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New patients, existing patients & occasional patients

The chances are your Practice has all three. By understanding the different sorts of patients your Practice attracts, we can design a website that convincingly caters for them all. Having a targeted, well designed and well thought out website will increase patient retention, as well as attracting more new enquiries and increasing turnover. At Hampson & Partners, we have the creative expertise and a proven eye for detail which ensures that patients recognise the quality of our clients’ websites and can see at a glance how they are different from the competitors.

We have a ‘less is more’ approach to web design, using simple, striking images and layouts within sites that are accessible and easy to navigate. Everything we include on a website is there for a reason, because it has a function that will enhance the experience of the website user. That doesn’t mean our websites are boring or unimaginative, of course. We understand that you only have seconds to make the right impression online, which is why all our websites are unique. In fact, we specialise in websites with the wow factor.

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Brand experience V’s SEO

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It isn’t enough for a website to look good these days. Before a patient can see a website, they have to be able to find it, to know that it exists. If your website can’t be found on Google, then there’s a distinct possibility that patients out there looking for treatment and a reputable practice to join will find your competition instead of you.

Too many practices are also willing to compromise the look and feel of their website with busy, cluttered design. This, coupled with an overkill of links littering the pages, undoubtedly confuses and alienates potential patients. This confusion can damage the feel of even the strongest of brands, leading patients to look elsewhere.

At Hampson & Partners, we design beautiful websites that effectively communicate your brand, treatments and unique selling points. We understand the finer points of effective search engine optimisation and produce websites that love Google and are loved by Google in return, giving you high rankings above your competitors and securing the results you need.


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Organic & Pay Per Click SEO

Understanding both organic and pay per click services with Google means that we can advise clients on how best to optimise their website. Whether you aspire to a long-term page one listing on Google or you want to promote a specific offer, such as tooth whitening or pushing your dental membership plan, we have the necessary skills to help you achieve this. We are happy to provide on-going support and, after a couple of months, we like to meet to discuss how your website is doing. This is a chance for us to review changes that need to be made, information that needs to be updated and new sections or treatments to promote. We’re not precious about our work (although it is precious to us) – if there’s something that you feel can be improved upon, we’ll improve it.

We have experience with competitive strategies and a wealth of ideas to help your Practice attract patients online to your website. We also have a proven track record of converting website interest into patient enquiries.


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Every step of the way

At Hampson & Partners, we have years of experience with Google Analytics. We can sit down with you and explain in no-nonsense terms which numbers are the ones you need to understand and keep an eye on. You can also trust us to explain and answer any questions you might have.

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Every aspect of web design and search engine optimisation through Hampson & Partners is focused on results. We understand that attracting new patients and maintaining patient retention is what matters to the success of your Practice. By entrusting the development of your website to us, you can be sure that these end goals remain in sight at all times.

T 01159 215848 E

Of course, good websites don’t stand still. If there are ways to improve your online presence we will advise you accordingly, working with you every step of the way to make timely and appropriate changes to your website so that it remains relevant to your patients.


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We are what we design

Every business is only as good as the results it achieves. This is also true of Hampson & Partners. Our diverse and exciting portfolio for a wide range of clients showcases some of the websites that we have brought to life. There is a reason that we are respected and well known for our branding and design in the industry. We have a flair for creating websites that are contemporary, interesting and functional, with the kind of detail that loves Google. This takes expertise and experience, and is a major strength of our talented team.

We believe that we are what we design. Our reputation matters to us. Most importantly, your reputation matters to us. With Hampson & Partners, you can be confident that your website is in safe hands.


Helping us keep creative

A better perspective Good design really does matter to us. So does having the freedom to explore new ideas and be open-minded to new possibilities. We want our creatives to be creative, to understand our clients’ visions and realise them completely. We also believe that to lead the industry we’re in we have to be able to think outside of that industry. Creating an environment we all enjoy allows us to have a clearer perspective that benefits our clients. With this in mind, our office – situated just outside the city of Nottingham - provides the Hampson & Partners team with a contemporary environment and a different sort of work space, tailor made to enable truly creative design.

“H&P Design made the undertaking of a re-brand run with consummate ease ...all proved to be a great success...”

“H&P Design are creative, enthusiastic, genuine and professional, they never miss a deadline...”

Dr Frank Goulbourn Principal - Bancroft Dentistry

Dr Carol Somerville Roberts Principal - Evolve Dentistry

“Working with the H&P Design team on our practice re-brand has been an absolute pleasure... The result: beautiful stationery that never fails to evoke compliments...”

“Efficiency, creative design and attention to detail have been the hallmarks of the service provided by H&P Design.”

Lubna Alam-Orths True Dentistry

T 01159 215848 E

Dr James Willis James Willis Faces


Services also availble:

Design & Branding for your practice

Welcome pack & print design

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Website design & being found on Google  

New patients, existing patients& occasional patients, The chances are your Practice has all three. By understanding the different sorts of p...

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