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Monday night


Homework week of October 24, 2011 Chapter 5.4 Applying Measures of Central Tendency pg 211.

Math Answer question 1

Tuesday night


Please read "The Raven"b by Edgar Allan Poe. Pay attention to the side notes, which makes reference to the poetic devices and special words used withing the poem. After reading the poem, please write a brief 1 paragraph summary of the poem.

Wednesday night


Please study for your Science test as per Mr. Fitzgerald's direction.

Thursday night

Friday night


Complete BLM 4 and 5 in your FULLY ALIVE notebook. (Emotion Poem and Problem Solving) There is a list of emotions that you can reference on the back of BLM 5. Ensure that you answer the problem using full sentences to justify your answers.

No School Today. PA Day

Other: ON November 2nd, the grade 8's will visit St. Stephen's High School in Bomanville as a part of their Grade 8 orientation program. More details and permissions forms to follow.

homework oct 24  

homework of the week

homework oct 24  

homework of the week