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matters of record Cole Cipriani Psychology

Matthew Masato Dooley Economics

Jacob Allen Clayton Mathematical Economics and Philosophy Cum laude

Nathaniel Russell Dracon History Minor in Military Leadership & National Security

George Richardson Clissold Economics and Business Cum laude

Ian Robert Duffy Foreign Affairs Minors in Law and Public Policy

Alec McKinley Cobb Economics and Business

Peyton Ellington Dunn Economics and Business

Adam Noell Coffee Government Minor in History Magna cum laude

Connor Lochlain Eads Government

James Carrington Jordan Coles Government Reed Allen Cooper Government Minor in Public Service

John Burns Earle IV Economics and Business Minors in Law and Public Policy Jeffrey Brian Edwards, Jr. History Michael Logan Estes Government Minor in Rhetoric

Miguel Nicolas Correa Pardo Economics and Business and Foreign Affairs Summa cum laude

Austin Thomas Fairchild Economics and Business

Taylor Hunt Cunningham Economics and Business

Andrew James Field Government

Dylan Michael Curry Economics

Samuel Joseph Noah Fleming Economics Minor in Spanish

William Jessie Deane III Economics and Business Evan Benjamin Deyerle Psychology John Cross Dickerson English Minor in Rhetoric Cum laude Chandler Baylor Diffee Economics Kole Frederick Donaldson History Minor in Religion Summa cum laude College Honors

Jacob Christopher Fontana Psychology Asa Hugh Shepherd Fred Government Minor in Visual Arts Austin K Thomas Galeski History Minor in Theatre

Jasper Henry Green English Minor in History Jason Andrew Guzauskas History Minor in French Brian Sevan Gwaltney Economics and Business Dalton Patrick Hall English Minor in Classical Studies Summa cum laude Steven Ramsey Hall Foreign Affairs Minor in Military Leadership & National Security Summa cum laude Parker Alan Hartline Economics and Business Minor in Rhetoric Blake Elliott Hartman Economics and Business David Mikell Hay, Jr. Economics Minor in Spanish Caleb Andrew Hayes Economics and Business Samuel Lewis Helwig Economics and Business Kent Michael Henry Economics Cum laude Tyler James Hines History Minors in Law and Public Policy Hunter Hyde Hoffler Economics and Business

Alexis Arreguin Garcia Economics and Business

Henry Augustine Hollingshead English

Michael Drury Good Economics and Business

Hart Williams Huffines Economics and Business Minor in History

Profile for Hampden-Sydney College

Academic Catalogue, 2019-20  

Academic Catalogue, 2019-20