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Flat Ab Exercises to Keep You Toned Year Round I used to think that only the models could get flat abs. Every commercial or billboard that we are bombarded with proves this right? Luckily, I put those silly thoughts out of my head. I was able to prove that everyone can achieve the Adonis look as long as they conform to certain flat ab exercises in their lives with a process that is consistent. It is important to maintain a consistent regimen in order to keep your flat abs. Why you may ask? It's because the typical approach to exercise is to start at the beginning of the year as a New Year's Resolution. Another approach is to start an exercise program at the end of the Winter season so you are ready "just in time for spring." Does this sound familiar? I know I was one of those people that fit that profile. Since Summer is coming to a close, do you think the people that are parading around the beach with flat abs are going to stop exercising when all of the beaches close? Do we really need an answer to this?

It is a common fact that people of both sexes admire and are envious of those who have well defined ab muscles. How often have you held your stomach when you look into the mirror? Men generally know that women are attracted to guys that have six pack abs. What does it say about the guy? It says that he takes care of himself. Never mind those that are obsessive and need to flaunt in front of the crowd to prove a point. Nor are we talking about those that undergo the knife with cosmetic surgery in order to meet their goals. We are talking about the average Joe here. The abs are the center of the body and eyes are instantly drawn to this area of the physique. They give off the impression of someone with certain admirable qualities, a healthy diet and lifestyle and an overall confidence without being arrogant. One cannot discount the inherent sexual attraction that is the initial way men and women are drawn together. It's also a given that people do want to be sexually attractive or desirable. Remember the billboards and magazine ads we are exposed to everyday? We subconsciously want to look like the models right? One can be well dressed and wear nice clothes, however nothing supersedes the look of a well-toned body. To achieve this Adonis body you will need to exercise and you will need to include a steady diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Say goodbye to those late night snacks as well.

There's nothing worse than sleeping right after eating fast food before you head to bed. Limiting your alcohol intake is also highly recommended. Lastly, you may want to check in with your medical practitioner before starting a new exercise regimen or right after getting a physical. In addition to crunches and sit ups with an exercise ball, I've found success incorporating yoga with my exercise regimen. Initially, all of those "strange" stretches that you thought you look funny doing will start to pay off. Incorporating tummy tucks after you use the treadmill will make that belly flat slide off like butter. Ultimately, the best exercise in my opinion is swimming. When you swim, you use every muscle in your body and also improve your circulation immensely. These are just a few of the flat ab exercises that can keep you toned year round. As long as you keep your commitment to exercise and eat healthy food regularly you won't have to wait in line with all of the other late comers after New Year's Day.

Flat Ab Exercises to Keep You Toned Year Round  

As long as you keep your commitment to exercise and eat healthy food regularly you won’t have to wait in line with all of the other late com...

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