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Whip My Hair Remix Willow ft. Nicki Minaj

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Willow Smith Explains What ‘Whip My Hair’ Really Means by Bang Showbiz


illow Smith is taking the world by storm with her new song "Whip My Hair," and it's pretty much the catchiest song around. The single is way fun and sounds like another sugarcoated dance song, though the 9-year-old said the simple words aren't meant to be taken solely at face value. Willow Smith (Getty) She said: “‘Whip My Hair’ means don't be afraid to be yourself, and don't let anybody tell you that that's wrong. Because the best thing is you.” Willow, who is also an aspiring actress and starred with her father Will in I Am Legend, also revealed the idea for the Warriorettes, the gang she dances with in the video for "Whip My Hair", was her and her mother Jada Pinkett Smith’s idea. She told MTV News: "Me and my mom first came up with Willowettes, and then we came up with Warriorettes. It takes a warrior to stand up for themselves and not let anybody tell them that what they're wearing or what they're saying or what they're doing is wrong."

Bring out your boldness and confidence by simply cutting your hair. Short cuts have been a growi ng trend for several years, as more women are demonstrating their daring side by taking on edgy looks. Celebrities such as Rihanna and Amber Rose have been shaving their heads for quite a while. Rhianna said such a transformation has helped her take control of her life. Today thousands of women emulates her look.

Creative Cornrow Hairstyles by: Kaelyn Moore


ssence Magazine reports that in 2010, braids made appearances on several high-fashion runways. Cornrows were among the many styles featured on the catwalk. Black Hairstyles Magazine defines cornrows as "braids that lay directly on the scalp. They are accomplished by braiding the hair in a three strand pattern as close to the scalp as possible." Cornrows are an ancient African method of hair braiding. Cornrows can be decorated with beads, shells, barrettes and ribbons. Black Hairstyles Magazine also explains that the cornrows' "likely comeback is due to celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Allen Iverson, and Ludacris rocking these styles with carefully planned designs." A few of the most creative cornrow ideas are listed below. Patterns Cornrows can be made into square, crisscross, zigzag, diamond and whorl patterns. When it comes to cornrow patterns, the only limits are your imagination and the skills of your hairstylist. The website

ThirstyRoots explains that "this hairstyle is a lot of fun because you can choose a design that best suits your personality." Come up with a pattern on your own, or discuss patterns with your stylist. Partials Cornrow fans can get really adventurous by cornrowing part of their hair and leaving the other part free-flowing or braided via a different technique. One celebrity who sports this style is Jill Scott. Essence Magazine reports that the singer has been pictured wearing half of her hair in fan-patterned cornrows and the other half all natural for an especially funky look. Ponytails With her "super-fancy cornrowed ponytail," Jada Pinkett Smith made a grand entrance at the 2010 BET Awards, according to Essence Magazine. For this fashion-forward ponytail interpretation, Pinkett Smith cornrowed the sides of her hair with the middle section of her hair micro-braided and then gathered into a long, luxurious ponytail.


Learn How To Get Lady Gaga’s ‘Hair Bow’ Hairstyle!

he first step to getting Lady Gaga’s “hair bow” hairstyle is to start by cleansing and moisturizing the hair with a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for smoothing and frizz control, like Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Daily Shampoo and Treatment. After rinsing, towel dry hair thoroughly and apply a dime sized amount of shine serum, like Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum, to the entire head. This will smooth the hair Begin blow drying the hair straight in sections using a boar's bristle paddle brush. By directing the air flow downwards and blow drying the hair from the roots to the ends, you will control frizz and encourage that straight sleek look. Blow out bangs and/ or entire front section of hair last. Use the brush and dryer again in a downward motion so the hair lies straight and flat on the forehead. Use an Ionic anti-static 1875 watt dryer for the finest outcome. If you have very curly, course, or thick hair, you may want to use a wide flatiron, such as Hot Tools 2" Ceramic Titanium Flat Iron, after your hair is completely dry, to achieve that frizz free, pin straight look. After the hair is completely dry, straight, and frizz free, organize the bangs flat across the forehead. Keeping most of the longer side pieces out and down as well, begin to gather only the hair at the top or crown of the head, folding it into two side ovals of equal size, as if you were about to tie a ribbon or shoe laces. Keep a ½ inch wide piece of hair out of the ovals, in the middle of your forehead, just right above the center bangs to use later on(as the center ribbon). Secure the two loose hair circles with lightweight ponytail holders, like Scunci No Damage Ponytail Holders, shape each hair

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ribbon to form a natural bow shape with your fingers, and spray generously with a firm hold hairspray, such as René Furterer Laque De Finition Finishing Spray, to prevent movement. Once the spray has sufficiently dried, carefully roll the middle piece, which you had left out earlier, over the two ovals creating the center piece of the bow. Secure tightly at the back of the head with bobby pins, making sure to lock the center piece onto the head with the pins, thus finishing the Lady GaGa “hair bow”. Make sure you use bobby pins that are close to your hair color, either bronze or black, so they do not stand out. Comb the rest of your hair gently to smooth and you’re ready to put on your poker face like Lady GaGa!

Hair To Dye FOR D


ifferent coloring methods suit different hair styles, so get some expert advice when deciding which one to go for... Skin Tone: Your new hair color should complement your skin tone. Light-skinned people don't look good with very dark hair because it draws color out of their skin. Dark, tanned skin doesn't look great when mixed with a one-tone blonde, but four or five blonde, chestnut or honey tones look fabulous. BLONDE: If you would love to be blonde, talk the process through with your colorist (or stylist) before you go for it. It should be relatively painless on virgin dark brown hair, but if your hair has been permanently tinted then the process will become a long saga. Never attempt this kind of dye job on your own for the first time. RED: Red is the ultimate sexy shade, for color that cries out for attention. Hair holds on to red-toned pigments well, so going copper-top can be easy for most people. But be warned - if you are blonde you will usually have to go two or three shades darker than your natural color to achieve a rich red (brunette), and it's not easy to reverse it. BROWN: Brunette is always a safe choice as it suits nearly every girl in town. Varying the shade with highlights can achieve a huge range of looks. From chocolate brown and bronze shades to honey or dark blonde, combinations of natural tones gives incredible shine as darker-pigmented tints add condition to your hair. BLACK: This is by far the easiest color to accomplish because the molecules in black tints are larger and will cover all hair types very effectively. Caution is needed when using black as it only tends to look good on people with darker and olive skin tones. it's great

Wigs For Patients E

veryone has a different experience dealing with hair loss, but the feelings we share are the same. Hair loss has an impact on your self-image and self-esteem. Beautiful, yet comfortable wigs for cancer patients can help boost confidence and regain some sense of normalcy. Our wigs for cancer patients are just one of the many helpful aids that make a difference for people going through an often grueling and difficult time.

Your search for “wigs for cancer patients� has been successful and has brought you to We carry the best brands and the highest quality wigs for cancer patients from top wig manufacturers. Our wigs for cancer patients offered in the most popular styles and beautiful colors are sold at the guaranteed lowest price on the internet. The e-Wigs website has information about wigs for cancer patients to help in the selection, wearing and caring of these flattering hairpieces.

There are a number of hair cap constructions found in the different designs of wigs for cancer patients. Many cancer patients are able to wear any conventional wig with a standard wefted cap. There are, however, several different types of constructions in hairpiece caps of wigs for cancer patients that provide specific benefits and may be the answer to some unique individual needs. Whether you chose ultra light weight caps, monofilament caps, or special caps, e-Wigs wants you to understand the options and differences in all types of wigs for cancer patients.

Monofilament wigs for cancer patients from are an especially good choice for those with severe or total hair loss because monofilament wig caps are soft and hypoallergenic. Standard wig caps are made from cloth and may be itchy or irritating to those with sensitive scalps. On the other hand, the nylon mesh caps of monofilament wigs for cancer patients are the premiere choice for comfort while allowing for versatile hair styling. Wigs with ultra lightweight caps are another option in design choices of wigs for cancer patients. These caps make wigs for cancer patients cool, lightweight and secure, and are especially comfortable during the heat and humidity of summer. If you have an extremely sensitive scalp, e-Wigs. com recommends a special cap that is worn between your head and any of our wigs for cancer patients. The cap allows you the freedom to use just about any hairpiece as wigs for cancer patients. Nylon and cotton wig caps are available and there are some special caps designed with gel to provide exceptional comfort.

different types of wigs for cancer patients. At e-Wigs we’ll do whatever we can to assist women in getting their wigs for cancer patients paid for, or partially paid for, by medical insurance. We routinely provide invoices for wigs for cancer patients that are worded precisely for insurance purposes. Visit us again online to shop for additional wigs for cancer patients. Come to, where you’ll find an exceptional selection of quality brand name wigs for cancer patients with the guaranteed lowest price on the internet. And don’t forget, we ship all our wigs for cancer patients for free. The diagnosis of cancer is a traumatic and stress filled time. At we’re working hard to be your #1 source for value and choice in your selection in wigs for cancer patients. To contact our wig experts call 1-888-394-4748 or e-mail us at

Wigs for cancer patients at the best price: All of our wigs for cancer patients come with a “lowest price guarantee”. If you see the same hairpiece offered by a competitor at a lower price we will beat it. In fact, if you find a lower price within a week after your purchase from e-Wigs we will happily refund the difference. And remember, e-Wigs pays the shipping on all the wigs for cancer patients that we sell. The wig experts at e-Wigs .com will help you choose the medical wigs that’s are best for you. We have a large selection of wigs for cancer patients with different constructions to suite different needs. Our website is easy to navigate, has large images of the wigs for cancer patients, as well as information about the advantages of the

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Got Hair Extensions – What Do I Do Next?


By: Nita kahlon

air extensions are used to thicken hair or add color, depth, length and texture to your hair. Hair extensions used to be the secret of Hollywood stars but the cat is now out of the bag and anyone who wants to change their image can do so without breaking the bank. The look of your hair can be improved by adding more hair. These include sewing, clipping, gluing and tubing. However, the most preferred method of hair weaving is hair extensions through fusion. Fusions hair extensions became popular because of its painless, non-surgical procedure that lasts only about fifteen minutes, but could provide longer lasting results of up to five to six months. If you wish to have extensions attached to your roots, then you might consider this method to produce a more natural look. Their are two ways to apply fusion hair extensions. First one being cold fusion hair extensions and the other hot fusion hair extensions. Cold fusion hair extensions are applied to the root of your hair 1 strand at a time using a keratin based polymer. Hot fusion extensions uses hot glue to bond the extensions. Heat is not used, ultra sonic waves or rapid impulses are used to bond the hair extensions to your hair. What Makes Cold Fusion Popular The new choice for hair weaving is cold fusion hair extensions. This is most popular with those poeple who adore weft hair. Cold fusion

extensions and hot fusion extensions produce similar results of long lasting hair, but cold fusion is gaining more in popularity. Their is a valid reason for this. The traditional hot fusion uses hot bonding material to attach the hair on your roots. Because of this, some people have reported burns and scalp damage. Cold fusion uses ultrasonic waves which are a lot more genial and won’t result in burning. Also cold fusion hair extensions last longer than the hot fusion hair extensions. Your hair extensions will naturally blend in with your existing hair because the keratin based polymer used to bond the extensions is a flexible substance. What this means is your hair will not look stiff, making it more natural.

ends themselves! Ouch! I’m sure you’ll agree that that’s a little excessive. There are easier ways to get rid of your dead ends before they split further... DIY (doit-yourself) hair trims. Don’t be afraid, everyone does it!

Hair Split Ends ... Joanne Elliott


plit ends, hair SOS (or trichoptlosis), are the bane of every self-respecting woman’s life! They happen when the protective cuticle has been stripped away from the ends of hair fibers. Split ends are more likely to develop in dry or brittle hair, and typical causes of damage include excessive dying or vigorous brushing. Once the hair cuticle is removed, it is impossible to replace. Typically the hair splits into two or three strands, and can be as long or two to three centimeters in length. The best treatment is to cut off the split end of the damaged fiber. But you don’t necessarily have to go to the salon every week to keep your split ends in check. In the sixties and seventies, woman used to burn off their split

Supermodels who openly take the snip between salon appointments include Natasha Vojnovic, Giselle Bundchen (of Dior advertisement fame), and Liya Kebede. In a recent Vogue interview, Sam McKnight, hairstylist to the stars, said “I’m all for people doing their own hair. It shows confidence and individuality. You can loose dry ends, add layers, even do a whole haircut yourself, although this is not for the fainthearted.” These DIY hair trimming tips are for woman who are happy with their hair picture perfect hair; for those who don’t need a re-style, but simply want to freshen things up with a “homegrown” sort of look. If you are in any doubt, leave it for the professionals! To remove split ends: •Take small sections of hair and carefully twist them in a gentle downward motion. Any split ends will automatically stick out. •Carefully snip into the twist with sharp scissors. Don’t cut right through; just cut into the thickness to remove the damaged cuticles and give a natural layered effect. •Be careful to cut roughly the same amount from each twist. Remember, sometimes the simplest, and least expensive, ideas are the best. So get trimming your hair!

A Word from The Naturalists I had the pleasure of interviewing two naturalists: Tifini Buchanan and Coretta Troxler. Here’s each of their elaborative thoughts about natural hair. Q: Would you recommend one to be natural? Why? A: Yes. It is one of the best experiences you can experience. I believe women have gotten used to the idea that hair is beauty. They’ve forgotten to appreciate the hair in which we were born with. At Hampton, I am bombarded with girls with straight hair, weaves and so forth.Being natural will enable one to have healthy looking hair that is curly. Q: In the black community, natural is often perceived as having “nappy” hair? Can you please elaborate on this? A: I believe that the statement is inaccurate. Natural is not defined by the texture of your hair. Natural means to treat your hair without the usage of harsh chemicals. I can obtain the same kind of straight hair a realaxer can provide but the process will just be a bit time comsuming. Those who believe this statement should try to go natural and see firsthand what the process entails and then tell me what they think. Q:What is good hair? A: Good hair is what you think good hair is. It is all in the eye of the beholder. Q: What are the downfalls, if any, of natural hair? A: There are so many. Since I’m a newbie, I’m still adjusting. However, it is the beginning stages that causes a lot of problems because you don’t know what to do with it. I feel like you can’t provide any uniqueness or variety with your hair . Also, the products are expensive. I pay $11 for just one bottle of shampoo. In addition, it is hard to find a natural stylist, and those who specialize in natural hair charges $65-80 per visit for maintense, which is very expensive.

Continued.... Q:Have long have you been natural? A: For over a year Q:What does it mean to be in the “natural” state? A: A more tedious way of proceesing the hair for black women.Being natural means to become one with your hair. It is simply embracing the naturality of what God has given you. Q: Have you ever thought about geting a relaxer? Why? A: Yes I have. It was actually two weeks ago. And it’s funny because I never thought about getting a relaxer until I attended Hampton University. It is hard being natural at Hampton because I am always so busy which causes difficulty in maintaining my hair. Before going natural I also found it easier to just wrap my hair and get up and go when ny hair was relaxed. I miss that aspect of having a perm. Q: What products do you believe are the best for natural hair.? A: Giovani, African Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Eco Styler. These products makes the process of being natural a bit easier.

Q: How long have you been natural? A: I have been natural forever which is twenty years. Q: What is your interpretation of being in the “natural” state? A: It means being without chemicals or dye. It is the avoidance of chemicals that will change the texture of your hair or the overall look. Q: Have you ever thought about getting a relaxer? Why? A: Yes before I came to college. The summer of 2008 to be exact. Someone had convinced me that my hair would be more manageable and that the maintenance would be rather easier. I was told that the misconceptions that people have about perms weren’t true and that if I was to use the chemical properly, ther e would be no dissatisfaction. However, I decided nor ro mainly beacuse I felt that a relaxer would take away from my authenticity. I like the texture of my hair over everything. Besides I hate thin hair and flat hairstyles. Q: What products do you use? What does it take to maintain you hair? A: I have over eight heating devices for my hair. This includes 2 Chis, 4 Conairs, 1 Remmington and 2 curling irons. There may be more I can’t think of right now. I use gel to keep my edges down, Cantu products, Profectiv Growth Oil, Paul Mitchell and Garnier Fructise. All of which are good products for natural hair. Q: Would you recommend one to become natural? A: Yes beacuse it represents what you truly have. I always receive many compl pliments about how thick and nice my hair is.

Who Does Orange Hair Best?: Nicki Minaj vs. Kelis written by fashion manifesto

Looks like the master of the wig crypt and the master of the color box have finally met up. While Kelis has been playing with plenty color this PR go-round, even going as far on the color spectrum as gray, Nicki Minaj has been doing just as much experimenting playing with pink, green, purple and even platinum blonde wigs. The Barbie and Boss chick has seemingly landed at the same spot on the color wheel, but of course rocking two different variations.

The EnCombrance  

Hair Magazine by Brittany Foster

The EnCombrance  

Hair Magazine by Brittany Foster