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Rubber Lunch "OMG! This sausage bounces!"

You've all tried those rubber sausages, the ones that you can endlessly play with. The ones that you can punish someone with! It's the RUBBER SAUSAGE! And the pizza! Don't make me start talking about that! " This pizza is cardboard!" a student at ASIJ says. "and this hot dog is a bouncy ball!" this all started last week when Maya Wendel was blurting out random questions, one of them was..... "I wonder if this sausage bounces?!" later that lunch in the ASIJ cafeteria, Annaliese Wan dropped her hotdog by accident and guess what! Maya screams... "It does!!! A bouncy sausage!!!" and there goes the sausage..... Roll... Boing boing! Roll... boing boing! Are the cafeteria ladies eating all the good stuff and replacing it with bouncy balls? Some people like the food at schools! But, they don't know what kind of toxic the lunch ladies put in the food! But, To tell the truth, sometimes school lunch is good. "I personally think that some foods are good like.... Beef curry" Hanae Betsuyaku says. "but I HATE the hotdog, hamburgers, and chicken nuggets... I think the portions are just a huge plate of disgusting stuff" she adds later. 16.666%... in the class 5Mu hates it, 50% people thinks it's okay, and. 33.3333%... people like it! Those 6 people are slobs! How can they eat all of that? A school in San Francisco, serves kids food from plastic bags! Imagine all of those chemicals! Gross! Dishes like beef chili are loaded with fat! Double gross! No wonder Americans are fat! It also claims,high-fructose corn syrup, the sweetener was found in ketchup, chocolate milk, corn flakes, and a prefabricated

grilled cheese that is heated and served in the plastic bag it comes in! Triple gross! When they serve pizza, azodicarbonamide and blending ingredients datem and sodium stearoyl lactylate are still in it! We have got to put an end to this! Now!

Annaliese wan gaging after a bite of hot dog caught on camera.

Hanae Betsuyaku looking at her nuggets. Caught on camera.

Rubber Lunch  

Bad food, it is poisining