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What To Do In Margaret River

Margaret River is a famous vacation spot in Wa. It is a pity that you head to Australia without traveling to Margaret River. There are a lot of things to do once you go to this stunning town. This place will make your trip become an unforgettable and exciting one.

Margaret River gathers more than 150 caves. Some of them are the most special and spectacular caves in Australia including Augusta cave. You will feel extremely great as soon as you observe these caves face to face.

One of the reasons exactly why you ought to go to Margaret River is that this town will allow you to enjoy a truly magical experience - whale watching. It is extremely famous for being one of the few places in the world where you are able to see huge whales. From June to September, a lot of whales pass through Margaret River to feed, breed and play. Consequently, if you like dolphins and whales, it is a great time to visit this town. You can be one of the happiest and luckiest people over the world due to the fact that you can view these animals directly.

Few places are suitable for producing wine due to the fact that there are few places which are ideal for vine. Luckily, Margaret River is one of such areas. You are able to see many huge fields of grape vine in this area. It becomes one of the world’s wonderful fine wine areas. When you visit Margaret River, you can drink much world class wine at bars and restaurants. Moreover, its food is really delicious. It is certain that you will have an opportunity to enjoy fantastic meal with local cheeses, fruity pickles, fresh marron and olive oil. Most of them are made by Australia’s most well-known chefs.

If you enjoy surfing, it is best to go to Margaret River to enjoy this fascinating sport. In fact, this area has attracted numerous people who love surfing from over the world. It is really famous for being a great place for surfing. In order to enjoy stunning surf, you need to visit Margaret River in winter and spring.

Margaret River is also an ideal area for events. Consequently, if you like to discover the culture of Western Australia, this town surely gives you a lot of choices. In addition, there are many choices of apartments here. It is easy for you to find out wonderful Margaret River Hotel to have a wonderful vacation here.

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What to do in margaret river