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pupils. Likewise, older pupils have been able to present information to younger children. For example, Year 6 made radio adverts to inform the Year 5 pupils about their upcoming residential. This year, we will be conducting a survey through Wizkid to gauge the children’s understanding of different communities; this links to our main School Improvement target.

Curriculum Wizkid has been inspirational in enhancing our curriculum in so many different areas. We have used the file activity countless times to create links to video, audio and website clips that we use as a stimulus for learning. Our school server has benefited as a result from not having to store large amounts of files and data (although we do have backups elsewhere). When sharing work and ideas in Art, the gallery activity is invaluable in providing children with the opportunity to see what other children have created, and show their parents at home. Teachers can access work from previous years as an exemplar of the standard of work expected. In the past, we have recorded film and sound clips of drama, dance and gym and uploaded these to the gallery. Their peers are easily able to comment on and rate each entry and children can evaluate their work too. The discussion tool has been used in a variety of ways for homework tasks, to generate a debate and for drama activities and character writing. Children are far more inspired by the use of Wizkid and a computer than they are by a piece of paper, and are learning important and relevant skills alongside.

Economic wellbeing and attendance As we mentioned before, the Ofsted team were especially interested in the provision for travelling children and other vulnerable groups. As well as the individual work folders, each traveller child is asked to complete a timetable to demonstrate that they are working for two hours each day and this can be recorded on our attendance records as educated offsite rather than absent. During the school’s ‘snow days’, work was provided via Wizkid so that the parents, children and teachers could keep in touch with their learning. As our world (and therefore the children’s futures) is becoming more technologically advanced, the skills needed to prepare the children are directly

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promoted through the use of Wizkid. Through the assignment activity, our children regularly upload and share documents, using other computer programs as a result.

Engaging with parents and carers Pupils at our school enjoy many theme days, trips and residential visits. It is not always convenient for pupils to take photos, nor for all parents to accompany their children. Following a special day, we upload photos to the gallery so that children can share the experience with people at home. This has also been a useful way of sharing work. Unless a member of a gym club, parents rarely get to see their child perform a gymnastic routine. We have uploaded video clips of gymnastics to Wizkid, which enables parents to celebrate that aspect of their child’s school life. Feedback from pupils and parents has shown that homework on Wizkid is much more popular than written homework, and parents have far fewer battles over its completion! Furthermore, we have many activities on Wizkid, which children access at home to support and enhance their learning.

In conclusion ... We feel strongly that Wizkid has contributed in so many different ways to our school and our pleasing Ofsted report, and some of these cannot be demonstrated in a written account. There are also many other Ofsted judgements that are supported through Wizkid indirectly such as assessment, attainment/progress, embedding ambition, care guidance and support, and behaviour. We are continually developing ideas and uses and the children are excited about getting started on it again! We are more than happy to share our experiences and ideas if anyone should wish to get in contact with us. We hope you get as much enjoyment from it as we do.

A big thank you to Karen and Wendy for this most interesting and useful article. Visit the school’s website at: And as always you can read more about Wizkid at

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Hampshire IT Schools Autumn 2010  

IT newsletter for Hampshire schools

Hampshire IT Schools Autumn 2010  

IT newsletter for Hampshire schools