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Digital Daylight Assignment The driving concept behind my scheme is that one element (The ‘block’ over the river) is very public, and will be heavily glazed to the front and the back encouraging people to pass through the building and create a relationship to the street and beyond to the river. The second element or ‘block’ of my scheme is the library, where i want to control the light much more and create areas where it is the quality of light that is important. Windows are placed not to give the opportunity of a view over the river but instead the view is denyed using a two wall strategy (fig2) letting only light in, thus allowing the libraryuser to experience the quality of the light for reading without the distraction of the view. Instead few select views will be placed in other parts of the library where there is a different feel altogether, for my study i want to create a calm environment. fig.1

For reading suggested lighting levels are between 300-500 LUX. (3-5% daylight factor in the UK) fig.2


Reading Area Bookshelves

Reading lux Levels

Requires more lighting

Ground Floor North Side fig.3

Hannah Barnsley WSA2

The top two pictrues to the left are the imaes obtained from my ligting model two and the bottom two are early rederings of the space on 3D Studio Max (all have the lighting situation of 11am May). After modeling the space on the computer i made a few changes to my physical model the main one being the small skylight on the north to help light up the wall, The idea being that the concrete ecomes a feature of the space and the slither of light emphasises the control of the light within this block. Materials ; Floor- wooden flooring Walls- grey concrete Ceiling- White paint matt finish

I think that physical modelling shows the space more effectively and i particularily like the way that the light bounced off the ceiling to the East just behind the two wall strategy. The light at the east draws you from the circulation space, through the bookshelves and to the calm well lit space to the east. Hannah Barnsley WSA2

How has this Helped? The two wall strategy that i have developed can be taken and now be addapted for the use on the upper floors. Because of the triple height space the series of two walls is entirely shifted to the west to give a similar space but on the edge of the first and second floors.

Working Area

Reading Area

From the analysis of LUX levels on 3D Studio Max i decided that there needed to be more light in the circulation space of my building, and so by bringin the floor back on the first and second floor i can drop light in from the top. The roof lights will correspond to the working areas on the east edge of my design


Artificial Lighting? The artificial lighting will be in the centre of my plan in strips where the bookshelves are found Bookshelves

This is a rendering of the inside of my space at nightime, notice how the artificial lighting ends where the space will be naturally lit in the day, this is so that, particularily in the working space to the east all of the lighting is natural, because studies have indicated that natural light is better for your health and i find it particularily calming compared to artificial lighting which can sometimes be overpowering.

Hannah Barnsley WSA2

Lighting Analysis  

Lighting analysis of Library+, WSA year 2.

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