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How will the world look to you? SEE WHAT YOU ’LL DO WITH A HAMPSHIRE EDUCATION.

My Hampshire education taught me how to take just a sketch of an idea and make something concrete from that. It taught me to investigate things and to lean into that which sparks your imagination.”

65% of alums earn advanced degrees within ten years of graduating

ian spalter



Ian 94F has been named one of Forbe’s most creative people, and has held UX and design positions at tech giants such as Foursquare and YouTube. Currently, he’s head of Instagram Japan.

85% of students

complete at least one internship or similar activity

1 in 4

of our graduates start their own business or nonprofit

Hampshire is in the

TOP 3%

of the nation’s colleges whose graduates go on to earn research doctorates

9 in 10 alums receive a job offer within six months of graduating

Nicole DelRosso 12F Nicole 12F came to Hampshire to study sculpture. She left as the winner of a Fulbright, sculpting a nanoscale motor to work inside human cells to treat diseases and monitor health. She’s now pursuing a Ph.D. in biophysics at Stanford University.


most frequently attended grad schools Columbia University

Yale University

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Boston University

New York University Harvard University

University of California, Berkeley Cornell University Smith College


University of California, Los Angeles University of Pennsylvania Massachusetts Institute of Technology Northeastern University

of students complete Campus and Community-Engaged Learning that combines academics with impact on campus, locally, or globally

What will you make of yourself?

Ken Burns 71F

Jon Krakauer 72F

Filmmaker and Historian

Author and Mountaineer

Miriam Cremer 87F, M.D., M.P.H.

Aaron Lansky 73F

Founder, Basic Health International;

Founder and President,

Assistant Professor,

National Yiddish Book Center

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Rhys Ernst 01S

Robin Coste Lewis 86S Poet; National Book Award–winning Author

Filmmaker and Artist Lucy-Ann McFadden 70F, Ph.D. Jose A. Fuentes 05F

Scientist Emerita, NASA Goddard

Partner, Savory and HwC Ventures;

Space Flight Center; Chair, Division

Cofounder Duolingo

for Planetary Sciences, American Astronomical Society

Vanessa Northington Gamble 70F, M.D.

Eugene Mirman 92F

University Professor

Comedian and Writer

of Medical Humanities at George Washington University Gabrielle Hamilton 83F James Beard Award–winning Chef and Author Gary Hirshberg 72F Cofounder and Chief Organic Optimist, Stonyfield Organic

Lupita Nyong’o 03F Actor and Director Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry 92F Television Producer and Chief Executive Officer, Roddenberry Entertainment; Founder and Director, The Roddenberry Foundation

Melissa Hoffer 84F

Liev Schreiber 85F

Energy and Environment

Actor and Director

Bureau Chief, Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General Jeffrey Hollender 74F Cofounder, Seventh Generation and Sustain Natural

I always thought differently from the people around me, but I didn’t dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Hampshire is really good at teasing out entrepreneurial abilities in its students, most of whom don’t conform to the standard. That fuels entrepreneurship, and makes the world a better place.”

Lee Smolin 72F, Ph.D. Founding and Senior Faculty Member, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics


A P P LY T O D AY AT A D M I S S I O N S . H A M P S H I R E . E D U

Join other agents of radical, positive change.

Profile for Hampshire College

See what you'll do with a Hampshire education.  

What will you make of yourself? Join other agents of radical, positive change at Hampshire College.

See what you'll do with a Hampshire education.  

What will you make of yourself? Join other agents of radical, positive change at Hampshire College.