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NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION WELCOME TO BOSTON DENTAL GROUP! Philosophy of Care: We want our patients to keep their teeth for a lifetime in comfort and health. We are committed to a philosophy of dentistry which we call "Lifetime Care". Our philosophy is patient centered and we believe we can positively influence a person's quality of life through "Lifetime Care". We must know our patients so well and care for them so much as people that we can determine from this knowledge what the best lifetime treatment is for their particular needs. We will take every opportunity to motivate and educate patients to the point where he/she desires "Lifetime Care". We need to know if each patient values a healthy mouth and if he/she can handle the investment for the kind of care selected. We fully understand that not all of our patients are candidates for the Lifetime Care approach and that is O.K. These patients will only respond to "patch and repair" (drill-fill-bill) dentistry. We have no problem with this because anything we do is a service to them and for them.

Vision Statement: To achieve success in growth by enhancing the lives of our patients and team members.

Mission Statement: To serve the dental needs of the people within our communities by offering an exceptional dental office experience, compassion, and lifetime care, while providing opportunities and career growth for all of our team members.

Core Values 

We commit to exceeding the expectations of our patients by providing high quality lifetime care.

We commit to developing strong relationships between Management, Doctors, Hygienists, and team members to build cohesive teams within each office and as an organization.

We believe in providing ALL team members with ongoing training that will provide personal and professional growth opportunities that will enhance their lives and success within Boston Dental Group.

We believe that through our commitment to each individual team member, that all will share in realizing our Vision, Mission, and Values, that we may unite in the growth and success of our company.


Our Secrets to Success Our patients come to our practice‌

Technical vs. Non Technical

Patient Focused Pyramid



Fellow Team members, Dr/Hyg, Regional


The 5 Fundamentals “The 5 Rocks”

1) Schedule Why is this one the highest priority? Rock: $500 or more in Treatment (Bridge, RCT, Crown or Dentures) Sand: $100-$500 in Treatment (Fillings and Extractions) Water: Little to NO production (New Patients and Deliveries) Recare Calls:

2) Produce What does this mean? How can we assure this? BAs – Have accurate breakdowns, limit cancelled/rescheduled appts

DAs – Educate patients, offer upgrades, pay attention to the “opportunites” questions on the SWOT (Does patient want straighter or whiter teeth? Cosmetict Dentistry?)

Intraoral Camera Pictures- A picture is worth a 1000 words

3) Collect including cash, check, credit card, and financing (Care Credit & Citi) Why is this Important?


The 6 Regions of Task A Each day you come to work, you become a vital part of the success of your office. The contribution of you and your team will determine your office profitability which will then determine your profitability bonus when you become eligible.     

Region 1: Boston Dental Groups philosophy of care Region 2: Our Product = Our Patients Region 3: Marketplace Region 4: Operations o Fixed Expenses – Rent, loan payment, o Variable Expenses – dental supplies, lab fees, salary Region 5: Overhead o In a dental office it is things like salaries, labs, professional supplies, etc. o What does it cost you to run your life?  Rent or house payment  Car payment  Utilities  Food

Region 6: Results (PROFIT/BONUS)


Task A 6 Regions:

Region 1: ________________________ ________________________ ________________________

C.A.N.I. Loop: Continuous And Never-ending Improvement

Region 3: _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

Region 4: ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ Region 5: __________________ ___________________ ___________________


__________________ __________________ Region 6: ___________________ ___________________

Region 2: _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

4) BDG Systems What are the systems?

X-ray Policy:

Perio Policy:

Arestin Policy:

Flouride Policy:

Vizilite: 5) Communication This is where we spend the bulk of our time. This is where 80-85% of our success comes from.


DISC D= I= S= C= Platinum Rule –

Law of 3 Voices 1. Words 10% 2. Tone 35% 3. Body Language 55%


SWOT S. W. O. T.

Phone Etiquette:

Service SWOT:

Smile SWOT:

Emotional Treasure:


Stages of Change 5 Stages

Getting Stuck in the Stages‌

1. Shock 2. Denial 3. Anger 4. Bargaining 5. Acceptance

The stages of change are natural and to be expected. We honor others by helping them through.

5 Barriers for the Patient in Case Acceptance S- Sense of Fear M- Money U- Urgency (or lack of) T- Time T- Trust

LCQAC L- Listen C- Cushion Q- Question A- Answer C- Confirm or Close


New Patient Call Summary

Appt Date: ________________ Appt Time: _______________ Provider: _________________

Our goal is to get a scheduled appointment from each New Patient phone call. Team Member: _____________ Today’s Date: ______________

Personal Information

Patient’s Name: ______________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________ City: _______________ State: ________ Zip: ________ Home Phone: _________________________ Work Phone: ___________________________ Cell Phone: ___________________________ Alternate Phone: ________________________ How did you hear about us? ______________________________________________________ Based on your conversation, which statement best describes this patient?

o o o o

Patient was in a hurry on the phone (D) Patient was very talkative and friendly (I) Patient was nice but seemed quiet (S) Patient asked a lot of questions (C)


Make Appointment At This Time! Service SWOT – “We want to make sure you have a great experience. May I ask you a few questions to make sure we do everything we can to make your visit comfortable? Tell me a little bit about how your past dental visits have gone?” S – “What did you like about your last dental visit or team?”

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ W – “What did you NOT like?”

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ O – “There has been a lot of information in the news about how the health of your mouth affects your entire body as well as new technology for creating a beautiful smile. Is there anything you have heard about that you would like more information on?

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ T – (Summarize the input from the SWO above to confirm you listened well.) “When we create a great experience for you, would there be anything standing in the way of becoming a permanent part of our patient family?”

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ CLOSE – “Great! I’m looking forward to meeting you!”

“Do you have any current dental concerns?” o Toothache o Swelling o Broken Tooth o Bleeding o Lost Filling o Sensitive – Hot/Cold/Sweet o Pain when biting

“Do you have any dental insurance that you would like us to file on your behalf?” Ins. Co: ____________________________________ Employer: __________________________________ Subscriber: __________________________________ ID # on Card: ________________________________ DOB: ______________________________________ Ins. Co. Phone # _____________________________


“Have you ever been required in the past to take antibiotics prior to a dental visit?” “For what condition?”

New Patient SMILE SWOT

Our goal is to find out what the patient WANTS before the doctor does the clinical exam and tells them what the NEED.

“Because everyone has different wants and needs, is it ok if I ask you a few questions as we go along today so we can get to know you better? Is it OK if I take notes?” What (emotional) reason brought the patient in?

VERIFY SERVICE SWOT “I understand that… (summarize the SWOT info from the front page.) Am I understanding correctly?”   

LOOK (at dental history) ASK! (clarifying questions) REASSURE – “We can help you. In order to do that, may I ask you a few questions?”

S – “On you dental history you the health of your smile a _____ and you said you would like it to be a _____. What do you like about your smile right now?”




W – “OK, great! So what do you NOT like about your smile or dental health?” _____________________________________________________________________________


O – “If you had the ideal health for your mouth and smile, what would it look like?” ____________________________________________________________


T – (Non Emergency) “Is there anything standing in your way of taking care of the things you said you want?” _____________________________________________________________


Permission Statement: “May I have your permission to share with you some options that the doctor may suggest to take care of your immediate concern, as well as some ways that we can help you with other things you want?” 14

2 on 1 Transfer The 2 on 1 transfer is for the patient not for us. The transfer is ___________________ not ____________________________. Patient transfers keep the patient from _________________ _______________________________________________. Areas of transfers occur From ____________ to __________________ From ____________ to __________________ From ____________ to __________________ From ____________ to __________________ What should a 2 on 1 transfer include?




EMPLOYEE REQUEST FOR TIME OFF Date: ______/______/______

Employee’s Name: __________________________________________________________________

Reason for Request: _____ Vacation _____ Personal _____ Jury Duty _____ Bereavement _____ Illness _____ Other Explanation of other: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Date(s) Requested: ________________________________________________________________________________ # of Working Days Employee Will Be Absent: ______________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OFFICE USE ONLY Date Received: ______ / _______ / _______ Received By: __________________ Approved:



If no, why? ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________



Employee’s Name: __________________________________________________________________

Reason for Request: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Start Date of Absence:____________________ Date to Return To Work:__________________

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OFFICE USE ONLY Date Received: Approved:


______ / _______ / _______

Received By: __________________


If no, why? ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________



Boston Dental Group Team Benefits Summary Full Time Employees (32+ hours a week)

Part Time Employees

Paid Holidays after 1 year:

Not eligible

Dental Benefits after 6 months:

Dental Benefits after 6 months:

General services performed by the owner Paid 100% minus lab fees for employee and immediate family members.

General services performed by the owner Paid 100% minus lab fees for employee and immediate family members.

General services performed by an associate doctor or specialist doctor offered at a discount minus lab fees and doctor salary.

General services performed by an associate doctor or specialist doctor offered at a discount minus lab fees and doctor salary.

Health Insurance after 180 days at the beginning of the following month:

Health Insurance Not eligible for employees who work less than 30 hours a week.

New Year’s Day Memorial Day Independence Day

Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day

(30 hours a week will qualify)

Deductible: $3,000 single/$6,000 family or $5,000 single/$10,000 family Physician Copay: $30.00 Specialty Copay: $50.00 Includes Generic Prescription Drug Coverage. Employee Contribution: $39.49/month *Option to enroll in an upgraded plan Profit Sharing after 6 months

Profit Sharing after 6 months

An employee’s six month anniversary date from date of hire has to fall before the 15th of the 1st month of the quarter to be considered eligible for the quarter.

An employee’s six month anniversary date from date of hire has to fall before the 15th of the 1st month of the quarter to be considered eligible for the quarter. Part time employees will receive half (½) of the full time employee's amount.


Office Locations and Contact Information Office Name Boston Dental



9484 W. Lake Mead Blvd #2 Las Vegas, NV 89134

(702) 304-8338

Affordable Dental @ Flamingo & Sandhill Brighton Dental

4180 S. Sandhill Road #B1 Las Vegas, NV 89121

(702) 898-9200

5075 E. Bonanza Road Las Vegas, NV 89110

(702) 871-8888

Aliante Dental

6885 Aliante Pkwy #111 N. Las Vegas, NV 89084

(702) 515-1888

Happy Dental

6707 W. Charleston Blvd #1A Las Vegas, NV 89146

Hola Dental

Addt’l Services Implants, Perio, Endo, Ortho Ortho




Maria Karley Berry


(702) 438-0888

Ortho, Oral Surgery Ortho, Pedo, Oral Surgery Ortho

Valencia Perdue

2175 E. Cheyenne Ave #100 N. Las Vegas, NV 89030

(702) 363-8889


Maricela Cepeda

Affordable Dental

3880 W. Lake Mead Blvd #100 N. Las Vegas, NV 89032

(702) 399-8888


Miriam De La Cruz

Affordable Dental @ E Sahara Discount Dental

953 E Sahara Ave #A-2, Las Vegas NV 89104

(702) 794-0304

Ortho & OS

Priscilla Thompson

Affordable Dental II Affordable Dental-LL


60 N. 25

Denise Bolanos

Maria Joey Cintron

Bridgit Carina Carina Leslie Maria

Street #110 Las Vegas, NV 89101

(702) 386-8811


Genesis Monarrez

5590 Painted Mirage Rd #150, Las Vegas NV 89149

(702) 450-8888


Vanessa Trujillo

2311 Casino Drive #D-2, Laughlin NV 89029

(702) 299-9919

Ortho, Oral Surgery



Position Owner


Phone #

David Ting

(702) 882-4882

Business Director

Carolyn Chen

Regional Manager

Bridgit Fly

(702) 515-1888

Regional Manager

Maria Clarkson

(626) 673-1915

Regional Manager

Carina Quintana

(626) 673-1932

Regional Manager

Leslie Alexander

(626) 673-1539

Clinical Coach

Markia Johnson

(702) 418-4257

Robin Fobbs-Welch


Michelle Zapata

(702) 425-6174

Ryan Heroy

(702) 425-6194

Insurance Department Manager H.R. Manager Marketing Manager


Maria Leslie



Boston Dental Group – MARKETING Our main message to patients is that we offer quality dentistry & customer service at an affordable price, for all ages. Standard Advertising Venues

Outdoor Billboard We currently have about 15 Billboards in the Las Vegas Area Implant - Implant from $1999 (includes implant, abutment, and PFM crown) Braces - Braces from $99/month General billboard that states we are gentle and affordable SPANISH -General billboard that states we are gentle and affordable Bus Advertisements We currently have 24 Bus Back Advertisements in the Las Vegas Area Braces from $99/month Exam, X-rays and Cleanings from $59 Extractions from $80, Filling from $50 Invisalign from $99 Mini Implants from $499/each

Online Website: $59 for exam, x-rays, and prophy, implants from $1999. Social Networks: Facebook: A way to get to know our dental group is to join us on facebook, for discounts, pictures, videos and reviews. Myspace: Join us on myspace to get info on the company. Twitter: Join us on twitter to get the most recent news with Boston Dental Group.

Multimedia Radio Spanish Radio (Daily Ads on 101.5 and 99.3) Univision

Print Nifty Nickel (weekly ads, switched weekly or monthly) Spring Bling Promo (see below)


Daily Reports In order to record the effectiveness of our marketing, it’s very important that we log EACH call we get. For example, when a patient calls, we ALWAYS need to ask, “How did you hear about us?” When they respond, please fill in the correct box for how they heard about us.

New Patient Appts Made/Calls

Billboard Billboard/Ortho Billboard/Implant Pt. Referral Other office Nifty Nickel Bus Backs Yellow Pages





2 1 2

2 2 4


BDG New Employee Manual  

BDG New Employee Manual

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