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Hanaya Inc Now Introduces all New Range of Damping Hinges for Industries Hanaya Inc., an acclaimed hinges manufacturer now introduces all new range of damping hinges. The company aims at giving best quality products with perfection. Their designs are practical exemplification of excellence in manufacturing. A hinge is a type of bearing that connects two solid objects. It restricts the movement allowing only a limited angle of rotation between the solid objects. Hinges can be made of flexible material or of moving components. A hinge operates either using friction or works on damping; an effect that reduces the amplitude of oscillations in an oscillatory system. Damping hinge ideally caters no frictions; this ensures complete rotation for instance a horizontal cabinet door with a damping hinge at the top. When the door is released it will close slowly with gravity and leave the door perfectly vertical. A representative from company while discussing their friction hinge design stated, “Friction hinges have traditionally been used in the computer industry for laptops, LCD displays, and electronic equipment that needs controlled positioning. However, there are newer markets where friction hinges can be used to replace for gas springs and regular frictionless hinges.� These designs can be used in a wide variety of industries like marine, medical, automotive, aerospace or common devices that requires controlled motion. The company’s products are supported by various industry leaders. It allows them to understand how a friction or damping hinge can improve the quality of their products while cutting the cost. About Hanaya, Inc.:Hanaya, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of friction hinges used in many commercial and industrial applications, including electronics, medical, marine, automotive and home products. Our friction hinges have been engineered and tested to provide smooth consistent torque over life. We have a standard line of friction hinges ranging in torque from 0 to over 100 in lb (0 to over 11 N.m). In addition to our standard line of products, we also work with our customers to produce semi-custom or fully custom hinges solutions to fit their OEM applications. Hanaya produces friction hinges for HP, Dell, Sony and a wide variety of OEM customers around the world. With our team of engineers in the US and the manufacturing capabilities in Asia, Hanaya, Inc. is has become the leader in the motion and friction hinge industry. We are committed to provide unique and unconditional services to all our customers. For more information visit Phone: - 1-888-544-6437 or 1-904-285-7575 Email: - SALES@HANAYAINC.COM

Hanaya Inc Now Introduces all New Range of Damping Hinges for Industries