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We provide our readers with the most current, informative editorial and product information to ensure the success of business owners who are striving to keep up with today’s ever-changing market.

The Green Manufacturing Guide is distributed digitally to over 40,000 companies providing products and services to companies involved in Wind & Solar Technologies and Eco-Friendly Automobile Manufacturers. Print copies are availible upon request as well as sent to select trade shows.


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Top Executives: Owner, CEO, President Middle Level Executives: Vice President, GM Other: Engineers, Purchasing & Facility Managers

68% 22% 10%

250 Employees & up 150 - 249 Employees 75 - 149 Employees 1 - 74 Employees

43% 28% 18% 10%



30% 23% 30% 17%

North East South East South West West





23% 17%

10% 43%

The Green Manufacturing Guide • Media Guide 2013



2013 Editorial Calender Issue

Code Green Section

Green News

Product Showcase

Shows & Events

Artwork Deadline


Energy efficient products and TIPS

Energy efficient factory operations

Solar/Wind power



Ways to make your business a safer place to work

A guide to creating a safer workplace

Safety products



Marking & stamping requirements

Save money by retrofitting your job shop

Plasma/Water jet products

AWEA (Wind Power International)



Extending the longevity of your equipment

Don’t fix it if it’s not broken


Solar Power International


NECA October

Smoother operations with Lubricating & leveling

Stay bright with LED Lighting

Laser/Lighting products


A better way to cut & bend

Cut down costs and time with Automation/ Nesting

Cutting tools/Testers

The Green Manufacturing Guide • Media Guide 2013

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The Green Manufacturing Guide • Media Guide 2013

GMG Media Guide 2013  
GMG Media Guide 2013