towards teenage boys. It features many sports articles and other articles for them. At a low price of $5 it’s the best deal around! Works Cited: Propaganda used: 1)Testimonial 2)Bandwagon 3)Glittering generality 4)Transfer 5)Patriotism 6)Scarcity 8)Emotions 9)Scientific 10)Sexual Appeal

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