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NOTES ON GIFT AID You must pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that Hand in Hand reclaims on your donations in the tax year (from 6th April 2000, 28p for each £1 you give). The tax reclaimed will be used to help fund the whole of Hand in Hand’s work.

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Hand in Hand is a Christian development agency that exists to respond to the needs and problems caused by poverty and injustice overseas. In equal partnership with overseas organisations Hand in Hand works to give assistance, allowing poor and marginalized people and communities the opportunity to make their own choices. Hand in Hand 3c The Granaries, Reeds Farm Estate, Roxwell Road, Chelmsford CM1 3ST Telephone: Email:

01245 421177

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Crisis in Brazil - Can you help? Turn to page 2 to see how Thank you for your continued support of Hand in Hand Registered charity 1069976

I’d like to Help! I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE June saw the end of another financial year and despite the current economic gloom we have recorded an increase in income and donations to projects. More people have been reached this year as a result of your support. This year Brazil suffered its worst flooding for 20 years and this has taken a big toll on the site of CBC. The rains have caused extensive damage to the main building and flooding has caused lots of damage to the kitchen, classrooms and playground, all of which have to be replaced or renovated at an estimated cost of around £30,000. Thank you to those who have already responded to this appeal. If you would like to help CBC in this time of need then please send cheques to our office marked “CBC appeal” or to donate online go to

Could you organise a fundraising event for one of our Project Partners? Call 01245 421177

On July 12th a team of five year 12 students and 2 teachers from King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford, along with a Hand in Hand representative, flew out to Kenya to visit Grace Foundation International’s project, Mogonjet School. The team spent a week at the school taking lessons, painting a new school sign and spending time getting to know the year 12 students at Mogonjet. The team had a great time in Kenya and gained a much deeper understanding of what life is truly like for those who are helped and supported by the project. The school is already planning a similar trip to Mogonjet School next July as an annual activity.

Our income just topped half a million pounds; our expenditure was around £460,000 with another £40,000 going out to projects in July. We estimate you have reached about 4,300 children and over 5,000 adults this past year! These figures are subject to audit but if you would like a copy of our final Accounts and Annual Report it will be available around mid-October.

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Something that Hand in Hand is very proud of is our appeal to young people. For as long as we have existed we have always had a number of young people supporting Hand in Hand both financially and practically. This is something that we would like to develop further. We are currently looking for more opportunities to visit church youth groups, scout groups and other weekly activities for young people. If you would like to invite us to a youth group then please contact Adam on 01245 421177 or email him at

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Over the past year we have been visiting schools to tell the children of Essex about poverty whilst raising awareness of the charity. This has seen an amazing response with children gaining a greater understanding of poverty and numerous schools from right across the county deciding to support our work financially. If you are involved with a school that might be interested in an assembly or lesson on poverty then please get in touch with Adam on 01245 421177 or

Last year saw us reach an amazing £10,000 through sales from our Gift Catalogue. Can you help make this New Gift Catalogue an even better success? It will give you the opportunity to support the work of a Hand in Hand partner whilst showing someone you care. We have a whole host of new items for sale that will definitely ‘make your presents felt’. If you would like a copy then please call Adam on 01245 421177, email him at or simply download a copy from our website.

After months of planning and designing our e-bulletin is now ready to go. 90 supporters have asked for an e-bulletin this quarter instead of a printed Newsletter. We are very excited about this progress and we hope that developments such as this will only help us grow and increase the support that we give to our project partners. If you would prefer to receive your newsletter via email then please send an email to Adam via

Want to join a Missions Team?at Email us at Donate online

New Hope Children’s Centre, just a name before we went, now we remember it as an experience. A group from Witham & Tiptree URC in Essex with others from Suffolk, had the experience of a lifetime. What did we do? We installed sports equipment, did lots of decorating, felt inspired by some wonderful kids and immersed ourselves in Kenyan life. It was a life changing experience that we would highly recommend. While we did some touristy things it was not a holiday, but we saw life from a very different perspective than at home. The abiding memory is that whilst poor materially, Kenyan Christians have much to show us about faith and how to get enjoyment and fulfilment out of life. It was tough, but fun. Written by Graham Kentish (Deputy Team Leader)

Ilford teacher Nicole Ishmael recently visited ICEG in Brazil to test a calling that she has had for over ten years. Whilst at ICEG Nicole taught some lessons, helped the children with their homework and generally helped the staff to care for the children at the project. Nicole says that whilst at ICEG she often asked herself, ‘what difference am I making here?’ However as the trip progressed she began to see that simply being there to show the children love and give them affirmation was as important as undertaking practical work. For 4 weeks, the children at ICEG had someone from over 5,000 miles away join the ICEG staff to show God’s love to them by simply caring. For children who have been neglected or rejected, Nicole helped to bring a sense of importance and self-worth. Nicole hopes to return to ICEG in the near future. Taken from Nicole’s report when she returned.

On the 15th of July as two slightly nervous and naive politics students we boarded a plane to Nairobi, Kenya. By the time we returned to Heathrow five weeks later we were more mature, culturally aware and over a stone lighter! Our experiences consisted of helping to build a library, painting, visiting the Houses of Parliament, the UN, a safari and the elephant orphanage. Our time at Daylove was spent playing with the younger children or with the older children patiently teaching me Swahili, Kikuyu traditions and examining differences between our cultures. Despite the wide differences between our lifestyles, background and culture, I made some amazing friends and settled in well. The entire trip was far better than I had imagined and I would urge anyone else considering it to go for it, you will not regret it! Written by Alexa Dunn

New Hope began its search for ways to become more self sufficient a few years ago. Since then they have started to sell fresh water, grow their own vegetables, rear animals for meat and kept chickens for eggs. Anne Chege, founder of New Hope, came to us 12 months ago with another great idea; growing mushrooms. The mushrooms were to be grown in a dark shed on the grounds of the project and then sold locally for income generation. Thanks to numerous donations from our supporters we were able to provide Anne with the £300 to start mushroom farming. We are now so excited to see that the mushrooms are growing very quickly and are almost ready for sale at the local market.

Over the past few years Grace Foundation International's project Mogonjet School has moved forward in leaps and bounds. The project has grown to such a size that it now provides both primary and secondary education to over 600 students. This has all been made possible through the generosity of our supporters, grants from trusts and through a partnership with King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford. This partnership has seen money raised for a new, fully furnished science block. The project continues to plan for its future through the proposed construction of further classrooms, accommodation blocks, a kitchen and improved toilet facilities. We are very excited about the progress being made at the project but more then that, we are so pleased to see that the children in the community of Mogonjet are being given hope of a better future and a greater understanding of their self-worth. Thank you for supporting this project, you are making a big difference.

We facilitate teams visiting our project partners. Interested? Call 01245 423839

Our Ecuadorian project partner Mano & Mano has recently held a Holiday Club for local children aged 6-12. The club included a mixture of games, quizzes, crafts, songs, prizes, refreshments and the very popular ‘Throwing water at the leaders’. The most important aspect of the holiday club though was the Bible stories. In the first week they looked at Daniel and then Esther in the second week. On the last day many of the parents came along to see what their children had been up to. In the evenings they had the local ‘jovenes’ (youth) come to the project for a couple of hours, during which they played lots of games and basketball on their new court. The project was so encouraged by the support of the local community and hope that it will continue.

Call us on 01245 423839 to receive a copy of our Prayer Diary.

Hand in Hand Autumn Newsletter  

This is the Autumn Edition of our newsletter. It contains all of the latest news, ways you can support our work and just general information...

Hand in Hand Autumn Newsletter  

This is the Autumn Edition of our newsletter. It contains all of the latest news, ways you can support our work and just general information...