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WELCOME Hannah Busbys work is described as simple, sophisticated, with a hint of seduction, that extends to a range of different avenues such as photo shoot styling, graphic design and layout as well as brief interior design and visual merchandising. Her strengths and interests lay in graphic design and layout with all her works including a surprise and delight component that makes her work likeable and captivating. Through finding herself as a designer during her studies, all her projects she has worked on are different, unique and push her creative energy so that she makes fresh and innovative work, no matter the project she is pursuing. Through all her younger years Hannah was always interested in the fashion world and has grown up with having the opportunities to study fashion design. Through these years she realised her potential and decided to move to Sydney to tame her hunger for her love of fashion. Through internships and work experience, Hannahs interest in fashion magazines and graphic layout cultivated and through her final year of study she created this book. This book represents Hannah as a stylist, graphic designer and an accomplished designer. Thank you to all who helped me through this process.

COLOUR AND PRINT The Clash is a photo shoot that is based on the current trend of colour and print clash, which is derived from the 70s. The vibrance of colour is explored with different textures and style to create an edgy, 70s inspired photo shoot.

m o d e l - a l e x a n d r a wa l l a c e photo grapher - lee nutter hair and makeup - stephen coppin stylist - hannah busby

DESIGN COLLECTION “The female form has been the catalyst for my ongoing fascination with the way in which fabric can create a desired persona. It can not only emphasise or hide, but also manipulate the body. This collection is modern adaptation of the traditional Japanese art of Shibori. Constant experimentation triggered my fascination with the way in which the fabric can be manipulated into organic forms, which enthrall the body in an elegant display of light and shadow.


model - gior gia from pr icillas photo grapher - r yan peter hair and makeup - jake mccall stylist - hannah busby

PASTEL MEETS SPORTSLUXE Light On Her Feet photo shoot is based on the current trends of pastel and sportsluxe and mixing them into one. These two trends enhance femininity and adds an edge with sportswear. Based on Ralph Lauren inspiration mixed with a modern day woman.

model - madeline king at the a gency photo grapher -

stephen kear ney

hair and makeup - jake mccall s t y l i s t - h a n n a h b u s b y, cour tney

mcinnes and rachael odea

MINIMALIST ROCKER Rock Baby is based on the trend of minimalist rocker, which is derived from the alternative 80s rock era. This photoshoot showcases how to wear this trend of shoulder pads, leather, studs and the staple colour black. This photo shoot is how to add a bit of Kurt Cobahn with a modern twist to your outfits.

model - sophy jones photo grapher - lee nutter hair and makeup - steven coppin stylist - hannah busby c o n t r i b u t o r s - d e s i g n e r e m m a c a r t m e l fo r e v e n i n g g ow n

NEON The ‘Colour me bad’ photo shoot is derived from the recent trend of the colour neon. This is derived from the 80’s where the more colour the better, however it has been modernised. Keeping to the rule of colour blocking while adding elements of a neon lip or nail adds 2012 into this trend.

model - kaitlin harasta hair and makeup - steven coppin photographer - stephen kearney stylist - hannah busby

VENICE CARNIVAL This photo shoot is based on the traditional elements of Venice Carnival this being lace, masks, pearls, cloaks and feathers. Royalties from all over the world used to travel to this event as the aim of the festival was anonymity. This allowing everyone to get up to mischievous, naughty things, with who ever they wanted and get away with it. Angel Flight is seductive and alluring for all the wrong reasons.

model - jade randall hair and makeup - steven coppin photographer - lee nutter stylist - hannah busby

VENICE CARNIVAL This photo shoot is based on the present representation for Venice Carnival. More recently Carnival has been introduced to popular culture and is based on inspiration of characters. This adds characteristics to the Venice Carnival as there has been many adaptations to the costume of carnival, more focus on fantasy.

model -christy young hair and makeup - rebecca henry photographer - lee nutter stylist - hannah busby


This is my creative styling portfolio

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