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How Technology Influenced Exploration By: Hana Schulz

Technology, majorly changed over the years. Without technology explorers got lost, really lost, falling off of the edge of the world lost. Exploration helped us find things or even be where we are today. One of the first navigation tools were, the loadstone. It has the same job as the compass, but was not as well planned out as the compass. The load stone is simply used by, placing the magnetic stone in the water then stick a needle in, and wait for it to face north. Although, it does not always work. When you are on a wavy sea, it tips and turns causing the water to swish around to make the stone swish around in it so north is may, be wrong. The Greeks were also busy bees. They invented the astrolabe! The astrolabe was the very first computer! An astrolabe has the job of solving problems related to, the time and position of the sun and stars. It was very helpful to the explorers, incase they became lost. It was a back up solution. The Romans continued to build on the knowledge of the Greeks. After those two inventions, there was the DARK AGES! Everyone was just trying to stay alive! Everyone gave up, they quit, they stuck to the same equipment for hundreds and hundreds of years till the next tool was invented, by the Chinese in the year1100. They made the COMPASS! After that ideas exploded! There was the cross staff! The back staff! The chronometer, gyroscope and radar! The cross staff helps you see the angle distance between the stars. To measure the angle between two stars, you would have to place the cross staff just below one of your eyes and slide the cross part up and down. This allowed the explorers to know how far north and south they were. Navigation tools changed the world. Technology changed the world... The black ages changed the world! Explorers changed the world! HISTORY CHANGED EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!

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