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Volunteer Jacksonville has evolved...

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We must be the change we wish to see in the world.

-Mohandas Gandhi

2007-2008 Report to the Community

A Message from the President Judith A.M. Smith, DM

Our Vision:

President and CEO - HandsOn Jacksonville

One day every person will discover their power to make a difference, creating healthy communities in vibrant democracies around the world.

Our Volunteers Ken Ackerman

Doug Milne

Rich Alleger

Jonathan Morales

Alicea Alves

Scott Morrow

Phil Amato

Lindy Moses

This Report to the Community covers our achievements and financial information for 2007,

Angela Mae Alimurung

Ruth Nachman

but, given the significance of 2008 to our organization, we decided to take this opportunity to

Ava Axelrod

Paula Neimeyer

Ali Baadsgaard

Arlene Newman

Mary Blake-Holly

Matt Olsen

Indie Bollman

Sarah Paulk

Cassandra Brost

Rachel Perryman

Doug Brown

Robert Pippin

Sheldon Bryant

Shona Rader

Juan Carlos Carmona

Ryan Reaves

Scott Cave

Kenneth Reddick

Brooke Chafee

Frank Reinstine

capacity building training and services to organizations and individuals who wanted to make a

Shalin Compton

Toby Ringle

difference through volunteering. We looked at ourselves as having a “BASF-mission”—we don’t

Jarik Conrad

Blake Rowland

make a whole lot of the things you see, we make a whole lot of the things you see better.

Haley Crist

Matt Russell

Hanna Crist

Madeline Scales-Taylor

Well, times have changed, volunteers have changed, and the needs of our community have

Felice Crofoot

Whitnie Scruggs

changed. And Volunteer Jacksonville has also changed. We have evolved and that evolution

Laura Crooks

Ruth Simpson

will now become known as HandsOn Jacksonville. In addition to the roles of clearinghouse,

Julia Crowley

Jessica Smith

knowledge leader, and convener we now have other promises to keep. And those promises are

Lauren Darm

Chet Smith

so important that they overshadow everything else we do and mandate the name change to the

Scott Davis

Chet Smith, Jr.

Wanda Davis

Holly Sommese

Benita Dawson

Mary Sonecypher

At the heart of our work is this core belief—by any measure, a successful life includes service

Peter Dearing

Amanda St. Germain

to others. We believe that it is through people that change happens in our world and our

Bobbi Doggett

Harlan Stallings

John Duvall

Deborah Thompson

Michael Estes

Jonathan Tibbs

Brenda Feeley

Whitney Toomer

Lindsay Ferguson

DeAryl Tremble II

Lara Fowler

Elyse Vincent

Diana Frazee

Deborah Walker

Siddie Friar

Ben Warner

Judge Jerry Funk

Vicki Watson

Karen Gardner

Holli Welch

Judy Greenhut

Melissa Williams

Shane Griffis

Pam Wilson

Ed Hayes

Wyman Winbush

Priscilla Henriques

Mark Wright

Shannon Hill


Marva Hilliard

Fintan “Tony” Heward

Maile Huffman


Dear Friends and Supporters, Notice something new? Fresh look, updated colors, new messaging—but that’s not all.

create a bridge report to inform our friends and supporters of some very exciting news.

Our Mission:

During 2008 we have been celebrating our 35th birthday, and what better way to observe an important anniversary than to celebrate the culmination of an organizational transformation that has been quietly occurring over the past few years in the way we do our business. Once upon a time, Volunteer Jacksonville served as a clearinghouse for volunteers. We were a place where individuals could find opportunities to serve the community and where nonprofit organizations could gain assistance in locating volunteers for their programs. And we provided

proactive, action-oriented, refreshed and updated HandsOn Jacksonville.

community, and we believe that people are ready to be invited into the lifelong journey of service. So please join with me as we at HandsOn Jacksonville harness the passion, skills, and energy of people to solve problems, alter perspectives, and create a different set of possibilities. Be the change.

Judith A.M. Smith, DM • President and CEO, HandsOn Jacksonville

Board of Directors


We inspire, equip, and mobilize people to take action that changes the world.

Bob Franskousky, Co-Chair Morgan Stanley

Mike Hearon University of Phoenix

Judith A.M. Smith President/Chief Executive Officer

Sue Nelson Disaster Response Director

Henry Johnson

Paris Dunomes

Amanda Johnson


Jill Gleeson, Co-Chair Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida

Bill Houston Jacksonville Jaguars

Krista Winfield-Estes Vice President/ Chief Operating Officer

Jenny O’Donnell Community Engagement Director

Jane Jordan

Hope Kulaszewski

Kris King


Brooke Linderman

Danny Hawkins

Barbara Lockner


Kim Luellen

Thomas J. Bolsega

Amy Lyles

HM2 Joanna K. Gladwin

Angela Marshall


Karen Mastroianni

Jodi A. Sablan

Matt Matella

HM3 Tashina Tsabetsaye

Tara May

HM3 Gino Jose

Geretha Mayers

HM3 (AW) Alexis Del-Valle

Chris McComiskey

HM3 (FMF) David Cano

Dan McIntyre

HM3 Shannon N. Payne

Alicia McKenzie

HN Dyvon Harris

David Meyers

HA Randall Hayberg

Laura Brown, Secretary PGA TOUR

Linda King Crown Consulting

Holly Cleveland, Treasurer Wachovia Bank

Kenneth Reddick FCCJ – Downtown Campus

Ken Ackerman Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Robert Spohrer Spohrer and Dodd, P.L.

Bill Bentley Voices for America’s Children Nelson Cuba Fraternal Order of Police James Farah Farah Law Firm, P.A., Agility Press

Kim Bomberger Blueprint for Leadership Director/Newsletter Editor Lisa Giordana Office Manager

Pam Wilson City of Jacksonville, Parks

Sarah Haskins Receptionist

Dan Macferran Blueprint Intern, University of Phoenix

Nancy Knight Agency Relations/Web Director

Joy Atkins State Farm Insurance

Lynn Weise Mora Community Relations Director

Jacqui Scuncio Volunteer Resource Manager Bunny Witten Program Assistant Lesley Wolfson Development Director Debbie Andalora 2007 Community Engagement Director Terry Campbell 2007 Corporate Volunteer Project Director

Molli Miller

“Volunteering simply contributes to the feeling that I am a useful citizen.�

About our Disaster Programs and Services Volunteer Reception Center ~ funded in part by a City of Jacksonville Public Service Grant. A major disaster can quickly overwhelm the capacity of local response organizations. Thankfully, volunteers do come running to help – hundreds or even thousands of them. What they do and how they are utilized has tremendous impact on how quickly and effectively the community recovers. Many of these people have urgently needed skills, training or experience and should be dispatched to where they can be of the most help. HandsOn Jacksonville has developed and tested a plan to effectively manage unaffiliated volunteers. In the event of a disaster, we will activate a Volunteer Reception Center to help ensure that the skills and talents of these volunteers are matched to areas of critical need.

Neighbors to the Rescue, originally a grassroots, volunteer-based program of the Florida Hurricane Relief Fund, is now a Virtual Warehouse that is housed at HandsOn Jacksonville. Concerned citizens can donate items and virtually store them on the site until they are needed by families who have experienced a personal or local disaster.

The Northeast Florida VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) is organized, in partnership with the American Red Cross, to strengthen the response to disaster through communication, collaboration, cooperation and coordination. VOAD has representation from more than 40 partner agencies that have created and continuously update a long-term disaster recovery plan for Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

About The Hope Fund The Hope Fund is a collaborative effort between Volunteer Jacksonville, The University of North Florida and The Florida Times-Union. Participating agencies provide information on the circumstances and special needs of selected clients and UNF journalism students write articles about these clients and their particular situations that run as front-page features in The Times-Union between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Times Union also offers editorial commentary telling readers how they can support the Hope Fund with contributions. 100% of all Hope Fund donations are divided among the participating organizations that then purchase goods and services needed.

Be the Change. WE INSPIRE

people to serve and embrace their abilities to be the change through our multimedia outreach

and our annual Celebration of Service. Each April the nation celebrates National Volunteer Week. In Jacksonville, our Mayor proclaims the entire month of April as Volunteer Appreciation Month, as does Florida’s governor across the state.

About Celebration of Service During the month of April, HandsOn Jacksonville holds one of our premier events, Celebration of Service, to honor our community’s most outstanding agents of change and promote their good works to inspire others to follow their lead. This black-tie event takes place at the Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts, with the VIP reception in the Uible marquee overlooking the river. Many of the city’s most prestigious restaurants volunteer an abundance of delicacies and the welldressed guests drift from one to the other, sampling a veritable feast. Then as the sun sets and the city lights come up, the group gathers in the Moran Theatre for the volunteer awards presentation.

About our Community Outreach All year long, HandsOn Jacksonville promotes and encourages people to be the change. We provide opportunities to make a difference in our community. We utilize media partners, and our own Web site to spread the word and make it easy for people to take action that transforms our community and themselves. According to the Jacksonville Community Council Inc. 2007 Community Progress Report, an amazing 65% of our citizens volunteer their time. Based on these figures and our population of 1.3 million, more than 845,000 people volunteered in 2007, and of these 219,700 volunteered a minimum of 364 hours per year. Calculating one hour per month for 74% of the volunteers and 7 hours per week for 26%, the value of area volunteer work is $1.7 billion.

“We are made up of what we do and how we act in the world.”

“Just find your piece of it.”

WE MOBILIZE people to take action and make a positive impact on our community. HandsOn Jacksonville is expanding opportunities for people to be the change they wish to see in their world through a variety of community-wide volunteer projects and events. Most of the projects are created through longstanding partnerships with our community’s schools and nonprofit agencies. We believe that it is through people that change happens in the world. To make it easy and convenient for people to take action, HandsOn Jacksonville offers opportunities in a number of ways. We mobilize people through volunteer projects that we manage ourselves, offer a continuously updated interactive Web site, do media outreach and happily take old-fashioned phone referrals. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to make a positive impact through projects that target Jacksonville’s key problem areas, so that our residents can be the change our city needs.

About our HandsOn Projects ~ funded by United Way of Northeast Florida HandsOn Projects has become the nerve center of everything we do. As an affiliate of the HandsOn Network, our projects are designed from their successful model that brings people together to tackle community problems through volunteer service, encouraging everyone to “be the change” in their communities. It’s as easy as going to our Web site and signing up to participate in a project. Our project leaders take care of all of the details from there, from driving directions to checking off the supply list to where to park, and keeping volunteers informed every step of the way.

About A Visit from Saint Nicholas A Visit from Saint Nicholas is a celebration that rallies the community around the needs of students in “challenged” elementary schools. Its goal is to promote literacy, but any HandsOn Jacksonville volunteer will tell you that its real success lies in the fact that the day simply cannot be matched for fun. On the first Friday morning in December, thousands of children in select elementary schools arrive to find their doors and hallways covered in gold tinsel. As they enter their classrooms, curiosity turns to sheer excitement. At each desk is a colorful backpack filled with books and toys. Finally, the students get to listen to a story that celebrates the life of Nicholas, a story based on a European tradition that celebrates anonymous giving. Typically 70% or more of the children in these schools are on a free or subsidized lunch plan. This makes the impact of our Nicholas event all the greater, and HandsOn Jacksonville is making it easier than ever for people who care to share in that.

WE EQUIP people by providing service opportunities, building capacity and providing support services for individuals and organizations that need or provide volunteer resources. HandsOn Jacksonville equips people to be the positive change our city needs through its training and support of nonprofit agencies in the effective use of their volunteer resources, training of diverse groups of leaders to effectively serve on nonprofit boards of directors, and consulting with groups on board leadership. HandsOn Jacksonville also educates and trains people in the staffing and operation of a Volunteer Reception Center to manage unaffiliated volunteers during a disaster, and we raise funds and provide programming to supply low-income families and schools with necessities.

About Blueprint for Leadership Blueprint for Leadership is a community leadership training program designed to identify, recruit, train and place community leaders on nonprofit boards and other governing or advisory bodies in Jacksonville. Blueprint for Leadership participants are a diverse representation of our population, with the majority of the class representing those in the minority. Blueprint for Leadership offers six full-day training classes involving leadership topics, class discussion and group exercises. These classes are held the first Wednesday of each month, January through May. In June, the class creates and executes its own volunteer project and celebrates its success at a graduation ceremony. Following graduation, each participant is given the opportunity to experience an effective nonprofit board in action through a one-year internship. HandsOn Jacksonville also conducts Board Leadership training as scheduled workshops and on a consulting basis. Board leadership topics include: Roles and Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards, The Nonprofit Board Development Cycle, Nonprofit Policy Standards and Controls, Understanding Nonprofit Financial Documents, Fundraising for Nonprofit Board Members, Organizational Self–Assessment and Strategic Planning, Conducting Effective Board Meetings and Board Retreat facilitation.

“Be aware that you are most powerful when working with someone; recognize the powerful bonds of reciprocity.”

Volunteer Jacksonville, Inc. 2007 Financials

About Nonprofit Membership HandsOn Jacksonville offers the following services to our nonprofit members… Volunteer Project Management: We help create and completely manage volunteer service projects designed to achieve the mission of nonprofit members.

2007 Income HandsOn Technology (HOT): We train and support nonprofit staff in the use of our web-based volunteer recruitment and management tool, which helps them recruit and manage volunteers, as well as giving them an additional web presence to market their organizations. DOVIA (Directors of Volunteers in Agencies): We provide nonprofit volunteer management professionals an every other month forum to network and access field knowledge and information for their volunteer programs.









United Way

Special Events

Program Fees/ Membership

Government Grants


Other Interest/ Grants Investments

Volunteer Management Training Series: Through our comprehensive, state-approved and certified volunteer management


series, we provide nonprofit volunteer management professionals the tools they need to maximize the efforts of their organization’s volunteers. 2007 Operating Expenses Other benefits of membership: We offer 50% discounts on Blueprint for Leadership Tuition for nonprofit staff, 20%-40%


discounts on all training and consulting, 20%-70% discounts at Office Depot and Media Recognition for volunteers.

About The Belk Charity Sale Since 1994, HandsOn Jacksonville has helped nonprofit organizations raise extra needed dollars to support their missions. The Belk Charity Sale is a fundraiser coordinated by HandsOn Jacksonville with Belk Department Stores. Area nonprofits







Salaries/ Related Expenses

Hope Fund

Supplies/ Postage/ Printing

Professional Fees/ Membership

Special Event Expense

Travel Meetings/ Training

benefit by raising money through ticket sales to the public for an exclusive one-day sale held at all area Belk stores.




Occupancy/ Depreciation Systems/ Insurance Equipment

2007 Total Assets


In 2007, HandsOn Jacksonville: • mobilized and led 1,776 volunteers in 98 community projects with 7,397 volunteer hours • conducted 62 projects for at-risk and low-income children in 20 "challenged" elementary schools and 10 youth and family organizations • completed 22 revitalization and environmental projects with 10 of these projects executed by teens







Building/ Improvements




Furniture/ Equipment

Prepaid Expenses

• designed 11 projects to help agencies alleviate hunger and poverty and promote economic self-sufficiency • managed 3 volunteer projects to help build capacity and community awareness of inner-city, youth-serving facilities • improved 25 low-income schools and 268 other public-serving organizations whose missions aspire to promote arts and culture, serve children and families, alleviate poverty and homelessness, promote health and wellness, improve education and literacy and beautify and revitalize our neighborhoods and environment • conducted 95 training events, equipping 395 participants with knowledge to create change in our community

2007 Liabilities and Net Assets

2007 Operating Expenses

• trained and educated 105 local and regional National Service Participants (AmeriCorps volunteers) in the staffing and operation of a Volunteer Reception Center to manage unaffiliated volunteers during a disaster • connected 150 businesses with the needs of our community • raised $200,000.00 to help more than 1,000 low-income individuals and families served by 37 of our nonprofit members • equipped 85 classrooms with Teacher Supply Kits • gave special recognition to more than 3,000 community and event volunteers Community Services • promoted volunteer service in our community on 206 radio shows, 16 television spots and in 54 print articles featured in 48 different print and web publications


General and Administrative

Unrestricted Net Assets

Temporarily Restricted

Payables and Accruals





Nonprofit Members: Ability Housing of NE FL (Grove House of Jacksonville) Aid Sudan Foundation Jacksonville • Alzheimers Association • American Cancer Society Duval Unit • American Red Cross • American Veterans Advocates, Inc. • Angel Aid • The Arc Jacksonville • Autism Society of Greater Jacksonville Baptist Medical Center Auxiliary • Barnabus International, Inc. • Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry, Inc. • Beaches Fine Arts Series, Inc. • Beaches Women’s Partnership • Ben’s Place Services, Inc. • Best Buddies Jacksonville Better Business Bureau • Big Brothers Big Sisters of NE FL • Boys’ Home Association • The Bridge of Northeast Florida • Bridge-the-Gap. Inc. • Brooks Rehabilitation • Cathedral Arts • Catholic Charities Bureau • Challenge Enterprises of North Florida, Inc. • Child Guidance Center • Children’s Home Society • City of Jacksonville • City Rescue Mission • Clara White Mission, Inc. Communities In Schools - Nassau • Community Asthma Partnership • Community Connections • Community Hospice of NE FL • Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, Inc. • The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens • daniel, Inc. Department of Children & Families • DePaul School of Northeast Florida Dignity-U-Wear, Inc. • Duval County 4-H • Duval County Public Schools Community Involvment • Elder Source • Emergency Pregnancy Services of Jacksonville, Inc. • Epilepsy Foundation Northeast Florida • Episcopal Children’s Services • Family Foundations • Family Nuturing Center • Family Promise of Jacksonville, Inc. • Family Support Services of NE Florida, Inc. First Coast Brain Injury Support Group, Inc. • First Coast Collie Rescue • First Coast No More Homeless Pets • Florida Association for the Deaf /Blind/Multi-handicapped • Fresh Ministries • From Jacksonville With Love Gateway Community Services • Gift of Life in America • The Great American Royal Circus • Greenscape of Jacksonville • Greenwood School • Habijax Hart Felt Ministries, Inc. • Haven Hospice • Helping Hands Ministries Henderson Haven, Inc. • Hope Worldwide • Hubbard House, Inc. • I Am/ I Be Independent Living Resource Center (ILRC) • The Inn Ministry • The International Learning Center of Jacksonville • The Jacksonville & The Beaches Convention & Visitors Bureau • Jacksonville Airport Authority Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc. • Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Jacksonville Children’s Chorus, Inc. • Jacksonville Community Council, Inc. Jacksonville For Life • Jacksonville Housing Authority • Jacksonville Humane Society • Jacksonville Maritime Museum • Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center, Inc. • Jacksonville Urban League • Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens • JCCI • Jericho School for Children with Autism • Jewish Family and Community Services • Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum • KeepSafe Center, Inc. • Kesler Mentoring Connection • L’Arche Harbor House, Inc. Leadership Jacksonville, Inc. • Learn to Read • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society • Literacy Pros of Jacksonville, Inc. • Lutheran Social Services Malivai Washington Kids Foundation, Inc. • Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Mental Health Center of Jacksonville, Inc. • Mental Health Resource Center Methodist Children’s Village, Inc. • Metro North Community Development Corporation • Micah’s Place • Mission Harvest America, Inc. • Multiple Sclerosis Wellspring of Hope, Inc. • Museum of Science and History (MOSH) National MS Society • Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society • NE Florida Community Action Agency • New Heights (formerly Cerebral Palsy) Nielsen Organ Transplant Foundation • Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida, Inc. • Northeast Florida State Hospital (NEFSH) • Northside Community Involvement, Inc. (NCI) • Oasis of Peace, Inc. • Operation Homefront Florida PACE Center for Girls - Jacksonville • Pine Castle, Inc. • Police Athletic League of Jacksonville (PAL) • Presbyterian Social Ministries • Quigley House, Inc. Respite Care • Riverside Fine Arts Association • Safe Harbor Haven, Inc. • The Salvation Army • Sanctuary on 8th Street • Shands Jacksonville Volunteer Services • Shepherd of the Woods Lutheran Church - MOP’s Program • Spina Bifida Assn. of Jacksonville • Springfield Preservation & Revitalization Council • St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum • St. John’s River City Band St. Vincent’s Medical Center Auxiliary • Stage Aurora Theatrical Company The Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless • Theatre Jacksonville • Trinity Rescue Mission • United Way of Northeast Florida • Urban Jacksonville, Inc. Veterans Reintegration Center of Jacksonville, Inc. • Volunteers in Medicine of Jacksonville • We Care - Jacksonville, Inc. • Wolfson Children’s Hospital Auxiliary • World Golf Foundation, Inc. • World Outreach, Inc. World Relief

2007-2008 Contributors and Donors Major Funders United Way of Northeast Florida David & Nancy Hutson Ida M. Stevens Foundation/ Doug Milne family $20,000 - $49,999 PGA TOUR City of Jacksonville Ja Ru, Inc. $10,000 - $19,999 University of Phoenix Chrysler Financial Points of Light Foundation Acosta Sales & Marketing AT&T Yellow Pages Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Coggin Automotive Group Demetree Brothers Holland & Knight HSBC Bank USA Neviaser Charitable Foundation Jeff & Debbie Parker Philanthropic Fund Philip Morris Spohrer and Dodd, P.L. VyStar Credit Union Weaver Family Foundation $5,000 - $9,999 GE Unison W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, Inc Swisher International, Inc. Citigroup Stellar Foundation Miller Electric ARC Carriage Club Jacksonville Beaver Street Fisheries Foundation Coker, Schickel, Sorenson & Daniel Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation Dubow Family Foundation ICI Homes Jacksonvile Regional Chamber of Commerce Mac Papers Peek, Cobb & Edwards, P.A. Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. Selevan Family Foundation Target Stores Robert Shircliff Edna Sproull Williams Foundation Winn Dixie Stores Witten Family Foundation World Golf Foundation $2,500 – $4,500 Medtronic State Farm Insurance EverBank Prudential Financial Jacksonville Fraternal Order of Police Wachovia Foundation Mayo Foundation Baptist Medical Center Diocese of Saint Augustine Fidelity National Financial The Florida Lottery Jill Gleeson Helen Lane Regency Realty Group, Inc. Scott McRae Group St. Vincent’s Foundation Summit Contractors The Poker Room $1,500 – $2,499 First Coast Business Solutions, Inc. Jim & Linda King Citi Community First Credit Union Darifair Foods

NAIOP Mike Shad Ford of Orange Park Chet & Judy Smith Martin Stein Suddath The Lord's Foundation UPS Foundation, Inc. $1,000 - $1,499 Michael & Krista Estes NFL Ventures Bill & Lyn Bentley Agility Press Inc. AT&T Anthony's Gourmet Catering Athens Cafe Atlantic Marine BJ's Wholesale Club BB&T Bank Biscottis Buca di Beppo Shepard Bryan Catering by Liz Catering by Will Churchill Downes Catering Citadel Life & Health Citistreet Comcast Deerwood Rotary D'Vine cuisine, inc. Fidelity Investments Fidelity National Information Services First Florida Credit Union Greene-Hazel Haynes, Peters & Bond Intrepid Capital J.P. Perry Insurance, Inc. Kelly Services Kuhn Flowers Lauren Steven Catering, Inc. Marks Gray Charity, Inc. Levy Restaurants Maggiano's Little Italy Medical Development International Merrill Lynch Mike Shad Nissan of Jacksonville Morgan Stanley MPS Group Naders Pest Raiders, Inc. P.F. Chang's China Bistro Panera Bread Publix Supermarkets Rogers Towers, P.A. San Jose Rotary Club Scheidel Foundation Shircliff & Sisisky Skanska USA St. Augustine Record St. John's Trading Company Ted's Montana Grill Vestcor Family Foundation Worman's Bakery & Deli $500 -$999 Florida Times Union Printing Edge Anheuser-Busch East Arlington Rotary Club Fred Johnson Linda Selevan Total Office Products Holly Cleveland Community Foundation Elkins Construction, Inc. FedEx Florida Coastal School of Law Gate Petroleum Company Sally Green Hicks Charitable Foundation Jaxport

Mrs. H.H. Joost Lyondell McCall Millennium Specialty Chemicals Priority Couriers Prosperity Bank Prudential Foundation Robert Franskousky St. John's Wealth Management Suntrust Mortgage TECO Peoples Gas Thurston Roberts Charitable Trust Vandroff Insurance Connie Wilson Stephen Flatt $200 - $499 Baymeadows Storage Kenneth Reddick Kenneth & Michelle Ackerman Mike & Sue Nelson Frank Barker Consolidated Maintenance Services C.T. Fowler Modern Mustangs Lisa Giordana Bacardi Bottling CCW Cynthia Edelman Gasper & Irene Lazzara Foundation Infinity Design Builders Peter Massaniso Miller Insurance Group St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office Bajalia Volpe, P.A. Laura Brown Michael Donziger David Greck Marilyn Jones Knights of Columbus Ray Lanzi Perry Development Company Steinmart Richard Stratton James Thornton $100 - $199 Murray Beard Carol Evans Bank of America Awards Unlimited Compass Bank Ford & Harrison Kiwanis Club, St. Augustine Nancy Swaja Lou & Sarah Haskins Debbie Andalora Jeanette Shellman Eleanor Ashby Joy Atkins Belk Dip n' Clip Dorothy Dorion Marion Ebersole Emerson Kennels Ernst & Young James Farah Nancy Federico Doug Goforth Nadine Gramling Diane Halverson Robert & Liz Head Henry Newcomer Lynn Huber Amy Hyler Dennis & Barbara Johnson Hugh Jones David A. Kossak Laura Lasko Sherrie Lovett

Designed by The Robin Shepherd Group • Printing by Agility Press

6817 Southpoint Parkway, Suite 1902 • Jacksonville, Florida 32216 (904) 332 -6767 • (904) 332-6722 (fax)

Joel Mandel Raymond Mason Janet & Stephen Melching Dave & Zoe Milleman Guillermo & Lynn Weise Mora Jeannine Mott Lynn Mulherin William Nash Ken & Sallie Norrie Joanne Pratt-Dannals Janice M. Purinton Rob & Jen Roth San Juan Animal Hospital Schultz Foundation Shacter Family Foundation Smoak, Davis & Nixon C. Steinhauser Christine Stone Karla Stremitzer Rob & Kelly Urban Lenai Waite Jane Wallner Cynthia Weaver Gloria Wells Pam Wilson Edith C. Wingate Other Financial Gifts Mr & Mrs Carl Bloesing Jane Jordan Susan Masucci Mary Anne Smith Bridges to Sudan Lolito Jerido Nancy Knight Betty Lewis Karen Bosworth Phillip Burnaman Leo & Kay Dulawa Ken & Martha Eilermann Jeannie Fewell A. Gabrielle Lorraine Goldhill Katherine Kasten Deborah Mobbs Kathy Orr Pellegrino Porraro Marion Robinson Bruce & Susan Smathers Diane Crafts M.B. Lay Rose Redwine Zachary Smith Sheril Swanson Isabel Balotin Phyllis Benzenberg Janet Gardner Karen Mathis Mike Selah Cyril & Karen Toker Bob & Linda Uible Daniel Weinstock Lesley Wolfson Joan Carlos Shirley Dillard Rolanda Lamb Marcia Lenares Robert Runyan M.A. Sorrentino Sharon Svihel Bunny Witten

HandsOn Jacksonville's 2007-08 Annual Report to the Community  

In August of 2008, Volunteer Jacksonville rebranded as HandsOn Jacksonville.

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