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Where do we belong? The Wicker Journey

Written and Illustrated by Gajjala Hamsa Sruthi Inspired by the work of Priyanka Narula Celebrating crafts Level 2 | Faculty of Design Spring Semester 2021

Kasi and Piyu are two wicker strands who along with their other wicker friends, were happily traveling on a truck to their new home. Suddenly, the leash snapped and the two best friends rolled onto the road.

High winds shook the tree. Kasi and Piyu were swept away by the winds. They started flying to fly in the air because they were very light in weight.

They spotted two large trees nearby and decided to climb them until the truck comes back. As they climbed up, the bundle started to loosen up. They realised that they were very long.

Splash! Kasi and Piyu plunged into the river. They crawled out of the water feeling weak and sad. Twisting and turning around, they tried to dry themselves but it did not help.

They saw a red burning flame nearby and decided to go and dry themselves. However, Kasi and Piyu burnt their heads instead! They were prone to fire and heat.

Kasi and Piyu lost all hope. They felt really sad because they did not know what to do.

Poof! Fairy Priyanka appears in front of Kasi and Piyu. She tells them to visit an old cottage in the woods.

Help Kasi and Piyu to find their way to the old cottage.

The owner of the old cottage is an old craftsman. He picked up Kasi and Piyu and started to make Interlocking patterns. He weaved them together!

Yay! Kasi and Piyu entered the cottage. They could spot many Wicker products around.

Meet the Designer Priyanka Narula Priyanka Narula is an architect by profession and an IAAC, Barcelona alumni. She founded The Wicker story in 2019, as a response to a prolonged quest to define the future of design in the Indian context. Their work involves the translation of digital processes for complex designing for easy adaptability to Indian craft and material systems.

Imli Bench

The Wicker Story pays homage to the traditions of weaving in India through the mediums of clothing, furniture, and objects. It is an attempt to connect traditional design methods of the past to new thought processes in design.

Bloom lounge bench


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