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Boys and Girls Should Play Mixball It is time for boys and girls to play Mixball. by Hana Braitsch “Some girls can play with boys because some girls are good at sports and some are not good Katrina Herrmann, a fifth grader in the at sports,” says Kai Shimojo, a fifth grader in American School in Japan, wants to play High ASIJ. School football when she gets older. But, she will never have a chance to play with boys’ You can keep the sports that are separate football when she is in high school because it is teams but, there should be sports that are a only for boys and girls can’t play football. There mixture of boys and girls. Some fans like are no sports that are a mixture of boys and watching separate gender teams but, mixed girls so, girls and boys should play a new game gender teams need to be available too. called “Mixball” instead of making separate People who invent sports shouldn’t separate teams. boys and girls for many things like, baseball, Mixball is a sport both boys and girls play golf, hockey, and soccer. Girls can play like boys together and the rules are exactly the same as and also have fun with boys so they should play baseball, except the ball used is softer than a mixball. Also, it might be fun watching boys baseball but harder than softball, and the size and girls playing together and it might be of a baseball. interesting. Boys have greater muscle mass than girls. None of the sports are a mixture of boys and girls, like baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer. Mixball will be a good sport because fans can see what it is like watching boys and girls compete together. “Mixball will work because the rules are the same as baseball and it is good because boys and girls should play together,” says Katrina Herrmann, a fifth grader in American School in Japan (ASIJ). “Mixball will be a good sport because girls and boys could play together,” says Lauryn Olson, a fifth grader in ASIJ. “Mixball will be fair because boys and girls will have two choices, mixball and softball for girls and baseball and mixball for boys.”

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