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Using Different Fabrics in Home DĂŠcor

Decorating your house interior is a great fun, as it provides you with plethora of opportunities to choose from. You can even choose from cheapest to most expensive items to decorate your house interior. One way of enhancing your house interior is to use fabrics in different ways. The article gives a detail account of how different fabrics can be used in a variety of ways to give an ideal look to your house interior. When it comes to decorating your house interior, there are hundreds and thousands of ways of doing so. No, doubt it requires special skills and expertise for which, you have to hire the services of an interior designer in Pakistan but this has much to do with your personal taste and interest. Interior designing is as vast as you can think of, because it involves using the most expensive items and even the cheapest raw materials to decorate your house. It is all about your creativity and taste; here we are going to discuss how you can use different fabrics to decorate your house interior in innovative ways. Types of Fabrics: You can use different types of fabrics including – Rayon, Silk, Olefin, Linen, Wool, Polyester, Cotton, Acrylic, Nylon and Leather in decorating your house interior. Every fabric has its own specifications, for which it is used in different ways. Here is the detail of different ways of using fabrics to enhance the look of your house. Cushions, Pillows and Bed Covers Silk is a smooth, shiny and elegant looking fabric that can be used to give your house interior a more of luxurious look. When used as a curtain, it gives a posh look to your house interior; however, you can also use it to make the coverings of cushions, pillows and beds. Always keep

in mind that if you are using silk window covering, you also need to use the same fabric for the bed, cushion and pillow casings, to maintain an overall even look. You can also use cotton, linen, polyester and even wool to cover the same things except the windows, because woolen stuff is a bit heavier and it will make your home darker, allowing no light to pass through. Upholstery For upholstery, you need to have a relatively durable fabric, because silk is delicate and it easily gets wrinkled or makes you slip. The best option is to choose a woolen, or thick cotton stuff, as it is does not slip through the surface easily and lasts for a longer time period. In winters, go for the wool or polyester, because these give a cozy feel to your house interior. Polyester is not only light weighted but is also resistant to stains and wrinkles. For the furniture placed in the high traffic area like living room, you need to choose from these two fabrics; whereas in summers, go for the cool, light-weight and durable fabrics, like linen and cotton, because these are available in a variety of designs and styles, giving your home a brighter and cooler look. Curtains For a chic look, there can be no better option than the silk curtains but depending upon the season and overall interior of your house, you can choose, cotton, linen. You can even use a single fabric in different ways to maintain a style statement. Besides you can use fabrics in many other innovative ways to enrich your house interior. The best you can do is to hire the services of an interior designer in Lahore.

Using different fabrics in home décor  

you can use fabrics in many other innovative ways to enrich your house interior. The best you can do is to hire the services of an interior...

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