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The Flower Pavillion 'Earth laughs in flowers.' - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Hannah Barnsley Jasneil Panesar Eric Wong Helen Yuan Parley Yin

The Site

The Site

Strong focus on flowers within the site

Precedents Studies

Metropol Parasol Seville City Square Hides the interior space Recreational walkway

Markus Heinsdorff Pavillions Design and technical possibilities of bamboo in Asia Simple basic form derived from sophisticated structure Support structures Translucent membranes Atmospherically luminous environments


Deployable Roof Structure? To create a variable atmosphere Control ventilation

The roof can collect rainwater through the central mast and be recycled/distributed for watering flowers.

The Design

Early process work

Regularity V Irregularity ‘‘The form will represent nature, it will not be literal’




Small Gallery


Large Gallery






4 Pavillions Large Gallery Bookshop/cafe Small Galery Toilets/services

The pavillions will minimise overshadowing

Site Map


Views Air circulation/ Ventilation Light Air Circulation Light


Summer use: Chimney effect Hot air rises

Winter use: Ventilation decreased Heat retained Hot air

Cold air

Roof up

Roof down

Variable Roof Structure

Roof Plan

Certain panels will be flexible And able to open up to create focused views Create a space adaptable to external conditions

Petals can be opened or closed

Closed petal

Open petal

Detail of deployable panels

Detail of panel-floor connection

Opportinity for 360 degree views

Existing Chinese pavillion

Art Gallery


Flower garden

Panels adjusted according to site



Section AA

Elevation looking west (from east)

Elevation looking north (from south)


Lighting Analysis Large Gallery

Daylight Factor   All  panels  closed   Average  Value    2.33%  

Daylight Factor   With  2  panels  at  10  ⁰  Incline   Average  Value    4.76%  

Daylight Factor   With  3  panels  at  15  ⁰  Incline   Average  Value    4.95%  

Internally Reflected Light With 3 panels at 15 â ° Incline Average Value of 1.83%

Spring Equinox    -­‐  21st  March,  11:30  

Autumn Equinox    -­‐  21st  September  ,  11:30  

Summer Sols?ce    -­‐  21st  June  ,  11:30  

Winter Sols?ce  –  21st  December  ,  11:30  

Construction and Materiality

Exploded Construction Roof constuction Central mast Tensile cords Membrane/canvas

Petals Wooden boards

Glazing Low E glass

Frame structure Hollow steel

Pavillions during the day

Pavillions at night

Bookshop/Cafe interior

Large Gallery interior

Small Gallery Interior Shown as an open space


Flower Pavillion  

A portfolio of the short project i did whilst on exchange in Tianjin, China.