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FRENCH 405. (3) FRANCOPHONE LITERATURE. Introduction to all genres of Francophone literature from Canada, the Caribbean countries, Indochina, and Africa. Short papers, a research paper, and oral presentations are required. Prerequisites: French 301-302. FRENCH 408. (3) FRENCH FILM. A study of French cinema, beginning with the first films of the Lumière brothers through the Nouvelle Vague innovations and culminating in the works of contemporary directors. The art of the genre, as well as how these films depict and reflect French culture, both past and present, are emphasized. Extensive readings on film analysis and culture, weekly film viewing. Requirements: Weekly reaction papers, Mid-term exam, oral presentation, final paper. In French. Prerequisite: French 301, 302, or 305. FRENCH 409. (3) FRENCH PRONUNCIATION AND PHONETICS. A course that focuses on the phonetic system of the French language. Students learn phonetic theory, articulatory variation, and corrective phonetics through auditory discrimination exercises and contrastive analysis. Transcriptions into the international phonetic alphabet and back to standard French spelling are mastered as a tool to improve awareness about sounds and how they are recorded in writing. Students also learn to master rhythm and intonation patterns of standard French. This course addresses the major contrastive features of the sounds of French and English as we consider the particular challenges to the Anglophone. The course is conducted in French. Prerequisites: two courses in French at the 300-level. Offered: on sufficient demand. FRENCH 410. (3) TOPICS IN CONTEMPORARY FRENCH CULTURE. Students study aspects of modern French culture and civilization. They are required to master selected readings, as well as to choose an independent research project for which they conduct “field research” in France. They are required to present weekly oral and written progress reports on their projects. Each student prepares a 7-10 page analysis of his findings in French. This course counts towards the major. Prerequisite: French 202, equivalent, or permission of the instructor. Offered: May term.

GERMAN GERMAN 101-102. (3-3) INTRODUCTION TO GERMAN. A first-year course for students who have little or no experience with the language. The goal is the mastery of the four basic skills: speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. Emphasis on the use of German in the classroom. Students are encouraged to converse in German with their instructor and with each other. Prerequisite for 101: none; prerequisite for 102: German 101, or placement by the department. Offered: 101 in the fall semester; 102 in the spring semester. GERMAN 201-202. (3-3) INTERMEDIATE GERMAN. A review of grammar. Oral practice based on readings from various types of material. Elements of composition. Students perform plays and report on individual outside reading. Laboratory. Formal essays in German. Prerequisite for 201: German 102, or placement by the department. Prerequisite for 202: German 201. Offered: 201 in the fall semester; 202 in the spring semester. GERMAN 301-302. (3-3) SURVEY OF GERMAN LITERATURE. The history of German literature from the beginnings to our day, with reading of selected poetry, prose, and drama from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Term reports on extensive parallel reading. Prerequisites: 201-202, or equivalent. Required for the major and the minor. GERMAN 303. (3) GERMAN CULTURE THROUGH FILM. This course examines various aspects of German society and culture-from the Twenties until the postunification present-through the medium of film. Topics include Germany in the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich; the emergence of a postwar German identity; Germany in the Cold War, coming to terms with the Nazi past; the changing faces of Berlin; and more current socio-cultural developments within Germany. Both full-length films and film excerpts are shown to inspire critical discussion and to introduce students to some of the important issues that define modern Germany. Oral and written work in German only. Prerequisites: German 201-202, or placement by the department. Offered: Fall semester of even-numbered years.

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