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students. Courses taken in these programs must be approved in advance by the chairs of the academic departments involved. The addition of a foreign-study program to the College’s list of endorsed programs requires an in-depth review by the International Studies Committee of the Faculty and subsequent approval by the Dean of the Faculty, followed by the completion of an articulation agreement with the host institution for the program. In order to allow sufficient time for this process, requests for such additions must be submitted to the International Studies Committee of the Faculty at least one full semester in advance of the desired date of participation in such a program. VIRGINIA PROGRAM AT OXFORD Among the endorsed programs is the Virginia Program at Oxford, a six-week summer program at St. Anne’s College, Oxford University. Students earn six hours of course credit studying TudorStuart History and Literature the Oxford way, in small tutorials with British faculty supplemented by lectures from many of the best historians and literary scholars in England. Students from Mary Baldwin and Roanoke Colleges, Virginia Military Institute, and Washington and Lee University also participate in the program. For more information, contact Professor Kagan of the Department of Fine Arts. MAY TERM ABROAD Each year Hampden-Sydney faculty develop May Term Abroad programs in special topics within their disciplines. These programs generally run from mid-May to mid-June and normally carry 3 to 6 hours of credit (depending on the structure of the program and the content of the courses associated with the program). Costs for these programs typically include Hampden-Sydney tuition, insurance, airfare, accommodations, some meals, ground transportation, entrance fees and tours pertinent to course content. May Term Abroad options are announced each fall; applications and non-refundable deposit fees are normally due in early February. Students in good standing in the fall semester prior to the date of the summer program in which they wish to participate are eligible to apply. Any student placed on academic suspension in the semester prior to a May Term Abroad program will lose his eligibility to participate; a student placed on academic suspension is still responsible for any nonrefundable costs.


MAY TERM Hampden-Sydney conducts a five-week May Term starting one to two weeks after Commencement. One of its purposes is to provide students with an opportunity to take courses which are experimental in content or presentation, particularly those which require extensive time off campus. (See also May Term Abroad, above.) These special summer courses carry regular academic credit. In addition, certain courses offered during the regular session are also offered during the May Term so that students can accelerate progress toward graduation, meet requirements ahead of schedule, or repeat courses. The maximum load that a student may carry during the May Term is two courses (with any corequisite laboratories). Fees are charged by the course-hour. Students may live in Hampden-Sydney dormitories, and all College facilities are available for their use. Students who are in good standing at HampdenSydney or other colleges are eligible for admission to the May Term; those on academic suspension from Hampden-Sydney or another institution are not eligible. Admission to the May Term in no way assures admission to a degree program at HampdenSydney College. Credits earned during the May Term are applicable to degree programs and are transferable to other institutions. For Hampden-Sydney students on academic probation at the end of the spring semester, grades and quality units for May Term courses have no effect on the probation until the completion of the subsequent semester. Acceptance of May Term credits by other institutions depends on the policy of those institutions. The application deadline for on-campus May Term courses is May 1. Applications for May Term Abroad courses are accepted in December and January, and non-refundable deposit fees are due on February 1. Other information, including the schedule of courses, is available early in the spring semester from the Associate Dean of the Faculty, Professor Vitale.

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Academic Catalogue, 2019-20