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Excused Absences • An excused absence entitles the student to make up any work done for a grade during the class period missed. It does not excuse the student from doing the assignment for the period missed, nor from the responsibility for the subject matter taken up during that period. Whenever possible the student should inform his instructor, turn in assignments, and arrange to make up classroom work to be missed, before he is absent. If the student delays in attending to this matter, his excuse may be nullified. • A student is excused from class if he is absent for a trip officially sanctioned by the College, such as a scheduled intercollegiate athletic trip involving a team which is recognized as part of the athletic department’s program, a Men’s Chorus trip, a pep band trip, a field trip connected with a course, etc. In these cases it is unnecessary to obtain an excuse from the Office of Student Affairs unless requested to do so by the professor. • Other excuses from class are issued at the discretion of the Dean of Students. There are no formal medical excuses. Excessive Absences • A faculty member who believes that a student’s absences are damaging his work in a course will inform the Dean of Faculty, who will in turn notify the student by mail. Written notice from the Dean’s Office constitutes a final warning about absences in that course. No prior verbal warning is required. If a student receives warnings about absences in more than one course, the Dean of Faculty, or his/her designee, will ask the student to come in for a meeting to discuss if there are problems that can be resolved with the assistance of campus resources. • If, after such a warning, a student continues to miss classes, the professor will again notify the office of Dean of the Faculty. The Dean of Faculty or his/her designee will determine whether the student should be withdrawn from the course. If the student is withdrawn and has the right to drop the course without penalty at the time of the withdrawal, no grade for the course will appear on the permanent record; otherwise, the student will receive a grade of WF (withdrawn failing) in the course. • Any appeal for reinstatement to the course must be made in writing to the Executive

Committee of the Faculty within one week after the student has been notified of his withdrawal. Unless and until the Executive Committee reinstates the student, he may not take part in the course. • If the student is withdrawn with grades of WF from two courses during the same semester, the student will be suspended for the remainder of that semester and will receive grades of W in all of his other courses. A student suspended in this manner must apply to the Reenrollment Committee for reenrollment at the College and ordinarily will not be readmitted for the following semester. The Executive Committee may set time limits upon the student’s suspension consistent with his academic and disciplinary record. EXAMINATIONS Final examinations are held at the end of each semester. Final examinations may be given only during the regularly scheduled examination period unless one of the following exceptions applies: • If a student has two final examinations scheduled at the same time, he should reschedule one examination in consultation with the instructors. • If a student has more than two final examinations scheduled for consecutive exam periods, he may reschedule an examination to the study days or to other days acceptable to the instructors involved. • When more than one section of a course is taught by the same professor, students may take the examination with any section the professor approves. Approval, however, must be obtained before the beginning of the examination period. • A professor may move an examination to an earlier period in the examination schedule if all the students in the course agree. No final examination may be given before the first day of the examination period (with the exception of examinations in Rhetoric courses). • A student who desires to take a final examination outside the regularly scheduled period for some reason other than those specified above must obtain the permission of the Dean of Faculty.

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Academic Catalogue 2019-20