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A guest is a ver y impor tant person and wor thy o f the best ser vice we can give him. He buys our food , our func tion space , our rooms and other ser vices that we o ffer. In essence , he provides the money for operating e x penses , wages , our tips and the purchases o f this ho tel , which makes our employment possible . His wish is our command. A guest is no t an interruption to our work . He is the purpose o f it . We are not doing him a favour by ser ving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the oppor tunit y to satisf y his needs . A guest is no t ano ther name on our book s , a cold statistic . He is a human being with feelings and emo tions like our own, with likes and dislikes , biases and pre judices . A guest is no t someone to argue or match wits with. You can not win an argument with a guest . If you win, we as ver y few people like to be proven wrong , or have their judgment questioned. Prove a guest wrong and he may go to our compe titor. A guest is a person who brings us his wants . It is our job to ensure the satisfac tion o f the guest in a manner pro f itable to him and ourselves . Winning his interest , respec t , admiration, and goodwill by our e xcellent ser vice will do much to encourage his future patronage . A guest is willing to pay fairly for the ser vices he receives . He doesn›t want to be overcharged or under ser ved. The be tter the ser vice rendered to him, the more positive will be his attitude towards our ho tel , and the greater your personal rewards and satisfac tion. A s a result , the guest will always come back . A guest is the reason for our e x istence . Keeping this in mind will help bring success to our ho tel and to us as employees .


In Hyatt ever y employee is e x pec ted to provide our guests with a consistent e x perience ever y time they come to our ho tel. In each hotel , that e x perience should be consistent with our brand o f Hyatt , Re genc y, Grand , Park or Resor t . O f the many things that an employee is e x pec ted to do, there are some that you have to pu t right at the top o f the list . These standards are rele vant to e ver y brand o f Hyatt in ever y countr y. They are the signature ser vice and produc t standards for which we want to be known on a global basis and which se t us apar t from the compe tition. These standards are:

Greet Guests Warmly

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