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Name: ______________Due Date: Monday October 11, 2010


Total Possible marks: 55 You may hand write or type your report. Clearly label each section in your submission. Pa rt A

ART (10 marks)

Your idea for the art for this novel, include title and author: a) a new cover for the book or b) a soundtrack CD cover

Pa r t B 1. (1 mar k)

What type of book is this?

(science fiction, sports, biography, mystery, fantasy, adventure, non-fiction )

2. (1 mar k) Rank the reading level: ✑✎ Where’s the dictionary?! ✒✎ Pretty challenging! ✓✎ Learned some new vocabulary! ✔✎ No problem! ✕✎ Too easy for me!! 1. (1 mar k) Level of Enjoyment:






(5 = The Best EVER!!)

3. (8 mar ks) List and define 4 new words from your novel (if there weren’t any, the book was too easy for you)!! 4. (5 mar ks) Give a written description of the setting(s) in your novel. Even if you can’t be very specific, you can give a general idea or image. For example, when/where does the story take place? Describe things important to the environment of the story.

Pa r t C 1. (12 marks) Write a description of the plot the author developed in your novel. Write it in essay form on lined paper or publish it on the computer, and include it with this assignment. Use the following outline to give you ideas if you like (1 – 1.5 pages). MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SUBT I T L ES FOR EAC H SECT ION. A) P roblem


- main conflict throughout the novel

gives us reason to keep reading – What’s going to happen?

B) Rising Action what

- events that happen in the story to significantly


will happen in the story (be sure to include a few things characters do to try to solve the problem - be sure to tell why the events were so important C) Climax

D) Solution

- problem is confronted “head on” - conflict is resolved from this point on - what the author has been leading up to - usually the highest point or most exciting part of the



- how did everything get sorted out in the end? What were the characters (and you the reader) left feeling?

Pa r t D. 1. (1 mar k) Who was the main character in the novel?

2. (6 mar ks) Give 2 characteristics or personality traits of this character and support each with 2 quotes from the book. Be sure to give a page reference.

Pa r t E Li tera ry Devices (5 mar ks): Find 2 examples of literary devices discussed in class in your novel. 1. Name the device used and give an example of this device by quoting the story. Be sure to give the page reference. 2. Explain how each device made the story effective Pa r t F (5 marks) Provide a bibliography of your book.

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