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RHETORIC 310. (3) ADVANCED PUBLIC SPEAKING. This course, which builds on the foundations students acquire in Rhetoric 210, further develops students’ ability to engage thoughtfully and persuasively in public discourse by crafting and delivering persuasive arguments geared to specific audiences and occasions. Through extensive study of both classical and contemporary rhetorical techniques and theories, students learn to analyze rhetorical situations; to evaluate and incorporate evidence; to recognize and avoid fallacies in reasoning; to use inclusive, evocative, and effective language; and to deliver challenging arguments with conviction. The presentation of an argument in a public forum outside of the classroom is an integral component of the course. Prerequisite: Rhetoric 210. RHETORIC 360. (3) TOPICS IN RHETORICAL TRADITIONS. This course emphasizes the historical study of rhetorical principles and practices and examines the influence of particular historical periods, scholars/writers, or movements on the discourse of the time. Prerequisite: Rhetoric 102. RHETORIC 370. (3) RHETORIC AND CULTURE. This course investigates the ways in which definitions of our identity (including definitions tied to class, gender, race and ethnicity, religion, and technology, among others) acquire cultural significance through written and oral expression. Prerequisite: Rhetoric 102. RHETORIC 481. (1) CAPSTONE FOR RHETORIC MINORS. This course is required for students seeking to complete a minor in Rhetoric; students must enroll in Rhetoric 481 during the fall or spring semester of their senior year. Students discuss argument and persuasion and attend and evaluate events sponsored by the Rhetoric program (or other departments or programs) that focus on the act of writing or speaking in the public square. During the semester, students demonstrate their own rhetorical skills by writing essays and by giving a speech in a public forum. This class enrolls only seniors who have declared a Rhetoric minor.


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Academic Catalogue, 2019-20