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OUR CLIENTS s  Woman: Elizabeth s  Man: Philip s  Age: 87 (Elizabeth) s  Age: 92 (Philip) s  Its hard for them to walk s  They love watching TV and listening to the radio. s  They’re still in love s  The play cards and chess everyday together. s  Elizabeth loves knitting. s  Charles loves reading books and the newspaper. s  They can’t bend much due to back problems and old age. s  They’re both taking medication.

PURPOSE SIMPLIFICATION -­‐      The  design  should  ease  the  daily  life  of  people  with         limited  mobility.   -­‐  Most  important  personal  items  can  be  stored  in  a   small  amount  of  space.   -­‐   Possibility  to  move  cabinet  with  low  exertion   -­‐  People  can  reach  items  without  any  help     -­‐  Use  of  light  material  



DESCRIPTION OF THE DESIGN Our design is a side couch storage for elder people. It’s a storage made of drawers , trash, wheels and a height adjustment stick. Its used to help old people have everything they need by their side. Its light and easy to move. It also has a height adjustment stick so they could press on it with their legs and the storage will be higher so they wouldn't’t have to bend or get up to reach any of the drawers and its cover is a rotating table so it would cover the storage but at the same time its rotated to be a table on the couch. Our idea is a way to help old people with their daily life and make it easier.


Polymeric laminate  

Baltic birch  





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Furniture design presentation hana amira raffa  
Furniture design presentation hana amira raffa