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Annual Report

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Front Cover: arial view of Hanalani campus. Mr. Sugimoto crowning the Queen of Lei Day & awarding diplomas during the 2011 graduation.

As we reflect back on the 2010-2011 school year, my heart overflows with gratitude for the support, prayers, kindness, and generosity of the Hanalani Ohana. We, on the Hanalani campus, have the wonderful privilege of investing our talents and energies in the most precious of lives every day of the school year. That is not to say that the day-to-day task is easy; quite the contrary, each day is full of challenges and opportunities. The Hanalani Ohana is a marvelous source of strength and encouragement. Our Ohana extends beyond the campus, beyond the sandy shores of Oahu, and across the mighty Pacific Ocean. Knowing that our Ohana believes in and partners with the administration, faculty, and staff empowers us to be our best for the Lord, the children, and their families. Mahalo for supporting our first Royal Fund, which is making a difference in the lives of our students and the life of our school. As the economy continues to challenge the school and our families, we remain prudent stewards of the funds that we have received —we take a “kids-come-first” approach in providing financial assistance to qualifying families in need. Because of your partnership and generosity, we are able to continue to address campus needs and improve the learning environment and program for the children. Some of the Royal Fund donations supported professional development. Thank you for investing in our teachers. Because we understand that great teachers are the key to a great program, we encourage continual learning through seminars, webinars, and professional literature and challenge our faculty to refine their God-given talents and passions. For the past several years, we have sent a handful of teachers to mainland seminars. They return to the island full of ideas and inspiration. Our teachers are incredibly busy, but they are committed to learning and growing. Our major project for the year is to install a photovoltaic (PV) system. Our vision is to lessen our dependence on electricity and increase our reliance on the powerful rays of the sun. The challenge is the cost of such a system; it appears that a 10-year lease is the most we can do at this time. On another note, what a fantastic opportunity to teach our students about renewable energy and being good stewards of our environment! Mahalo again for your partnership, generosity, and prayers. God is truly good. It is a privilege to invest our energies in young lives.

Mark Y. Sugimoto Head of School

Mission Statement Our primary mission is to train the children “of the household of faith” (Galatians 6:10) and provide opportunities for all children to hear and receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. From a Biblical foundation, we strive to develop studentʼs intellectual, emotional, and spiritual capacities in a wide variety of fields and to lead students to a deeper worship of God and a closer conformity to the image of Christ.

About Hanalani In 1952, Kingʼs Gospel Center purchased property in developing Wahiawa to create a church and school, giving birth to Kingʼs Schools. Two decades later the schoolʼs expansion created a need for a larger campus. In 1973, Kingʼs Schools was incorporated as an independent, non-profit organization aptly named “Hanalani Schools” —“Hana” meaning Work, and “Lani” meaning Heaven. In 1983, the new high school moved to the Mililani campus and the school has been growing ever since. Hanalani Schools is an independent, Christian day school. It is non-denominational and Protestant. A Bible-centered curriculum provides the most effective means and environment to educate the total child mentally, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The schoolʼs primary purpose is to see each student accept Christ as personal Savior and disciple their heart by promoting and inspiring their hearts toward Biblical standards of living. The school strives to provide a Hanalani graduate who is a wise person, a balanced individual, a maturing Christian, and a productive citizen.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2010-2011 Regional Accreditation Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC) Hawaii Association of Independent Schools (HAIS) Hawaii Council of Private School (HCPS)

Daniel Kokubun PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD Les Lippincott VICE PRESIDENT Mark Y. Sugimoto SECRETARY/TREASURER William Hopper Charles A. Lee Terry Rotz Lily Sugimoto

(Above) Mr. Wallace Sugimoto, founder of Hanalani Schools, with his 7th grade class in 1960. (Below) A first grade class in 1974.


Servant Leadership This school year, I have really been learning a lot about servant leadership, especially through serving my society. Being a part of the Lambs, we have a really big group to organize. All of the officers have to have a lot of patience with their peers and that is a really important characteristic of a servant.

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Faculty/Staff Parents Board Member

Grandparents Friends of Hanalani Organizations

Area of Most Need Fine Arts Athletics

Scholarship Professional Development Technology



Mark Y. Sugimoto Head of School

Mark Y. Sugimoto Head of School

Winston Sakurai Upper School Principal

Nancy Cowley Admissions Director

Gwendolyn Nakamoto Elementary Principal/Early Childhood Director

Cindy De Lizo Development Director

Bonnie Lee Elementary Vice Principal

Susanna Robinson Marketing Coordinator Dean Trondle Finance & Operations Director

Even though this year has barely begun, my mindset has already changed. I have starting thinking about others first and of ways that I can help the other members of my society instead of just doing things to benefit myself. Learning about servant leadership has also taught me that I need to really start looking to God and rely on Him. He is the ultimate Leader and I need to go to Him for guidance and leadership. I have also learned about servant leadership through Junior/ Senior Leadership Camp. This camp really impacted my outlook on life and made me see that others really are starting to look up to me, as an upperclassman. In Mark 9, Jesus continuously tells the disciples that the greatest leader must first be the greatest servant. Jesus, the greatest Leader, washed His own disciples’ feet, a job reserved for the lowest servant of all. As a servant leader, I also need to be willing to be a “rope holder.” The background story to this is in Mark 2, when four men get together and help their paralyzed friend by lowering him down from the rooftop to see Jesus. A rope holder should be resilient, opportunistic, passionate, and evangelistic. As a servant leader, I need to put others and God before myself, and seize every opportunity to lead others to my very own Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. by Cricket DeLoach Junior

2010-11 ROYAL FUND DONORS Mrs. Roxanne Abe Mr. and Mrs. Gary Abeshima Mr. and Mrs. Ediepolo C. Acierto Ms. Natalie Afalava Miss Wendy Ah Quin Mr. and Mrs. Scott Akana Ms. Dina P. Alcantara Alexander & Baldwin Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ancheta Anonymous Pastor and Mrs. Leslie Araki Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Arcena Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Arellano Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ares Mr. and Mrs. Reynato D. S. Arquines Mr. and Mrs. Davyne Asato Mr. Curtis Au and Mrs. Rochelle Chung-Au Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Au Mrs. Diana Baba Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Baker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Britt Bayles Mr. and Mrs. Hilario A. Beltran Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Bevacqua Mr. and Mrs. Charles Block Miss Karli Boe Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Booth Mr. and Mrs. D'Jeremy Borgonia Mr. Jimmy Breseno Mr. and Mrs. George Briggles Mrs. Zadoc Brown Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Cambra II Mr. and Mrs. Richard Camilon Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Dan Carlson Mr. and Mrs. David Carona Mr. and Mrs. Michael Casem Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Caseria

Mr. and Mrs. Jeromy Castro Mr. Jeremy Caudill Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Char Mr. and Mrs. David Chee Mr. Chenfu Chiang Mr. and Mrs. Jon Chilcote Ms. Elaine Chiu Ms. Cynthia A. Chong Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery K. Chong Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Chong Mr. and Mrs. Lester Chong Mr. and Mrs. Carl Chu Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Chun Mrs. Jamie R. Chung Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ciparro Mrs. Wendy Ciparro Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Clay Miss Rachel Cochran Condominium Fiscal Management, Inc Miss Rachel Conner Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Cowan Miss Nancy Cowley MSgt and Mrs. Robert Crowley Mr. Arnel Daguio LCDR and Mrs. Roque Danas Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard De Lizo Mr. and Mrs. Jun L. de los Reyes Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Debina Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Demont Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn E. Denny Sr. Mr. Kenneth R. Des Laurier Mrs. Lindsey Dickinson Mrs. Patricia Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Chester Dods Mr. Ryan Domen Pastor and Mrs. Noel Mari Domingo Miss Carrie Duby Mr. Omar Dy and Mrs. Jane Averia

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Ebisu Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Eguchi Ms. Darlene Eguchi Mr. O'Niel Elder Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eligado Mr. & Mrs. Dave Eoute Mrs. Kristen Eoute Mr. and Mrs. William Erler Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Erolin Jr. Mrs. Leah Estrella Mr. and Mrs. Adel Etinas Mr. and Mrs. Allen Fahrni Mr. and Mrs. William Feldner Mr. and Mrs. John Feng First Hawaiian Bank Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Fournier Mr. and Mrs. Ranol H. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Arjay J. Franczyk Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frasier Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala Mr. Louis Fuentes Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Fujii Mr. and Mrs. Dean Fujimoto Mr. Blane Fujiwara and Ms. Elizabeth Ishii Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fujiwara Ms. Jean Fukeda Mrs. Hong Fang Gan Mr. and Mrs. Amado Garlitos Jr. Miss Marlene Gaston Miss Mayrose Gaston Mr. and Mrs. John C. Geppert Girl Scouts of Hawai'i Troop 388 Ms. Stephanie GoomanNakata Ms. Belinda Gouveia Mr. and Mrs. William E. Grannis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Gronwald LTC and Mrs. Rosendo Guieb Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Guitang

ROYAL FUND DONORS Mr. and Mrs. Philip Habegger Mrs. Lorian M. Hagihara Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Keoni Haole Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Harada Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Harrison Mr. Carl Hartmann Ms. Chantel Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. George Hee Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hiers Ms. Charlotte Higa Dr. and Mrs. Edward K. Higa Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hirano Mr. and Mrs. Newell Hirata Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Hirokane Mr. and Mrs. Jamie B. Holt Mr. and Mrs. Tony Holt Mr. and Mrs. Erwin T. Hoo Mr. and Mrs. Max Hopfe Pastor & Mrs. William Hopper Mr. and Mrs. George Hoshide Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hu Mr. and Mrs. Chun Keung Hui Mrs. Cindy Hui Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hulsebosch Mrs. Paula Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Guy T. Ikehara Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Imperial Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Iwamoto Mr. and Mrs. John Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Johan A. Johansen Mr. and Mrs. Takaaki Kajiwara Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kakigi Mrs. Lisa Kalahele Ms. Erica K. Kamanu Mr. and Mrs. Guy Kamealoha Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kashiwai Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kawamoto Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kawamura Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kawata Miss Cherell Keamo Mr. and Mrs. Jason P. Kershner

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kim Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Kimata Mr. and Mrs. Stanford P. Kim-Bustillos Mr. and Mrs. Davin Kubo Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kuhn Mr. and Mrs. Jared Kumasaka Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Kung Mr. Verlyn Kupukupu Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kuranishi Mrs. Hitoe Y. Lacagnina Mr. and Mrs. John Lam Ho Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Lam Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Laurion Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lazor Mrs. Sachiko Leaman Miss Barbie Lee Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Lee Mr. Charles A. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lee Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Lee Mr. and Mrs. William F. Lee III Mrs. Jamielee D. Leslie Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ling Pastor and Mrs. Les Lippincott III Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Litalien Mr. and Mrs. Fred Liva Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Lockwood Mrs. Gaylene Logan Mr. and Mrs. Richie Lonzaga Miss Christina Loo Mrs. Jamie Low Ms. Krystle L. Lum CDR and Mrs. Joseph Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Ma Mr. and Mrs. Pete Madrigal Mr. and Mrs. Mark Magno Ms. Shari Makinodan Mr. and Mrs. Mike Martin

STEM Lab Upgrades Understanding the quantum mechanical properties of carbon allotropes are just one of the many scientific learning objectives By Winston Sakurai that take place US Principal at Hanalani Schools. A recent focus of the Upper School is to develop and expand the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Academy to meet the needs of students. Recent equipment and technology upgrades in the classrooms have enhanced the program, and the next step of creating a professional workspace for students became the driving vision for the school this summer. The new STEM Lab merges elements of a professional laboratory with the traditional classroom instruction environment. With donations from the 2010-11 Royal Fund, new metal cabinetry and chemical-resistant epoxy resin countertops and sinks join the recently added plasma TV display, storage units and chemistry tables. The removal of the previous science stations opened up floor space to allow for furniture to be configured in multiple ways providing collaboration and brainstorming centers while also allowing for hands on laboratory experiments to be conducted. This new STEM laboratory provides opportunities for our students to collaborate and problem solve while also providing workspace to conduct sophisticated science experiments. We hope that our students will represent the best of Christian education by being equipped with the skills they need to be successful in college and their future careers.

ROYAL FUND DONORS Playground & iPads for Early Childhood The Early Childhood students came to school with varied emotions in anticipation of a new school year. But they were all excited to see our new playground structure, play house, climbing animals, and improved sandbox. The added canopy over the play structure made playing more comfortable for the students with less direct sun while enjoying the island breeze. Who knew the monkey bars would be such a big hit? The addition of the playhouse and climbing animals gave the students more playing choices. All these apparatuses allow our students to have fun while developing their motor skills and hand eye coordination. A special thank you to the Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation for their generous grant that made the new playground a reality, and for the many donors who contributed to the 2010-11 Royal Fund. In September, K3-K5 teachers received iPads for their classrooms. The teachers created an iPad learning center in addition to their other learning centers. Each class now has incorporated the iPad to aid in student learning. As the teachers find more applications that will enhance classroom learning they will introduce them to the students. The majority of the students are very comfortable with these iPads and want to do more. Students who were introduced to the iPad for the first time have caught on quickly to the concept! They are having fun using the iPads by tracing, matching, counting, listening, and reviewing colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and much more. Teachers and students are excited about the many opportunities the iPads bring to the classroom. by Gwendolyn Nakamoto EC Director/EL Principal

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Marvin Ms. Laura Marvin Mr. and Mrs. Dwaine Massey Mr. and Mrs. Mark Massey Mr. and Mrs. Robin Matsuda Mrs. Anakonia Matsumoto Mr. and Mrs. Kenkichi Matsuoka Mrs. Laura Matsuoka Mr. James McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Randy S. McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. McLemore Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mendoza Mr. and Mrs. Mark Milton Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Minaya Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William M. Mitchell Mrs. Lillian Miura MK Engineers Mr. Sean Mokuau and Mrs. Renee Kamisugi Mr. and Mrs. Jonnaven Monalim Miss Miray Mongeon CAPT and Mrs. Randall Moore Mrs. Sophia Moore Mr. Joshua Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Russell Mori Ms. Shelley Morisaki Mr. Glenn Morisawa Mr. Christopher Bayot and Mrs. Misuzu Moriuchi-Bayot Mr. and Mrs. Andres E. Mukk Mrs. Lynette S. Murakami Mr. and Mrs. Myles S. Murakami Mr. George Muraoka Mr. and Mrs. Timmothy Muraoka MW Group, Ltd. Miss Kimberly Myrmel Mr. and Mrs. Roger Nagata Mr. and Mrs. Lester Naito Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Nakabayashi Mr. and Mrs. Alan Nakagawa

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Nakahara Mrs. Gwendolyn K. Nakamoto Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Nakashima Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Nakayama Ms. Betty Napoleon Ms. Neelun Navarrete Mr. and Mrs. Wolfgang R. Neumann Mr. and Mrs. Merwyn M. Nihipali Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nii Mr. and Mrs. Neal Niiyama Mr. and Mrs. Guy Nishimoto Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Nishimoto Mr. and Mrs. Aaron T. Nozawa Mrs. Robin Nunes Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Obara Mr. and Mrs. Lance Ogata Mr. and Mrs. Travis Oka Mr. and Mrs. James Okada Mr. and Mrs. Michael Okamoto Mrs. Qinli Okamura Ms. Jane Okinaka Mr. and Mrs. David Okuma Mrs. Susan Okuma Mrs. Celeste A. Olivares Mrs. Wallace Oshiro Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Oyama Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pacpaco Dr. and Mrs. Hyun J. Paek Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pantil Ms. Soo Park Miss Carol Pepper Miss Karen Pester Miss Sarah Beth Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Chalermchai Phansaithong Mr. and Mrs. Gary Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Pike Mrs. Eiko B. Pomeroy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ralar Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Ramos Mr. Brian Reid and Mrs. PuriďŹ cacion Garcia

ROYAL FUND DONORS Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Relles Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Steve Robinson Mr. and Mrs. David Rodrigues Mr. and Mrs. William T. Rotz Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Saito Mr. and Mrs. Jon Sakamoto Mr. and Mrs. Satoru Sakata Ms. Leatrice Sakuma Mr. and Mrs. Winston Y. Sakurai Miss Janette Sallmen Mr. and Mrs. Chris Salter Mr. and Mrs. Sean Salter Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Santos Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Santos Mr. and Mrs. David Sarkine Mr. and Mrs. Mark Saruwatari Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Sato Mr. and Mrs. William Schaake Mr. and Mrs. Larry Secrist Mr. and Mrs. Russell Sekiya Mrs. Joy E. Shackles CDR and Mrs. Ronald Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sherrod Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shimabukuro Mrs. Lee Shinjo Mr. Rosei Shinsato Mr. Norris Shito Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Silva Dr. and Mrs. Ross Simafranca Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Small Mrs. Jenalyn Smith Miss Patricia Smith Ms. Charis-Ann F. Sole Mr. Michael Sonson Mrs. Irynne Stacey Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Steinbauer Mr. Igor Stojadinovic and Mrs. Darlesia Smith Miss Julie Stoker Mrs. Torrianne Sue-Remata Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sueyoshi Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sueyoshi Miss Alyse Y. Sugimoto

Miss Christine S. Sugimoto Mrs. Lily E. Sugimoto Mr. and Mrs. Mark Y. Sugimoto Mr. Nathan Sugimoto Miss Danielle Surface Miss Kimberly Sutton Miss Kathlene Suzuki Mr. and Mrs. Lance Tabe Mr. and Mrs. Lehneer A. Tactacan Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold M. Takata Mrs. Yvette Takemoto Miss Heather Talmage Mr. and Mrs. Lance Tam Ho Mr. and Mrs. Randall Tanaka Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Tanioka Mr. and Mrs. Ma'a Tanuvasa Mrs. Shannon M. Taparra Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Thayne Mr. and Mrs. Clint Tirpak Mr. and Mrs. David Townsend Mr. and Mrs. David Toyama Dr. and Mrs. Kien Tran Dr. and Mrs. Michael Trout Mr. and Mrs. Ned Trout Ms. Wendy Tsukuda Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tsutsui Ms. Renee H. Uehara Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ueunten Mr. and Mrs. Anson Urabe Mr. and Ms. Gregg Uwaine Mr. and Mrs. Paul Uyeda Mrs. Elsa V. Valentini Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Vanaman Ms. Takako Varney Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Vea Mr. and Mrs. Bob Villeza Dr. and Mrs. Gavino T. Vinzons Mr. and Mrs. David Vo Mrs. Corrine Wachi Mr. and Mrs. David Waite Ms. Miyoko Wakabayashi Miss Joy Wasmundt Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Watanabe

Engaged Students Excited, engaged students! That is what the Royal Fund has helped produce in the Elementary Division.   Our division used Royal Fund monies to place new picnic tables in our break area and eight iPads in first through third grade classrooms.   In September, students were excited to see five shiny picnic tables in our elementary playground and break area. During recess and after school care, they enjoy sitting at these tables to socialize with their peers as they munch on snacks or play games.  Grandparents and parents often partake in conversations, a book, or a snack throughout the school day at these new tables. First through third grade teachers incorporated the iPads into their learning centers during reading time. One first grade classroom makes sure that each student uses the device at least once a week. Students choose to engage in either a spelling or a math application. Another teacher has her students sign up on a board and wait their turn to use their iPad during center time. The teacher finds that the students can use the same application, Monkey Math, over and over and still remain engaged. She is excited that they are enjoying themselves while building a solid foundation of basic math skills. Royal Fund monies have made a direct, immediate, and visible impact in the Elementary Division. The fund has provided tools that help us enhance our students’ school experiences by giving them an improved break area and better ways to be enby Bonnie Lee gaged in their le EL Vice Principal learning. We are so blessed and thankful for all those who donate to our school’s Royal Fund!

Athletics Gets an Upgrade The Athletic Department was truly blessed this year through the generous giving of the Royal Fund. The AthKeoni Haole letic Department byAthletic Coach used the funds to create two meeting rooms for all athletic teams. The first meeting room in the Student Activities Center (SAC) was designed to be a team meeting area that would be Hanalani’s home locker room. This room is equipped with wood cabinets, steel shelves, training table, and an interactive projector. The wood cabinets and steel shelves provide much needed storage space for medical supplies, uniforms, and other athletic equipment, which allows for easier access, and also allows our team meetings to be more efficient because everything is in one location. The new training table helps coaches tape injuries faster and more efficiently. The interactive projector allows coaches to use various teaching and training methods and resources to develop players to their highest athletic potential. It also makes it easy to view game film and training videos on the internet with the entire team. The second meeting area is located in the lobby area in the SAC and was designed to be used for coaches’ meetings and as a visitors’ locker room. This room has a mounted big screen television used by coaches to formulate better game strategies by watching game film and training videos. Overall, the Royal Fund greatly benefited the athletic department. The equipment that was purchased has already positively impacted school spirit and the development of our student athletes. Thank you to all that donated money and time. We will continue to use the Royal funds to positively influence student athletes for Christ and improve our athletics program.

ROYAL FUND DONORS Mr. Steven K. Watanabe Mr. and Mrs. Glen Watase Miss Amy Webb Dr. Theresa Wee Dr. Marsha Wellein Miss Roni Wester Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Wetter Mrs. Amy Wharton Mr. Justin White Mr. and Mrs. Lee Williams Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Wimley Mrs. Joy Windham Mr. and Mrs. Lee Windham Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Wong

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Woo Mr. and Mrs. Bernardino Yagin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Yamaguchi Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Yamashiro Mr. and Mrs. Ed Yamauchi Mrs. Karene Yanagida-Hamai Mrs. Frances Yasui Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Yee Mr. and Mrs. Yoshiharu Yoshika Mr. Scott H. Yoshimura Mr. and Mrs. George Yoshishige Ms. Grace Yu-Cua

2011 PROJECT GRAD COMMUNITY DONORS Aloha Products Allstate Crown Pacific International, LLC First Hawaiian Bank Huangs Basil Product Hawaiian Waffledog Company Ironworkers Union Local 625 Matson Navigation Co. & Subsidiaries Mililani Auto Repair, LLC MK Engineering Tesoro Hawaii Corporation The Aire Conditioner Shoppe Watson Properties, Inc.

The Annual Report is published annually by Hanalani Schools. Every effort is made to ensure that the data reported is accurate and complete for the 20102011 fiscal year. If you note any errors or omissions please accept our sincere apology and contact the Development Office so that we can make appropiate corrections. The fiscal year covered in this report is from August 1, 2010 through July 30, 2011. Any gifts received afer July 30, 2011 will be acknowledged with aloha in next yearʼs Annual Report.

FOUNDATIONS Atherton Family Foundation Capital Campaign Grant First Hawaiian Bank Foundation Capital Campaign Grant The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Scholarship Grant Hawaii Community Foundation Schools of the Future (SOTF) Grant Hawaii Police Department Transportation Grant KISS Robotics Institute Travel Grant (Botball team travel to competition) Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation Capital Campaign Grant (EC Playground)

P.E. Department The PE Department purchased a variety of sport and activity equipment to increase by Richard De Lizo the equipmentP.E. Dept. Head to-student ratio, promote maximum student participation, and provide new teaching objectives and replaced old and worn out equipment. New P.E. equipment includes footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, softballs, softball gloves, softball bats, volleyballs, and dodge balls. Also activity equipment that will generate new teaching objectives includes scooter boards, juggling cubes, large activity balls, “Character-Ed” playground sets, pop-up soccer goals, jump ropes, and table tennis pack. The students are very excited by the new things they get to play with and learn, and the teachers are looking forward to challenging their students even more in their physical development.


Fine Arts Department

In the summer of 2011, Hanalaniʼs Botball team flew to California to compete in the International Botball Tournament. The team had a mission in mind: to defend their championship title from the previous year.

The Fine Arts Department was privileged to receive a pug mill with the Royal Fund donations. This pug mill comes at a critical time as we are in need of “reclaiming” much of our clay. This machine will enable the clay classes to reuse clay. In the process of ceramics much clay goes to waste, which is normal when practicing clay work. In an effort to increase our efficiency we requested the pug mill to mix all that waste clay back into usable clay. In a normal ceramics class we can go through 500-600 pounds of clay per semester! Much of this clay is unusable due to practice or mistakes. We can now reuse all that clay and not have to purchase as much for the next class. While by Chris Salter Art Teacher we will still have to purchase more clay, however, this will definitely cut back on the amount we will need.

Under the leadership of Coach Chenfu Chiang, the team got off to a fast start by registering the two highest scores in the precision seeding rounds, beating their opponents by hundreds of points. The team scored perfect on their documentation and finished second in the double elimination rounds. The team went on to win the best engineering award given by the panel of judges. Hanalani was declared the Overall Champion of the 2011 International Botball tournament bringing home the trophy. Team members this year who competed in the tournament were Remington Fox, Evan Kawamura, David Nakamoto (team captain), Jonathan Neumann, and James Thayne. The Botball tournament this coming year will be held in Oahu, HI and our team is excited about defending their title on their home turf. Congratulations to the 2011 Botball team on their outstanding accomplishments!

Hanalani 2011 Botball Team with trophies from the International Botball Tournament.

Number One Priority Over the course of this year, God has been teaching me a lot of things. It may only be the end of first quarter, but I have grown more these couple months in my spiritual life than I have in a very long time. Several things helped contribute to this: the main thing being both Junior/ Senior leadership camp and SEW (Spiritual Emphasis Week), taught by Pastor Tate Throndson. Another thing that has helped me so far is my Ethics class that is taught by Mr. Vanaman. I feel like this class is going to be one of the most important classes I will ever take. But enough of the hows, I’m here to talk about what God has taught me. The major thing that God has been teaching me over, and over, and over again this year, is that I need Him to be my number one priority. I’ll be honest with you: God wasn’t the most important thing in my life for a while. I was prioritizing other things like friends and music, and I wasn’t really paying all that much attention to my spiritual life. But God has been telling me to focus back on Him. It’s a challenge, and I know that I’m nowhere near perfect, but now I’m actually trying to make God number one in my life. Because in the end, nothing else really matters.

GIFTS IN-KIND We appeciate those individuals who found a tangible way to contribute to our school during the 2010-11 school year. These gifts in-kind help support our programs and our events and allow for our school to at times do more than was originally planned. A special mahalo to these donors.

CLASS OF 2011 Kellen K. T. Abe Andrew D. Alarcio Christina N. Armstrong Richard A. S. Bevacqua Charles N. Booth Lisa-Ann M. Y. Ching Nathan H. C. Chun Jessica K. I. F. Clanton Brittany G. Cruz Kimberly M. Feng Krysta K. Freitas Jayden K. Gaoing-Agbayani Sarah J. L. Hennies Guo L. Huang Kelly Ann R. Ikehara Brandon Y. Kubo Nathaniel C. U. Lim Kayla H. X. Low Lorie K. Matsuoka Shayne M. Nakagawa Tyler J. Olson Brisen C. Oshiro-Chin Kira S. Oyama

Jennifer M. Palola Zachary K. Relles Ian K. Robinson Ryan A. Robinson Danielle M. O. Rodrigues Benjamin D. Rotz Kelsy A. Saruwatari Aaron Y. Schoniwitz Jody M. Shimabukuro Jonathan A. Shoffner Michael A. Sonson Ashley A. Stamm Tyler J. Stevens Brittany K. Suckoll Ju-Sheng Sung Kirstie A. Takemoto Emily A. K. Uyeda Christian M. E. Wilding Jane H. Woo Brodie A. Wood Jerica L. Yamada Charles R. Yamashiro

Salutatorian Jane H. Woo by Kaleo Bergemann Senior

Valedictorian Lisa-Ann M. Y. Ching Nathan H. C. Chun Kimberly M. Feng Guo L. Huang Jody M. Shimabukuro Charles R. Yamashiro The graduating class of 2011 was awarded $2.4 million in college scholarships. Congratulations on your achievements! Hanalani Schools is proud to call you alumni.

WAYS TO GIVE TO HANALANI SCHOOLS 2011-12 ROYAL FUND: donations received through the Royal Fund are designated for our extracurricular programs and will not be used for operational expenses. GIFTS IN KIND: donate tangible gifts to support specific programs or events in our school VOLUNTEER AT THE SCHOOL: lend a hand to our school by volunteering to help in our many school and community events. PRAY: pray for our students, faculty, staff, and board members. SPREAD THE WORD: tell your friends, neighbors, and family about our school!

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Hanalani Schools

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2011 Annual Report  

Hanalani Schools' annual report