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BUJU BANTON The name of the artist, just incase the picture isn’t enough to recognise him, it adds emphasis to the artist and represents him as important.

Main image showing who the artist is and introducing a positive representation of him as he is smiling and looking joyful which will grab attention.

The exact date it will be released for sale/download, in large sized font to remind the audience every time they look at it.

Exactly where you can purchase the album, giving exact information to the audience and suggesting how easy it is to access.

Main title; the name of the single/album, promotes the exact album and not just his general music. Helps to generate sales.

Analysing Buju Banton’s Magazine Advert •

Who is the artist?: Reggae artist; Buju Banton. The main image represents him as happy and joyful as he is smiling although he is in his own, this connotes he is an optimistic person and this is reflected in his music which may persuade the audience to purchase his album based on what they see in the advert. Who are the target audience? Both men and women aged 35-60 because the magazine advert is quite plain in terms of content and colour scheme and therefore it connotes a feeling of calmness and relaxation which is more so associated with adults as they come home after a long day at work and want to relax. Also, the artist himself is within this age range and so the same age audience are more likely to relate to his music. What message does the advert portray?: It connotes that this genre of music and Buju Banton’s new album particularly will leave you feeling happy and have a positive mind set, this is illustrated through the main image which is the main focus of the whole advert. Also, the colour scheme is quite dull colours such as black, grey and white which seem quite boring but the positive main image overrides this and even connotes that although the audience may be around middle age, their lives don’t have to be boring and dull.

STEREOPHONICS Slogan/catch phrase. You associate this with the brand and will associate the phrase with the band whenever you see/hear it.

Name of the band in bold writing, stands out and you straight away know who the advert is about.

‘brand new’ connotes it’s new material that no one has heard before, makes the audience excited.

The forms of which you can purchase the album, gives you a choice.

Main image of the band, again so you know who the advert is about. It basically reinforces who the band are.

Website- you can get any extra information that you may want.

Release date in bold writing so the reader knows the exact details of when they can get it, if they plan on doing so.

Analysing Stereophonics Magazine Advert •

Who is the artist?: The band- Stereophonics. The main image of the advert is of the band together, they are represented as normal in terms of image, but they are sat round a table in the middle of the sea which is a unique setting and connotes that their music has a variety and can vary from calm to hang banging and rough, just like the sea is sometimes calm and other times rough and dangerous. The main image also connotes that the band are unpredictable which is a good thing because that could make the audience want to continue buying their music because they know they will get something new and different each time. Who are the target audience?: Generally men aged 25-40 because the colour scheme is quite dull and not exciting enough for a young teenage audience but it’s not so tedious that we’d associate it with old age pensioners. Also, they aren’t represented as very attractive like other male groups such as JLS that would appeal to a younger audience of mainly females, the Stereophonics do not have the same appeal and therefore the audience are generally going to be male as the advert isn’t feminine at all. What message does the advert portray?: Their style of music is not always the same, it can change as easily as the weather. The main image looks as though there is about to be a storm, the fact they are sat in the middle of it connotes that their music is like a storm, it has a huge effect on people and o one can ignore or avoid it.

KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES Name of the band. In big letters so it stands out and the audience know straight away who the advert is about.

Featuring a well known member of a girl band. May encourage people to buy it or at least be interested as they find her attractive or are a fan of ‘The Saturdays’

Name of the new single. In the centre of the advert, and in a colour the stands out from the background in order to catch the readers attention.

‘Stunning’ putting emphasis on how good the new single is. Trying to persuade the reader to purchase it.

Montage of images. Showing the artists and an idea of how the video will be.

Where you can download the single. iTunes is a legal and well trusted website and associating the band with them gives a positive impression of the artists.

Analysing Kids in Glass Houses Magazine Advert •


Who is the artist?: Kids in Glass Houses are the main artists but the advert also mentions that the new single will feature Frankie from The Saturdays. The main image of the advert does not show the band but it shows a picture of a blue heart, which is an image that the audience will associate with the band if they see it, so although if you do not know the band, it is not clear who they are through the main image, it is also a good idea to use a different image as it can be used as a logo that will be associated with the brand. Images of the band are shown underneath in a montage style which shows a few different images of them not just one big one, this is quite effective because you get to see them as individuals not just them as a whole group. Who are the target audience?: Most likely males because although the main image is a heart which is usually associated with girls, the heart is blue which is more of a male colour. Also, Frankie is featuring on the single and she is seen as very attractive and will attract the male attention that the band want.

magazine advert analysis  

analysing 3 different magazine adverts before creating our own

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