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inspireous. what inspires you?

Hana Kelley • Kelsey Dettman • Megan Russell

what inspires YOU...

To Create To DO To Be

in 路 spire 路 ous [ in-spaHYuhr-uhs ]

what it is inspiration is a part of any individual’s life and it can come in any shape or form.

Call to action We created a twitter and asked people to share what inspires them with an image and 140 character tweet.

What was found A pattern emerged from the different types of inspiration so we broke our results into categories: What inspires you to create, to do, to be.

inspireous team Hana Kelley

@hanakelley The city of san francisco inspires me to design because its people, culture and architecture are original and beautiful.

Kelsey Dettman

@kdettman Snowboarding on the mountain inspires me to be fearless because I am able to get out of my comfort zone and push my limits.

Megan Russell

@meganhrussell Reading books inspires me to expand my horizons because each new story makes me learn more, grow more and ask more questions. r ou w lo y Fol urne ous jo ire sp @in

To Create

GINA HAGERTY @ginahagerty

My @uodg sisters inspire me :) Some truly amazing girls!

take pictures.

Catherine ryan @catherineryang


stories of resilience drive me to create something worthy of their strength.


tell stories.

heather darrough @nerdy_ thoughts


color that inspires the eye as well as the artist.


make art.

Scott proctor @�cottiehp

street art inspires me to design things.

design something new.

nickolaus sugai @nicksugai

i am inspired by late nights with friends. thoreau once said, ‘how vain it is to sit down and write when you have not stood up to live.’

write often.

maggie hilty @mahilty


my cousin inspires me. every day he reminds me that the simplist things can bring a smile to anyone.


create smiles.


casey deford @caseydeford


kids who just want to live their lives and love their lives even when the odds are against them.


teach others.

stephanie paul @_ �tephaniepaul

my cousin inspires me. his tattoo symbolizes having faith even when the thorns of life pull you down.

have faith.

ann grimm @agrimm13


sunsets inspire me it reminds me how beautiful life can be if you just slow down.


slow down.

gwen cummings @g�ndolynstorey

trips from my past inspire me. the harder i work in school, the better chance i have at seeing the world.

see the world.

michael dehaan @michael_dehaan8


my great grandma! she just turned 99, always smiling, still plays golf and never takes a day off!


stay young.

haley kellogg @haleykellogg


my lake Inspires me to work hard and become successful so i can have a cabin on my own someday.


work hard.


lauren fitzpatrick @laurennfitzp


my sorority big sister inspires me because of her strength and positivity no matter what.


stay strong.

alessandro z. @�i�_alessandro

my life is driven by family, faith and future. ‘never let your school get in the way of your education.’

be driven.

liz smith @lizsmith212


good friends who you know will have your back even when you fail.


be loyal.

michael ciaglo @michaelciaglo


people i meet inspire me to be grateful for what I have in life.


be grateful.

alex sacco @alexsacco19


boogie inspires me to be happy because her smile is contagious.


be happy.

kanae shimida @�mdk_10

i’m inspired by the tokyo sky tree tower (world’s #1 tallest building!) japanese power! :)

be proud.

take away People everywhere are inspired everyday by places, things, people and ideas. Sometimes permanent and other times fleeting, inspiration is a catalyst for action and creation helping people be something they only had a glimpse of before. Get inspired to create, to do and to be. Create feelings, works of art, stories, meals and memories. Do teach. do work hard. do remember the importance of staying young at heart.

be strong and be proud. Learn to say thanks. Experience the drive to succeed. inspireous started as an idea and turned into much more. It is now a collection of inspirations that can be used to motivate others to take a look at their lives and ask themselves where they find the inspiration to get up in the morning and experience the world around them.

Now it’s your turn.


thank you

We’d like to thank everyone who was a part of the inspireous movement. Every comment, photo and story shared helped us to better see the bigger picture. Your inspirations are truly inspiring.


Project by Hana Kelley, Kelsey Dettman, and Megan Russell.

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