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SUAVE Vol. 1 Issue 1. April 2011

Top Fall Fashion Trends for 2011

Love and Heartbreak w/ Kanye West


Best Pick-Up Lines

Artist Profiles

Suave’s J. Cole Puts Carolina On His Back Suave’s very own Desi Des sits down with J. Cole to ask him a couple questions on his new claim to FAME.


DesiDes: What’s good, Cole world, No Blanket? J. Cole: Des what’s good, I’m just chilling. Trying to work on this new album while performing around the world. DD: So how’s the new album coming along? And what can the fans expect for this first album? JC: Man, I’ve been working on this album my whole life. The album is my life put in 12- 15 tracks. The fans can expect real music that will touch their hearts. I rap for the people and the people regconize real.

DD: So who can we expect to hear on your album? JC: On this album, you can expect a couple guest appearences. On the album, Ima have Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Bun B, and Drake. For my first album, I didn’t want too many features because I want most of album to focus on my message. DD: So do we have a title for this album yet? JC: I’ve been thinking about a vcouple titles, but nothing seems to stick. The album is almost complete, but we are still searching for a title. DD: Well, you can always name it, SUAVE? [laughs] JC: [laughs] Sounds good, but naw maybe something else. Not quite

title I had in mind. DD: So how’s the tour coming along? Whats has been the craziest cities so far? JC: The Cole World Tour is my first headliner tour and I must say it has been NUTS! I might sound like a little kid, but every time I walk on that stage and see the cameras flashing and the fans screaming, I feel like a kid at the toy section at Walmart. I must say the craziest city had to be Chicago. It is just something about that city I love in summertime. I also loved Hampton University, they showed me so much love.


Top 15 Pick Up Lines

1. I don’t use pick-up lines Justin, Bronx, NY

2. Would it be a problem, if I flirt with you? Ricardo, Houston, TX Suave’s very own John-No talks with Kid Cudi about his new album, Good Music, and all his HATERS. John-No: What’s Good Cudi? Kid Cudi: Nothin’ John-No! Life is good. Trying to get the album off the ground and still grinding for my fans out there. JN: So tell me a little about the album? KC: Well, the album had a great first week. The music market is doing the best because nobody buys music really anymore. I mean you can go on the internet to download any song you want at a click of a mouse. JN: That is true. So how is the Good Music Labeling doing? Are their any new projects coming in the future?

KC: The Good Music Label is at the top right now. We are winning! Kanye’s new album was nasty and did crazy numbers in the store. Common and John Legend are in the studio working on their new albums. Then we have also been talking about a Good Music tour. I mean who doesn’t want to see a Good Music Tour! JN: You best believe I will have my tickets in advance! But everybody wants to know about those Haters out there? Why do they hate on Kid Cudi? KC: Man oh man! That is the question I ask myself all the time. Like how do they hate on me, I just stay in my zone or my own lane and try and do me. I literally stay in Cudi Zone, but no one wants to leave me there for some reason. So the decided to slander my name , like it will actually hurt or

damage my career. But haters will be haters. Without them, who could you prove wrong? JC: Soo what do you do about the haters? KC: Honestly, all you can do is let them to continue to HATE. I mean once a hater, always a hater. I just let the haters become the fuel for my fire. If I keep going and becoming successful, they will keep hating. You gotta keep yo haters! If you have haters, you know you are doing something right! JC: So what’s next for Mr. King Cudi, himself? KC: JUst making GOOD Music for fans to love. At the end of the day it is all about them and they keep me going. Every album they buy I kno I’m all good. 4

3. HI! I’m Mr. Right. I heard you have been looking for me lately. James,Charlotte, NC

4. You remind me of a compass, because I seem lost without you. Virgil, Memphis, TN

5. You are so HOT! You must be the true reason behind global warming. Sean B., Alanta, GA

If I told you you had a 7. I’m writing a phone book. Can I 12. gorgeous body, would you hold it get your number? Sean P., Norfolk, VA

13. Excuse me can I borrow a 8. Can you catch? Because I think quarter, it is an emergency. My I’m falling for you? Khrie, Chicago, IL

9. Your making the other women in here look very bad! Greg, Baltimore, MD

10. Once upon a time, a great guy

met a beautiful girl in a bar (or wherever you are). Hi.

mom told me to giver her a call the first time I fell in love. Andre, Philadelphia, PA

14. Is your dad in jail? Cuz he

stole the stars and put them in your eyes. Marcus, Peoria, IL

15. Love is a sensation, caused

by a temptation, to feel penetration. a guy sticks his location in a girl’s . Do you believe in the hereafter? destination, to increase the populaWell, then I guess you know what I’m tion for the next generation, did here after. you get my explanation, or do you Cedric, Dallas, TX need a demonstration. David, Detroit, MI

6. Excuse me, I seem have lost my 11 phone number. May I borrow yours? Mike, Pasadena, CA

against me? Robert, Washington D.C.

Fly BowTies For Fly Guys

A Love Lost with Mr. West... 7

What do you

do when the only parent you have is gone? Where do only children go when their only parent is gone? Is there a place for them? What do you do when your heart is broken by your girlfriend? What do you do when you get


Born Kanye Omari West on June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, GA with his parents. His parents then later divorced at the age of three. Later, he and his mother moved to Chicago, IL. West’s father, Ray West was a former Black Panther and was a photojournalist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. West’s mother, Donna West was a profressor at Clark Atlanta University and then when they moved she became the chair of the English department for Chicago State University, until she retired to be West’s manager. Growing up, West got good grades in high school. “I got A’s and B’s in hisch school. I am not even frontin’.” He thenlater attended Chicago State University, where he later dropped out to focus on his music career. Next the stardom cam and changed his life forever. 8

life forever. But, all love is lost. West’s bestfriend and mother died two years ago. This affected him greatly because she was his guidance. “When she was gone, I didn’t know where to go from there, honestly. Music, liquor, music, weed, that’s all i really knew.” Then he met his former girlfriend, Amber Rose. Rose, a American super model, got together and the sparks flew. “Honestly, I had never been in love like this before. I just knew it was going to last.” The couple dated for a year and three months until it came to end. Now the supermodel is dating the rapper, Wiz Khalifa. When asked Kanye how he felt about the two he simply replied, “ As long is she happy, I am happy for her. Love is great and I’m glad I met her.” Kanye feels love will return, but when is the 9 true question. *

Suavy Top Fall Fashions 1. European Suits

Everybody loves a nice suit, but their is nothing like european fitted suit. Hey everybody is wearing them.

2. Satchel or “Man Bag� These are very stylish nowadays. So through away that college bookbag and step it up a couple notches. It Shows You have class!.

Louis Vuitton Sale

3. RayBans

These sunglasses are back in style. Everybody loves these glasses and brand and they have alot of glasses to choose from. If Rayban is on the side of your glasses, you are winning!

4. Cole Haans

Time to step your game up a little. Its time to put them gym shoes in a box and step your grown man up.



By Desmond Marshall

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