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A Family In Asunder

A MILESTONE TO AGONY It was a cold chilly night Mark woke up swiftly and sat at the

edge of his cozy bed, His wife muna slept soundly beside him, He looked at her and wished if she will sleep and go to a fairyland and never woke up to share his nightmare, He vividly remembered that beautiful morning, He woke up at the early of the dawn, The birds were chirping their melodious song and the cool breeze welcomed the morning ,The blue azure sky promised a good day ahead, His wife had prepared him his favorite delicacy, Flour tortillas filled with cheesy scrambled eggs zapped with lacy limejuice-pickled onions on top with luscious oak-smoked brisket. What a mouthwatering dish that made a long journey to his empty belly. He kissed her on her chubby cheeks and bid farewell to his teenage daughter Hannah .Hannah was a willowy girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and exemplary moral character she was always ambitious and goal oriented she worked hard in her studies. Her role model was her boyfriend’s father who was a respected lawyer. Her boyfriend Ian would sometimes look at her straight in the eyes and tell her "I don't believe it, it is just a shadow of my father that you represent" and she would smile and say “Not yet but soon". Mark arrived at his office that morning and his secretary gave him a warm welcome, He would sometimes smile at her and tell her i bet i am the most harmless bulldog in the world and she would reply "it was your decision to lose all your carnassial teeth" He would then sit down in his luxurious armchair and review his calendar. Today was the D-day of his life as he was going to see the outcome of his stock result that he had bought in the stock market, He had borrowed the money from a tycoon whom they were best friends with his father. Unfortunately Mark lost his father to lung cancer as he was a heavy smoker. As the clock ticked

so did mark grew more anxious, it was time for the outcome. It was devastating for mark he could not breathe even the free air that nature provided. Huge drops of sweat oozed from his pores, His eyes dilated with exasperation. He had lost in the Stock market and he was know bankrupt and above all he didn't how to face Adam, The tycoon creditor. Every single second that passed seemed to be a decade. Meanwhile Hannah was preparing herself to go and celebrate the birthday of her boyfriend she wanted to make it special for him so she decided to give Ian a silver watch that belonged to her grandfather ,She wore a black cocktail dress with a black leather jacket and her silver colored high heels, smelling from her body was an explosion of lavender cocktail with infusing codes of feminine perfumery with olfactory dynamite, Her lips like lilies drenched in a pool of red dye and her blue eyes twinkled brighter than the shooting stars. By just throwing a glance at her you could feel the positive energy that was building within her. Mark's Secretary Angelica escorted Adam to Marks office and made him comfortable in the sofa set.�I see it was not What you were expecting but it is not that smooth always sometimes you have to face the rough tides"."You gonna remind me of the quote that says smooth oceans don't produce skillful sailors","You can say that" So let’s get to the main business that brought me here as a matter of fact you know that i don't like people to owe me but you on the other hand you are special that's why i have come to make a deal with you, Mark thought what the hell on earth could that deal hold he had a feeling that it would not be one that they could agree upon, But what the hell i have no option but to do as exactly as he orders me to do he thought.You see

mark i am an old rich guy who has everything money can buy but there is one thing that is missing from my life an that is a beautiful young caring women. As you well remember i lost my beloved wife to breast cancer and it has been so hard for me and my only child smith. Smith was a young charismatic gentleman with looks and intelligence He was a lawyer by profession and was working at a famous law firm in the town. And what does that have to do with me in the equation. Here is where it gets interesting but you wouldn't like what i will propose but i will give you time to think about it.Mark was getting quite nerves he didn't have a clue where these conversation was going.You see mark continued Adam, I am not quite comfortable with any women, When i bring her into my life i want to trust all my life with her and am not sure if a stranger lady will meet the qualifications so i was thinking if i could get from around my family or people i trust like you, People who know me and appreciate me for whom i am not what i can do. Don’t tell you are thinking what i am thinking about because it will be a great shame that i will have to turn you down. i want you to marry me Hannah, Adam uttered boldly She is beautiful caring Smart and above all she comes from a family that is have a bond with.I think you need ten shots of tequila to think straight because what i heard was an explosion of poisonous words that damaged my eardrum. Meanwhile Hannah was majestically walking through the streets of lime park heading her way to her boyfriend’s party she was like a walking diamond sparkling of her beauty. She decided to take a shortcut in the street alley her intuition told her it was not a good idea to walk alone as the predator would pounce any single Time but she threw caution to the wind ,Suddenly she saw a group of gang stabbing a young

gentleman to death she freaked out and screamed the whole gang turned on her, Her knees felt weak and before she could take a single leap one of the gang members hit her on the back of her head with his pistol and she fell to the ground unconscious .What do we do with her asked one of the guy, put her in a sack and dump her in the lake replied the gang leader, let the crocodiles have the feast of their lives. In no time Hannah was squeezed in an old sack and dumped at the boot of a black saloon car two members of the gang were assigned the duty to do the job while the rest took care of the dead guy before the state police swarmed over the Scene. That’s what happens when you stick your legs to places they don't belong said the gang driver, But she doesn't deserve to be dumped in the river, why don't we take miss beautiful Jane doe to a basement and when she becomes conscious we can have the moment of our life with her said his mate .Shut up we have to obey the orders of our leader, Ooh come on that is not what your body is telling you especially the bald dude between your legs. They reached the lake which was 15 miles from the town they helped each other carry her body and swayed her three times before they dumped her in the lake. I don't need to get drunk to think about it, You on the other hand has to make a tough decision said Adam. And if i don't agree to it what are you going to do, lets say i am going to make this beautiful place to become a night club and you on the other hand i can make you a bouncer ,But before we reach there i want you to think about it really hard, Do you really wanna throw away the business you have worked hard for in your entire life,i don't think so because you are a very smart gentleman.i will leave you to think about it, Have a nice day Mr. mark. Mark was confused he didn't know what

to do it was like he was put in the middle of a volcano and the deep pacific see with bull sharks swarming over he sighed and said "please God help me" Later in the Evening when he came home all stressed up and exhausted he wanted to see his beautiful daughter but she was nowhere to be seen, He asked his wife if she had seen Hannah as he wanted to have a talk with her but she replied that the last time she saw her was when she left the house to go and celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday party. Don’t worry she is fine she can handle herself i will call Ian if she is still with him said muna, Thank you replied mark. muna called Ian and asked if Hannah was still with him but he replied that he had not seen her the whole day "What do you mean you have not seen her she left the house to go and celebrate the party with you." Mark was shocked could this be a coincident or is it Adam playing around with him. Our daughter is missing sobbed muna.

A family in asunder  

A short captivating story that will make you demand for more