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Industrial Design Portfolio

The content and materials in this booklet are designed by Hande Karagรถz. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the written permisson of Hande Karagรถz. June 2015

CONTENT Introduction Curriculum Vitae Product Design Projects Smart Lighting Lighting Pick-Up Truck Outdoor Furniture Turkish Coffee Machine Outdoor Stand Packaging UX Case Study Chess Set


HANDE KARAGĂ–Z curriculum vitae

Education Middle East Technical University

As an industrial designer, my desire is to design simple and meaningful products. I believe that good design is understanding and interpretation of the ideas behind products with a critical observation.

Bachelor of Industrial Design 2015 Ankara / Turkey

Ankara AtatĂźrk Anatolian High School Science Studies 2010 Ankara / Turkey

My motivation is to change the way of communication between user and product with redefinitions. +90 555 460 0006




Heper Moonlight

Computer Skills


Technical Skills


Graduation Project 5 months, 2015 Ankara / Turkey

Orenda Film & Production Design Office Internship 6 weeks, 2014 Ankara / Turkey


Product Design Internship 9 months, 2014 Ankara / Turkey

Heper Moonlight

Manufacturing Internship 4 weeks, 2013 Ankara / Turkey

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign Rhinoceros, 3ds Max Vray Rendering, Keyshot Rendering

Sketching, Illustration, Model Making, Prototyping, Digital Photography

Language Skills

Turkish / Native English / Advanced German / Beginner

IMMIB Industrial Design Contest 2015 2nd Prize / Student Category Lighting Products Category

Flowa IMMIB 2015 İstanbul / Turkey City Post METU ID Graduation Projects Exhibition 2015 Ankara / Turkey


Project Brief

CITY POST In collaboration with Graduation Project June 2015 modular outdoor lighting unit allows the integration of smart devices for public areas

Due to rapidly increasing human population and evolving technologies city infrastructure is insufficient in terms of city management. City lighting is an essential part of city managament. City Post is a modular outdoor lighting unit which aims to increase the safety and sustainability of cities regarding its design capable of connecting ‘Smart Grid’ and integration of smart devices. With a dynamic and elegant appearance, City Post differentiates from other lighting units with also the integration of smart devices such as motion sensor, air pollution sensor and light sensor. With its modular design, in case of need it enables to add new smart devices by including three different sections for them. Thanks to its modular design, City Post is an also easily repairable and maintainable product.

Discovery To plan and manage our cities To save and decrease our energy resoources To create human-friendly environment

We need SMART CITIES Government and agency administration Smart urban planning Environment Energy and water Transportation Education Healthcare Social Programs and Services Public Safety

Expectations Smart Living

Smart Energy

Smart Economy

Smart People

Smart Buildings

Smart Integration

Smart Public Services

Smart Mobility

Smart Systems

Smart Lighting


Opportunity Use CITY LIGHTING as a platform to build a smart city WHY? -Reliable -Inexpensive -Easy to build

Research Technology With SMART GRID System, we can do it...

But, there is an integration problem...

User Research CITIZENS Security Comfort Nature Social Fun

LIGHTING WORKERS Security High-Work High-Conditions

Problem Definition Problems

Visual Pollution Scary Dirty Cables Appearance






Outdoor Conditions

Natural Environment Living Creatures Weather Daylight/Night Silent

Workers Public Area

Parks Socialization Communication Space Saving Vandalism

Dirty Tired Easy Repairment Easy Installation Security Reachable


Adaptability Energy Efficiency Space Saving Maintanence Easy Integration Easy Installation Modularity


Comfortable Safety Security Nature-Friendly Relaxation Communication Socialization


Ideation MOCK-UP By making some mock-ups from cartoon, stroam and paper with different scales, I tried to understand the language of product and also proportions of it. Especially to understand the intearction between user and product, 1/1 mock-up is very useful. How can worker reach the devices or take them? SENSOR BOARD Light Sensor Motion Sensor Environmental Air Pollution Sensor


Park Lighting Type

With Smart Grid, citizens can access Wi-Fi and feel safe even if night, it can detect people to illuminate the area.

Road Lighting Type

City Post illuminates the streets by connecting each other. It collects and sends the datas to aothorities.



After removing the screws, the power supply’s lid is opened.


After screwing off, the device box can be removed.


The power supply is accessible.


For repairment, the lid of device box is opened.


The glass is removed from the gasket, then it is easy to reach LED part.


By sliding the PCB part, it is easy to reach sensors.


After slacking the pin, the angle of armature is adjusted.


To reach the electrical equipment, fuse holder cover is opened.

Details 1






7 9 10 11 12 13





Parts and Materials 1. Armature - Aluminium Casting 2. Printed Circuit Board ( PCB ) 3. LED Lens 4. Power Supply 5. Gasket - PDMA 6. Glass 7. Power Supply Lid - Aluminium Casting 8. Armature Cover - Aluminium Sheet Metal 9. Screw 10. Console - Aluminium Casting 11. Device Box - Plexiglass Extrusion 12. Device Box Lid - Plexiglass Extrusion 13. Sensors - Printed Circuit Board ( PCB ) 14. Screw Cap 15. Fuse Holder Cover 16. Mast - Aluminium Extrusion 17. Flange - Aluminium Casting


Ortographic View Unit: mm Scale: 1/ 25

Adjustable Arm 420

210 1500

Mounting Configurations 110






Final Prototype 1/4 Scale Prototype The parts of product are produced with 3d Printer by using 3d Model. These parts are cleaned and joined. LEDs are integrated and cable is connected. For glass part, plexiglass are used to reflect the light. It was painted with electrostatic spray painting.


Presentation In 2-5 June 2015, City Post is exhibited at Kemal KurdaĹ&#x; Culture and Congress Center.

Project Brief

OPTIC MAX In collaboration with Group Project with Ahu Naghshafkan, Tuba Tok, Nursu Bayrak, Mert G端l February 2015 Alternative Usages for D-Max Pick-Up Trucks

OpticMax is a mobile eye examination vehicle to reach out people who live in rural areas to improve health conditions and awaraness. OpticMax reflects the D-Max features such as; durability of the vehicle, modification of convenience, suitable for off-road conditions and huge room to make desired modifications. OpticMax aims to use mounting and storing medical equipments efficiently, to remark importance of mobile eye-care for rural areas and periodical eye examination, to offer comfortable working area for doctors.

Discovery Modification Areas for Pick-Up Trucks

Usage for Hobby Picnic, BBQ, Fishing, Off-road

Usage for Job Carrying loads and packages, constructional materials.

Usage for Freightage Carrying kitchen appliances, camping equipments, work materials


Based on User Research Suitable for off-road Durability Modification Convenience High Power Engine

Field Research Consulted Experts MTA Chamber of Geological Engineers Chamber of Civil Engineers Technical Support Experts Car Gallery Owners Ankara Chamber of Doctors AKUT Search&Rescue Car Enthusiast Interior Designers

Problem Area and Localisation Lack of health services in rural areas Unawareness about the health issues Tough road conditions, which makes the transportation impossible

Analysis Eye Examinations: Why is it so important?

Mobile Health Services in Rural Areas of Turkey Search and Rescue

First Aid


Research Results Necessity of mounting and storing euipments efficiently Importance of mobile eye care for rural areas Raising health conditions and awareness for periodical eye examination Collecting medical data to improve the quality of healthcare

Blood Test

Eye Examınatıon

A sight test is a vital health check for your eyes that can pick up early signs of eye conditions before you’re aware of any symptoms and many of which can be treated if found early enogh. Also, eye doctors often are the first health care professionals to detect chronic systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.



Mock-Up We made 1/10 and 1/5 cartoon mock-ups to understand the mechnanisms we used such as telescopic cabinets, lifting roof, etc. Also we tried to create an expandable area which provides ease of working and mock-ups we defined the area of rear part of pick-up by using human scaled models.

Realization Exterior Design

Realization Color & Texture Palette

High - Tech Harmony Expansion Functionality Circulant Safety Comfort Privacy

Interior Design

Details Rotatable & Adjustable Seat

Seat Mechanism


Passenger seat is rotated for patient sitting. Doctor’s Seat Adjustable Monitor

Car Seat Swiwel

Layout of the rear bed is designed to be ergonomic for patient and doctor. Antropometric datas are decided according to standard eye examination.


Adjustable Monitor Doctor can operate the adjustable monitor according to his / her position.

Eye Examination Devices Eye examination devices can be rotated and adjusted according to patient’s position.

Final Model

Final Prototype 1/5 Scale Styrofoam Router Machine / Assembling the pick-up parts for interior and exterior and puttying them. Painting / Mixture of different colours, reflecting details with paint.


Project Brief Student / 2nd Prize

FLOWA In collaboration with

Personal Project January 2014 Sustainable Outdoor Lighting Unit for METU Campus

Getting the inspiration form nature, Flowa is designed with an organic and fluid form. It aims to give mobility to the environment and attract citizens without disturbing the natural image. Flowa combines different materials in a harmonic way. The plexiglass parts of Flowa creates reflection, because of colour options and its refractive quality. Because of its nature friendly attribute, LED is used for lighting source, which is protected by plexiglass parts. Flowa is designed according to attach-detach method in biomimicry, which makes it easily repairable and maintainable.


What is Biomimicry? Biomimicry (from bios, meaning life, and mimesis, meaning to imitate) is a design discipline that seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. The core idea is that Nature, imaginative by necessity, has already solved many of the problems we are grappling with: energy, food production, climate control, non-toxic chemistry, transportation, packaging, and a whole lot more.


Biomimicry Thinking provides context to where, how, what, and why biomimicry fits into the process of any discipline or any scale of design. While akin to a methodology, Biomimicry Thinking is a framework that is intended to help people practice biomimicry while designing anything.

Define Context

Identify Function

Integrate Life Principles

Abstract Bio Strategies

Emulate Design Principles

Measure Life Principles

Discover Nature

Brainstorm Bio Inspired Ideas

Be sustainable, Perform well, Save energy, Cut material costs, Redefine & eliminate waste, Drive revenue, Build your brand

Research Nature as mentor Biomimicry is a new way of viewing and valuing Nature.

Nature as measure Biomimicry uses an ecological standard to judge rightness of our innovations.

Nature as model Biomimicry is a new science that studies Nature’s models and then imitates or takes inspiration from these designs and processes to solve human problems.


Realization Colour Options

Daylight - Night Appearance

Final Prototype 1/2 Scale Prototype Prototype was produced by IMMIB Industrial Design Competition


Project Brief

SEASONAL Group Project with Nursu Bayrak June 2013 Outdoor Furniture from Metal and Stone Materials for Garden of METU Arhitecture Building

Seasonal Bench is designed for outdoor furniture, standing on garden of Arhitecture building of Metu. For its structure, stone and metal sheets combines together to create harmonic and durable furniture. Designed according to symmetry, so it can be evert to reuse it and prolong its life. Stone’ s corners are protected by metal sheets. Seasonal Bench is long-lasting product, in fact it is All4Season.


Understanding environment architecture materials people behaviours weather conditions


Prototyping Final Prototype Laser Machine Bending Electostatic Painting Stone Cutting Assembling


Project Brief

KÖPÜK Personal Project March 2014 Engaging and Sustainable Design Solutions for Turkish Coffee Making and Serving Experience

Turkish coffee making, serving and drinking is a ritualistic collective practice, and as it provides engaging experiences for groups of users and reinforce the sense of sharing a moment together. Although there are many methods of preparing process of Turkish coffee, the traditional method of cooking on cup is very special and delicious one. Köpük gives a social brewing process with offering individual tastes. Designed according to usage of six people, it allows to different tastes such as plain, medium and sweet with its cooking units seperated for each cup. By combining the modern and traditional with its modular design and cooking technology, it offers a social coffee break experience. Due to its induction conduction cooking technology, Köpük does not burn the user’s hand and work without a cup on it.

Discovery Turkish Coffee Culture It forces you to stop and rest Teaches patience Makes you relax Encourages conversation

Turkish Coffee Culture Cooking on Cup Pour Water into Turkish Coffee Cup Add Turkish coffee Add sugar Let coffee boil Serve Turkish coffee

ERM Session


Details Ortographic View


Part Cooker A


Section AA’

Part Counter B Section BB’




SALE Personal Project February 2016

Migros Sale Stand

Project Brief Sale aims to show the sales of the market in outdoor for the customers. It is designed to change the ads easily and fastly day to day, so Sale holds five pages for every part. To reflect the brand identity of the market, Sale has different colour options and logo part which can also direct the market to the customers.


Colour Options

MUSHROOM Personal Project June 2012 Chess Set with Different Materials

Project Brief Mushroom is designed according to analysis of the meaning of chess pieces and reinterpretation. By reflecting historical and hierarcihal background of chess game, created authentic and natural sense with its material of mushroom.

Discovery Understanding of Chess? Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. Each player begins the game with 16 pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns.

Finalization Realization


B-BOX Personal Project Februrary 2016 Packaging Design

A-PORT Personal Project Februrary 2016 Packaging Design

Project Brief Veterinaries deals with many problems in their working process, especially for their interaction with their patients, pet owners, suppliers.

VET ‘S Personal Project March 2016 UX Case Study Service Design for Veterinaries

Vet’s is mobile app, is designed for veterinaries, but it also can be used by pet owners and suppliers. It aims to ease and increase the communication of them. For every type of user, there is a specific design based on user research and analysis. Vet’s makes veterinary’s work easier, safer and faster while increasing the pet owner’s satisfaction.


E-mail Sifre

Giris Yap Şifremi Unuttum

Facebook ile Giris Yap Kayıt Ol

User Profile User Profile Veterinaries serving in middle-income neighborhood Age 20 -40 Region Şişli, İstanbul, Turkey Working Hours 09:00 - 18.00 In urgent situations, they can stay on shift. During the user research process, I conducted face to face interviews with veterinaries to understand their problems, needs and expectations. In general, I focused their routine, tasks, customer profiles and usual problems.

Interaction Diagram

Patient’s Relative Patient’s Relative


Veterinary Supplier

User Journey Routine of Veterinary Based on user research, the map shows the interaction of different users each other.

Cleaning Pet Care Routine Controls ( Needle, Drug)

No Appointment Unexpected situation for doctor

Patients comes. -With appointment -Without appoinment

Pet Owner comes for examination

Pet owner leaves happy or unhappy. Telling other people. With Appointment - Cure - Procedures - Patient expectations for process

Pet Owner forgets not to eat her/his pet. -Waiting for it -Resheculed for it.

New Pet Owner


- Giving personal information - Giving pet’s information and history

- Registration - Patient History - Trust Problem

Pet Owner Supplier

Giving information and contacting her/him veterinary

Doctor cures the patients. - Stock is decreasing.

Getting necessary information from oatient or contacting their veterinary

If there is not patient history or if it is wrong, cure can be wrong. Telling wrong drug name or forgiving allergy of pet - Pet’s healt in danger.

If pet owner doesn’t know veterinary enough, he/she doesnt practice the suggestions. Pet owner wants to learn about veterinary

Doctor can suggest a specific process or drug.

Time of other patients for drug -Doctor can forgive them.

Pet owner wants to learn about this process or drug.

Pet owner calls the veterinary to get information about her / his pet .

Pet owner wants to get information fastly .

Pet owner comes to to pair of her / his pet. -Asking to veterinary to reach another pet owner

Pet owner comes to to pair of her / his pet. -Asking to veterinary to reach another pet owner Pet owner is nervous because of reaching proper someone and waiting it.

User Journey Afternoon is rush-hour. Veterinary continue to take care of patients.

If veterinary doesnt reach to supplier, there is problem for te stock.

If stock is finished, patient will suffer from this.

Urgent patient comes, - Veterinary in surgery.

Veterinary noticed taht his/her stock is decresing. -Reaching to supplier Supplier controls his/her stock. - Note taking the necessary number and adress to send someone.

Veterinary doesnt know when supplier arrive.

Supplier confused the adress or number. - Waste of time

After the working hours of veterinary , patient calls.

Veterinary doesn’t answer pet owner’s calls.

There is an urgent situation, but pet owner doesnt know which veterinary is open.

Pet owner can not reach to veterinary to get an appointment Veterinary answer the phone. -Request of appointment -Urgent situation Pet owner learns which veterinary clinic is open.

Results According to user journey map, I observed that three different interaction types; veterinary - pet owner, veterinary - supplier, pet owner - pet owner. The main problem is about communication of them. It seems that there is a need for a system design to increase and ease of interaction of users for control of process and time.

Information Architecture

System Design Based on user research and analysis, I conducted an information architecture map to understand what I need for my system design. According to expectations and needs of different users from process, I decided to 3 different login type. After choosing user type, system offers different usage scenarios. So I decided to every page of app according to basic needs. However, my main focus is to increase productivity of veterinary and ease veterinary services process for them.

Information Architecture Veterinary

Pet Owner Add Pet Owner Pet Owners Pet Owners Profile Add Pet Pets

Add Veterinary Map Show Veterinaries Urgent

Message Map

Orders Add An Order Waiting Orders Order

Search for Pet Adoption Find A New Home for Pet Search for Night Veterinary

Add Supplier Supplier Order

Find A Pet-Mate Search Closest Veterinary




Add Veterinary Take an Appointment Veterinary Profile




Pet Owner


Notifications Profile

Notifications Profile

Scenario Login Flow

Veterinary Scenario My Program Flow

Veterinary Scenario My Pet Owners Flow

Veterinary Scenario My Suppliers Flow

Veterinary Scenario My Suppliers Flow

Veterinary Scenario

Pet Owners Scenario Notifications Flow

Veterinary Flow

Map Flow

Suppliers Scenario Veterinary Flow

Order Flow



handekaragoz@@ +90 555 460 0006

Hande Karagöz Industrial Design Portfolio