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7 Warning Signs That Require Treatment of Gum Disease in Hertfordshire Brushing teeth twice a day, keeps cavities at bay! However, even after brushing one’s teeth twice daily, if one is facing oral problems then there can be a prime possibility of gum diseases. Even studies have found that half of the UK adults have it in some form or the other. So, how to identify and know whether one is facing such problem? Here is a list of 7 alarming symptoms of oral problems that need immediate treatment of gum disease in Hertfordshire. 1. Bleeding gums The initial symptom of any gum disease is bleeding gums with sore. Bleeding while brushing is never a normal occurrence and if one is facing this situation consistently, then gum disease is to be blamed here. 2. Bad breath Unpleasant breath or a nasty taste can arise because of the previous night’s meal or it might be a result of gum diseases. If the condition is persistent then it is worth mentioning to one’s dentist for receiving proper treatment. 3. Gum recession If one notices that the healthy pink tissue surrounding one’s teeth is beginning to shrink or recede, then it is an alarming sign indeed. This can get severe by exposing the tooth structure that in turn makes the teeth appear longer. 4. Tooth sensitivity

Feeling a painful sensation while chewing can be a result of many factors like tooth decay, cracked tooth or even an old filling. However, one major factor that can give birth to this unpleasant sensation is a gum disease. 5. Red gums A swollen, red and irritated gum could result from a vigorous brushing session using a hard bristled tooth brush. However, if one experiences the same even after following the right tools and techniques, then gum disease is the evil culprit here. 6. Swollen gums A very common gum disease that can be indicated by inflamed gums is gingivitis, which is not easily recognized. However, one must get a specialist’s help if one is encountering a problem involving discoloured teeth or swollen gums. 7. Misaligned teeth A crooked tooth can also sometimes indicate possible gum disease like periodontitis that can totally change a person appearance due to teeth misalignment. In severe cases, it might also result in existing bone loss, tooth mobility as well as loss of a tooth. Gum diseases are silent killers and one needs to get it cured before it deteriorates further, offering painful instances. One fortunate thing about gum diseases is that it can be easily treated in its early stages in comparison to another major oral problem like root canal. The latter is a complex procedure and requires skilled and well-equipped practitioners to operate successfully. Before opting for a root canal treatment, one must get proper diagnosis by a specialist. Many people avoid getting a root canal treatment in Hertfordshire as they consider it is a painful and long procedure. However, a dental surgeon will always ensure that before the process gets started, the patient is administered with local anaesthesia after consent. It is generally a myth that root canal is painful; for this, most people fear of getting this dental treatment. Also, the advanced technologies that the dentistry world is using these days nullify the risk of pain. It actually puts patients at ease after successful completion of the procedure.

Even before getting a root canal treatment, one should take a note of the possible symptoms like   

Pain - If toothache is becoming a common part of your life then it is a serious issue. Tender gums- Swelling of teeth can even elevate the area under teeth and may develop a gumboil on the gums. Discoloured tooth- The dark patches near the gums signify issues with nerve space. Frequency- One can term an infected root canal as transient, persistent or continual. The pain can come and go on a daily or monthly basis.

Keeping a check on the symptoms can save a person from later painful stages of tooth ailments. A smart way to overcome that is to visit a dentist beforehand as they can help people in putting their best smiles every day!

7 warning signs that require treatment of gum disease in hertfordshire  
7 warning signs that require treatment of gum disease in hertfordshire  

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